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Feb. 4th, 2015 10:31 pm
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Damn, I wish L***** would stop blocking this site. That's where I like to update--no access means fewer pearls I share about my fascinating life ;) I'M JUST SAYING

So I'm heading a class on Wednesdays--last fall I was the assistant for this class, now I'm heading it. It's a class with a lot of challenges. 1) The space is small and weirdly-shaped. 2) The age is disparity is huge--we have several 3 year olds, a few 4 year olds and several 5 year olds, including one big boy who is nearly 6.  Big Boy is named Vicente and we had him last fall--he likes to KICK, which is a problem when you have several 3 year olds toddling around, barely able to connect their foot to the ball with any consistency.  So I've been trying to figure out appropriate, fun lessons that are more than just daycare, that actually teach soccer, but that won't either: knock down the babies or: bore the older ones.  To make it more challenging, two of the girls just DO NOT WANT to engage.  One is 3 and she basically just doesn't want to do it.  (And it looks as though she's not coming back--she's a sweet kid but this is for the best.)  The other is 5 and she's more frustrating.  Because she doesn't just not want to engage.  What she really wants is for us to make a fuss over her.  I've told her if she doesn't want to play, she can watch from the sidelines, but she doesn't just withdraw--she crawls all over the floor, she sticks her legs out, she does everything she can to pull the attention onto her and away from either the lesson or the game.  And if I had just one more coach, we could indulge her drama queen antics.  But we don't--there are only two of us leading this class.  I've tried talking to her, trying to convince her, trying to sell her on the game but she just doesn't want to be there.  Two weeks ago the class literally STOPPED--we'd started the Big Game and she kept wandering through it, dragging on our hands.  Wouldn't sit down, wouldn't play.  Very, very frustrating.  But last week's class and today's actually went very well.  I talked to my assistant and put him in charge of her--I said we're not going to fuss over her too much as long as she's out of the way.  She didn't like that too much, as we weren't fawning over her, but the other kids in the class had a good time and they learned about (last week) Offense v. Defense and (this week) Passing.

So I had a long talk with the after school coordinator today saying I didn't think little girl should be in the class as it wasn't fair to the rest of the kids.  She agreed.  Who knows what will happen but the last two classes really have gone well, and I feel good about them. 

Now, for recent news...

A month ago, pretty much everyone who reads this blog knows what happened:  the apartment where D***** lived was completely devastated by fire.  We all found out via FB, and D***** posted that it had started in A*****'s room.  For those who aren;t aware, I know A*****.  A***** was the director of the Scottish Play in 2010/11--he asked me to be on his team "in any capacity you like."  I said sure, I'd like to be dramaturg.  He then asked if I would also be assistant director.  And he proceeded to fuck up the entire production to the point where he got FIRED.  And then begged me not to accept the job if it was offered to me.  Another A story--he wanted to read for the Nurse when Jason and I were casting Romeo and Juliet.  I allowed him to read but there was no way in holy hell I was going to take away that great role from a woman and give it to a man.  (He actually wasn't bad but the concept itself is so effing campy and cringe-inducing.)  After the audition he said he wanted to work on the production anyway, and asked to design costumes.  Thereafter, for about a week, followed a shitton of emails from him. Like, 405 emails a day about costumes.  I kept saying "please keep it simple, this is outdoor drama in the park."  And then I got this stupid dramatic email from him saying he had to drop out, he couldn't do costumes, he was going to have to move back to Baltimore.  Then the kicker--unless I could lend him [I can't remember the exact figure but it was well over $1000--I think it was over $2000, in fact] so he could avoid eviction.  I was so disgusted.  I mean, really, absolutely disgusted.  How completely classless, to put me on the spot like that.  I wasn't a good friend, I wasn't family, I hardly knew him.  GROSS.

So I have no great opinion of A*****.  Everything seems to overwhelm him, he's always so aggrieved and beset and there's always some basic living skill he can't seem to accomplish.  Working on Macbeth was annoying as hell--he tried to pick my brain for ideas, "how would you direct this scene?  This bit?""  Fucking do your own work, A*****!  YOU'RE the director, come up with your own ideas!  Stop trying to mine mine, I might get the chance to direct it myself someday.  As it was he lifted the entire concept of his show from the BAM production.  Classy.

So when D***** said the fire had started in A's room, my hackles rose.  Then someone started a Go Fund Me for A, because he'd incurred injuries fighting the fire--and of course, of course, OF FUCKING COURSE he did not have insurance, even though he was required by law.  (Apparently he's lost his job--yes, that does suck but there are affordable options now.  The ACA is specifically addressing that.  There are solutions--even if they're expensive, it's a hell of a lot more expensive to go to the hospital without insurance.)  And the language on the Go Fund Me was weird--it vaguely blamed "a faulty space heater."  Then later that day (or the next day), similar Go Fund Mes were set up for D and the third roommate, K**.  D's took off right away, and even surpassed A's.  By the end of Thursday (the day after the fire) both were up to nearly $7,000 and people were planning a joint fundraiser for the three of them.

Thursday night I met D at Marie's.  After quite a few drinks I pulled him into the staircase and spoke plainly to him.  I said first--DO NOT commingle your funds with his.  Maintain your fund separately, get your own account, because if this fundraiser happens, people are going to be giving money to all three of you and I think that's a bad idea.  Second, everyone is talking as though you are all going to move in together--PLEASE tell me you are not going to live with him again.  (Duncan shook his head violently at that point.)  I said I'd been thinking about this--the fire started in his room, right?  A "faulty space heater"?  Unless the thing spontaneously burst into flames and immediately incinerated his room, he is to blame.  Space heaters are notoriously top heavy and dangerous, which is why many leases prohibit them.  But it's not like they're an open flame--if they're knocked over you have at least 30 seconds to pick them up.  So somehow he wasn't paying attention to the heater.  Either he was out of the room (D said he was naked when the EMTs came--the mind reels but he may have been in the shower) or he was incapacitated.  And somehow it was knocked over and started a horrific fire that destroyed most of their belongings, rendered them homeless and killed their cat.

Yep, that's right. He fucking murdered an animal.  Why?  Because he's an epic fuckup.  And yet in all this time he hasn't give out his story of what happened, hasn't taken responsibility, hasn't said ANYTHING to the roommates whose home he destroyed.  (I know he hasn't said anything to D & K because I asked D.)

And he's had all this money given to him, money that very generous and thoughtful people have given him, and I promise you he will fuck that up.  He will forget that he owes all the huge medical bills and will blow the money on stupid stuff.  And then he'll freak out about that, and then even more when the landlord sues him, as he will almost certainly do when he finds out A has all this money.  So he'll be sued by the hospital, sued by the landlord and probably declare bankruptcy in a year or two.

And even worse--K, the third roommate, received overall (after one month) some $3800.  Do you know how much A got in his Go Fund Me?  The last time I checked nearly $18,000.  Eighteen fucking thousand dollars for the fuck up who was stupid enough to leave a space heater unattended and who killed a cat and destroyed his roommates' lives.  If he had an ounce, one goddam ounce, of human decency he would give some of that money to Kim.  I just feel sick about the whole thing.

For the record I gave money to both K and D (equal amounts actually) but nothing for A.

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Ryan came over yesterday and we did brunch al fresco. Mmmm, mimosa-hybrids (orange/mango/peach juice) and omelets with onions and avocados and provolone cheese YUM.

Afterward we went to Central park to kick the soccer ball around a bit. Ryan wants to get back into the sport and I of course am encouraging him! We worked a few drills--one-touches, give and go, trapping, etc.--and had a great time. (Last night Ryan sent me the cutest text: "Today was so much fun! Thank you!!!") This was actually good practice for me because...

I have a new job! Up til a week ago my assignment at Lazard was actually three assignments and one of them (two days a week) ended because the woman retired. So I had to make up those extra hours. Originally I was going to send out my resume--and I did spruce it up and write some killer cover letters--but one of the other people I work with her suggested to me that I apply at a company where her daughter takes soccer classes. I applied, went through several rounds of interviews and observing classes (and being observed) and such and well, got the job! I was very worried about the age factor but it doesn't seem to bother them--heck, maybe they think I'm more mature :) So I'll be working with kids anywhere from ages 2 or so up to young teens, teaching them soccer skills and basically encouraging them and indoctrinating them in the love of the game. Doesn't that sound perfect for me? I'm going to give them a shot for a season or so and see if I like it and want to stay on. If all goes well shortly I should be making even more money than I do at Lazard--most of which will go to my Roth-IRA, my savings and my mortgage, in that order :)


Apr. 21st, 2014 01:49 pm
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I have to say, loud screamy sneezers annoy the hell out of me. Seriously, you can't control that at all? You really have to scream like that? It just seems like such a cry for attention.

And am I the only one who cannot stand Al Roker? Every time he starts his schticky schtick on Today I cannot lunge for the remote fast enough. They were talking about some story about lions and one of them said they'd heard that lions sleep 23 hours a day. Immediately Dumb Al starts singing "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" and then had to up the ante but dancing around the studio. Just ugh. I think it all started when I saw him on Letterman and he kept interrupting Dave with his own jokes and then laughing at them. Let him do his job, dude.

Okay, rant over. Easter was lovely. I had lunch with an OLD friend--haven't seen her in nearly 20 years. She and Cami, Ryan and I all did shows at the Susan together--Amy was a great dancer and did a tour but then settled in Manhattan and then Austin Texas. Apparently she's been back in Virginia for a few years but I had no idea. So happy to see her! After we finished we went over to Cami's museum and said hi to her as well, yay!

The choir director of St. Andrew's, my old parish, has been asking my Mom (who's on the vestry) if I could sing (with the choir, that is) when I come home for major holidays. So I did for Christmas and then I did it this weekend for Easter. Just two things to learn (or go over), a descant for the hymn Jesus Christ Has Risen Today and the Hallelujah Chorus, which we used to sing every Easter. I literally grew up singing that every Easter in that choir loft but I haven't sung it in performance for at least 30 years. It was a trip! That piece is so well-written, I really got into it and just wailed soprano-style. King of Kiiiiiiiiiiings! And Lord of Loooooooooooords! And Lord of Lords! It's really fantastic music and I had a great time with it. And Mom was saying such nice things, saying I really sounded great and soared on my high notes (noteworthy because my mother certainly is not free with her compliments! She's not super critical either, I'm just saying that she wouldn't say that unless she really thought that).
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So Tim had his annual St. Patrick's Day party overlooking the parade on Monday. When the sun was out the weather was bearable but when it went behind the clouds it was pretty miserable on the rooftop. Chuck was calling the auction and when that happened, he went to the indoor section of the bar which was then PACKED. Truly uncomfortable for a claustrophobe like me, I had to decide if I want to stay there or freeze outside. Eventually I chose the latter.

As always it took me awhile to leave the apartment--between showering and posting on Facebook about how much I loved Dublin when I was there and then daydreaming on Facebook about planning an equestrian tour to Ireland, I didn't leave the apartment until 1:00. Took the 6 to 59th and was able to cross Fifth Avenue to the other side fairly easily--the weather had one benefit! As I made my way from 59th down to 55th (where the Peninsula is), I saw a group of protestors holding signs about the anti-gay policies. I caught the eye of one of them and gave them a "right on!" gesture. The guy asked if I wanted to hold one, I said sure but I said I couldn't do it for long, I had to go to a party. We chatted for a bit, and then two younger people, in their 20s, stopped by and chatted as well. They also approved. When I left I took a rainbow sticker and wore it on my Irish sweater.

Had a bad experience when I first got there. I got some coffee and moved out onto the rooftop (it was still sunny at that point). I started chatting with someone new and then an older guy (late 50s or 60s) came over and was awkwardly trying to take off the round green plastic derby I was wearing and exchange it for a green plastic boater hat. I was saying to him actually I prefer the derby and he jammed the derby on top of the other hat and gave it back to me. (This was all very friendly, nothing creepy or anything.) I looked up and noticed--the guy had little flecks of blood all over his lips. And his hands. I guess he had some kind of tooth problem. I tell you, it was all I could do not to vomit on the spot. I have an extraordinarily high gag reflex, one that has only gotten worse as I've gotten older. I've been known to vomit when I change the cat box. I had to drop my eyes so I didn't see his face which of course seems rude and I tried to excuse myself so I could run to the bathroom--I was that nauseated. But I couldn't even make it indoors--I had to stop by the trash and just GAG, over and over. I literally willed myself not to throw up on in front of everybody. Oh God, it was awful. I felt kind of sick for the rest of the afternoon--in fact even Tuesday I didn't feel that great.

Other than that, it was great! :) I sang Danny Boy and How Are Things in Glocca Morra? And I made sure Dermot, the singer, got himself plenty of tea and hot things for his voice. He is so nice.

After I left work I met Tim and a bunch of his friends downtown at Arte, an Italian restaurant where we used to go a lot. Tim knows the owner. We had a big table and sitting on my left were two girls, one Russian and one Ukrainian. I greeted the Russian girl по-русски and eventually struck up a conversation with the Ukrainian, who was sitting right next to me. I must say she did not impress me at first--I could overhear some of her conversation with the other girl and there seemed to be a ton of drama going on, hushed tense conversations and getting up and leaving a lot and making a show of not ordering anything. A little later we were talking about plays and shows (she says she's a singer, went to La Guardia High and said she knew Shakespeare). She asked me what my favorite Shakespeare play was--I said jeez, do I have to narrow it down to just one? I told her my favorite comedy was probably Midsummer and my favorite tragedy was the Scottish play. She had never heard the term so I explained to her that saying the name M****** out loud was bad luck and so people call it Macker, the Scottish play, etc. This is where she really irritated me. she hadn't heard of it--fine--but then she refused to believe it. She gave me this extremely skeptical look like--prove it. Raised eyebrows, pursed mouth, the works. And shook her head. Look little girl, you weren't even born here or in an English-speaking country. Whereas I not only studied English literature, but I grew up HEARING this constantly from my classically-trained grandmother! My first Shakespeare play was when I was 9 years old! And this is my career. What the hell? I wish you could've seen the *look* on her face, I wanted to slap her, hard. Instead I did the WASPy thing and politely turned away and just avoided conversation with her. SO RUDE.

She must've gotten the idea because when she next broached conversation with me, she was much more friendly. We ended up having a decent conversation although she was still quite prickly. Eg., anytime I expanded on a term or a concept (at one point I used the term riffing, which is when instead of hitting a note and staying on it, you improvise a run on the note. It's a pop term, Xtina Aguilera and Mariah Carey are known for it), she immediately cut me off "I know what that means." O-kay. I will say, when she found out how old I was she went bananas, absolutely flipping out over how young I looked. "Oh my GOD, I cannottt beleev it! You ahr so byewteefool!" (My awkward rendering of a slight Ukrainian accent, exaggerated for humor.) On and on!
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I miss London. How can you miss a place you've visited (really visited--I've been in and out of it before on flights) only once? Well when I went there in '09 I said it felt like coming home. I need to start planning another visit except that I have to go to Oslo first! My brother and his family are posted there--they moved last summer and will be there for three years. I have never been to any part of Scandinavia and we have Scandinavia ancestry so I'm excited. The Norwegians always seem so happy. Plus the land of Ibsen must have a great theater scene.

The Mardi Gras party went *very* well this year--we had quite a decent turnout, including a bunch of people who said things like "I've been hearing about this party for years, I have to come." It's definitely a handicap having a party on a Tuesday but after all it's Mardi Gras, not Samedi Gras :) I made a new item, a Cajun dip that FLEW off the shelves, as it were. I'd had the idea that I could make a Cajun version of a nine-layer dip--I could make it ahead of time and put it in the refrigerator (a lot of the stuff I make for the party has to be made then and there, like the red beans and rice). Mom went online and found a recipe for a hot Cajun dip you could make in the slow cooker. It's trayf as all hell, with shrimp and bacon and all sorts of things. I made it during the day on Tuesday (I realized I'd never cooked bacon before--I was going to go online to see how to do it, then I realized "maybe the directions are on the package" and they were! So now I know how to cook bacon :) As I was making it I had a feeling it would be a hit so I doubled the recipe--excellent idea! I barely got any at all, it was a such a hit. Next year I'll triple the recipe.

Had a lot of soccer teammates there--Zach and Lindsay's BF won the babies and posed adorably with them. LOT of former roommates there, including Lori, Anya and Mickey! (Missing just one HINT HINT ;) Mickey brought Kim, his new wife--she is a total sweetheart and was raving about "what a good idea this is for a party!" Hopefully they will be able to come next year. Lori was so cute and protective--I'd barely had anything to eat or drink so she made a plate for me.

Peter came and seemed to have a good time. Griffin was kind of...hostile about him. He was *really* drunk by the end of the night and drunkenly told me he thought Peter was sleazy or something. Ah, Griffin, ever the soul of tact! He always gets grumpy around any guy who has better game than he does. Peter is a little...forward but that's what I love about him :) He was talking to me and Lori and someone else about his daughters and how beautiful they were and he said "they look like these two" (meaning Lori and me)--isn't that sweet! He does give the nicest compliments. It was a little funny, I was agreeing with him about how beautiful they are (his daughters really are lovely, with huge Amanda-Seyfried eyes) and somehow the subject of his ex-wife came up. He said something to me about her, clearly soliciting my agreement and I said "I barely remember her, we met only once at the Annie Get Your Gun opening night party at Tavern on the Green." Peter, you really need to keep the women in your life straight! Anyway, he was proud of me for nabbing this beautiful apartment.

The party ended kind of early, around 12:30 (some years it goes to 2 or later). This was fine by me, as I was exhausted by that time. Jonny (Anya's roommate and a friend of mine), his BF and Anya left last. The apartment is still bedecked with balloons and garland, I am waiting to take them down until my friend Katie comes over. She didn't come to the party because she was feeling depressed that night so I want her to come visit for a mini-Mardi Gras (I still have hurricane mix left over). I was exhausted pretty much all of last week--after our soccer game Saturday morning I came back and took a FOUR HOUR nap. Sunday I slept most of the day. I actually feel okay today--fully rested for once. It's a Lenten miracle!


Aug. 13th, 2013 05:32 pm
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Last weekend was Griffin's birthday--he'd planned some kind of get together at the bar where he used to work, the invitation to which I hadn't responded but was planning to go. But I ended up playing a TON of soccer--90 minutes in the morning (and the rain) and another hour in the late afternoon. All good (and I scored 6 goals overall) but playing in the rain is murder on my horrible flat, bunioned feet. I texted him that I couldn't make it and said we'd hang out next weekend (i.e., this past WE). I have a like/hate relationships with those kids of large, casually-defined birthday hangouts anyway--I have found that *frequently* bill shenanigans occur. Last year Susan invited me and about 6-7 of her friends, none of whom I knew, to dinner at a not-cheap restraurant. I really couldn't affored to drop $60+ on dinner so I showed up for dessert. When the bill came around one of her friends looked me in the face and told me, in front of everyone, "yeah, we decided everyone's going to put in $17 extra for Susan's portion." I'm not exaggerating when I say I could feel the blood go out of my face. I was OUTRAGED. Do NOT--DO. NOT.-- *EVER* spend my money for me. The absolute, unmitigated HEIGHT of rudeness and presumptuousness. How DARE you put me on the spot like that, how DARE you assume I have that kind of extra money. I showed up for dessert only FOR A REASON. So this year when Susan invited me again, I was all "sorry, can't make it!"

So anyway Griff came over Friday night and we hung out--mostly at my apartment but I also wanted to try out a cute cocktail lounge a few blocks away which I LOVED. The owner came over and was asking me what I thought and I was showering praise on them. Great tapas and bar food, great (creative) cocktails that weren't ridiculously expensive, great atmosphere. I was worried it was going to be clubby but it wasn't at all. Griff stayed the night and we had breakfast at another local place with excellent coffee before going over to Cemtral Park to play softball. I have to say--I may have reached a certain saturation point with Griffin this weekend. I love him but he has this way--he absolutely refuses ever to admit he might be wrong, and he will hammer whatever point on which he feels defensive over and over. Where this usually comes out with him and me is gender issues. Last summer, he posted something pretty stupid, and frankly inflammatory about the whole Daniel Tosh debacle. It was sarcastic (he thought women who objected to what Tosh said were overreacting), it was dismissive and glib, it was really, really, really dumb. Just a few days after that he wanted to come to Hoboken to see the Pirates opening night and I emailed him and told him, as nicely as I could, "Anya and I are both pretty upset about what you wrote and I don't think it would be a good idea for you to come tonight." We ended up having this loooooong conversation about it that was actually quite frustrating--Griffin's fatal character trait is that he thinks his friends should know he "isn't like that." Griffin says stupid shit, espouses or enacts problematic ideas or behavior but then is stunned that his friends get mad. He thinks he's established enough of a track record as a friend that we shouldn't get mad. He kept telling me how "hurt" and "stunned" he was when I emailed him not to come and I kept turning it right around. "Well, now you know how Anya and I felt when we read your glib, sarcastic post on Facebook defending a guy who joked about gang rape in public and mocking the women who object to that comment." So then he didn't speak to me for six months. When he finally came around in February, he still went ON and ON about how hurt he was, how "I'm not that kind of guy!" and how hurt he was that he felt he was being smeared as a rape apologist and oh my Lord. You're the victim here, amirite? I let it pass--I really, really didn't feel like arguing all that AGAIN--but noted it. But I have to say, I don't even know what he learned from all that (meaning, the time we didn't speak). Guys like Grifffin cling so hard to this belief that there are two kinds of guys--rapist, asshole tools, and Good Guys. That's not how it works, kid. These beliefs operate along a spectrum, not a binary. When you let Tosh shit slide, when you don't call out your dudebro friends when they spout misogynistic jokkes or minimize rape--you're furthering those ideas. I know it's hard to rock the boat but you don't get a cookie for not actively being a dick. Racism and other isms work much the same way. I kept stressing over and over--hey, I have a lot to learn as well. Where you are with gender issues, I am to some extent with racial issues. Stop insisting you're the victim and just shut up and LISTEN.

So last weekend we had another exchange like that although this turned out slightly differently. At cocktails he'd brought up something that happened at Duncan's b-day bash at Marie's. He said to me at one point about all the "cute" girls who were there and I'd said well, don't hit on them here, a gay bar is kind of a safe place and girls don't necessarily appreciate or expect to be hit on there. Apparently this RANKLED. Two months later Griffin brings it up, I think mainly because he'd said this to other people, including Duncan, and he was worried it would get back to me :) Again, same objection--as a friend I should know him better than that, he wouldn't make them feel uncomfortable. He went on for awhile and I just let him talk and kind of tuned him out. Feel better now? The next day we're on our way to the breakfast place and he was talking about a voiceover audition he'd gone to--the holding room was also being used for a Coach runway show casting. Griffin had said he'd considered making this "self-deprecating" joke about how usually at voiceover auditions he was surrounded by a bunch of schlubby guys but today (obviously a reference to models). I was like--Griffin, that would not be a good idea. He *immediately* got defensive and started talking a LOT. I said first of all, any attractive woman *especially* one who's being sent on go-sees for runway shows, has heard it ALL before. She's heard it on the street, on the bus, on the subway, in the elevator--she's heard it, all the self-deprecating jokes, all the lame jokes, all of it. It's little more than static at this point. She probably doesn't want to hear it now, during an audition, when she's in her head, preparing for this. If she does--if she thinks you're cute or has her eye on you--the signals will be easy to read: she'll look up, she'll make eye contact, she'll smile. If no one in the room is looking up, I'd advise not making jokes and basically trying to get a reaction from them. Because I've been there before and frankly it's annoying as hell. He was talking with this long, elaborate explanation, this defense of why he *should* be allowed, why he had the *right* to do something like this, a response that basically showed how much he DIDN'T GET IT. I...well, I kind of exploded. I said "Griffin, why are you arguing with me about this? I don't get why you ask my feedback on these matters and when I tell you that's not a good idea, you never, ever accept it--you go ON AND ON AND ON AND ON AND ON about how you should be able to hit on women anywhere. I'm the expert! I'm the one who's been in this position--I can tell you what works! Why do you always get so defensive? Why can't you just listen? Just read the signals, that's what I'm saying!" He went DEAD silent--he's used to me just letting him go on but man...I kind of blew it off and was nice to him after that and after awhile he came around. Then Saturday of course he had to follow it up with a bunch of long explanatory texts and then Sunday in person he did the same thing again. DUDE, LET IT GO. For fuck's sake. Stop talking and let it go!

So--I love him but yeah, I reached my limit for a little while.
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I had such an awesome St. Patrick's Day weekend (crappy weather notwithstanding) I forgot to post yesterday! So here goes:


♣ Happy, happy St. Patrick's Day ♣ Revel in the green, listen to some beautiful Irish music, wear a kilt, drink a Guinness or a Harp! Spring is almost here!

So Tim had his annual par-tay overlooking the parade route at the Peninsula. Cold and crappy as it was Snowy Parade

I still had an absolute blast. Dermot Henry, the singer who performs there every year, was awesome as always--I kept bringing him coffee to keep him warm. He was outside--under an umbrella but still. I myself stayed parked under the outdoor heaters unless I was venturing forth to take pictures.

Overlooking the Parade Route 2013

At one point Tim was pushing me to sing, so I got up and sang "How Are Things in Glocca Morra?" and "The Wearing of the Green." These went over quite well so Dermot urged me to sing something else--I shrugged and said "Danny Boy?" (At this point it had been sung at LEAST 5 times!) Afterward Dermot was *raving* about my voice----every time I passed him he would say in his Irish accent "looveleh voice, just an absoluteleh looveleh voice." Tim said he thought that was the best I'd ever sounded.

Tim and I 2013

As things were winding down, Tim told me "don't go anywhere." I ended up sitting with him and Chuck Sullivan (Tim's friend who owns pretty much everything--he either used to be or still is a part-owner of the Celtics and the Patriots) while they hashed out what to pay the bar owner. I felt quite the power player by proxy--the waiters were comping us drinks and everything! Then Tim and I joined some of his friends who were waiting downstairs--there was a lot of Who Shot John but in the end Tim and I went uptown to Dresner's and they eventually joined us. I did an Irish Car Bomb and had to explain very carefully to the waitress how to make one. Mmmm, car delicious!

Then yesterday I joined a new meetup group that gets together on Sunday mornings to play flag football. The woman who runs the group was very interested to hear about my soccer playing--she has a team and wanted to know if I was interested in ever subbing. Uh, yes! So I played my first game of flag football and we had a blast. I caught 4 passes (dropped one) and spiked 1-2 passes on defense. After that I ran home, changed and went downtown to have brunch with my soccer team.

Dolphman St. Patrick's Day Brunch

How cute are we?! We ate at a place in the Village called West 3rd Common and after we had closed out the check, I looked at their cocktail menu and pointed to one called Banana Booze--Jack Daniel's infused with bananas and brown sugar. I said the Southerner in me wants to try that as it sounds like a cocktail version of Bananas Foster--the waitress told me that was the inspiration! OMG SO GOOD. Afterward we went to a place nearby that had beer floats! Banana beer with ice cream in the middle--SO yum. A yummy weekend, altogether!
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I'm going away this weekend, to Philadelphia to visit my brother Erik and his family.  They had twins a year and a half ago (Emily and Erik Jr.)--I knitted booties for them and now I get to meet them.  Taking the train down tomorrow night--it should be an easy trip, just 90 minutes.  And I've never really been *to* Philly so this should be fun.  I'd love to catch a game but we'll probably do some historical sites instead.  I haven't seen Erik in FOREVER so I'm really looking forward to it.

I texted Lori a little while ago and haven't heard back from her yet--she is expecting her (second) baby this week, in fact the due date was a few days ago so things may have started already.  I told her she didn't have to text me back (just in case), but just to know I was thinking about her, Kevin and Phoebe.

We had our first production meeting for Pirates (TTC is remounting it) this week.  Guess who my choreographer is?  SUSAN!  Isn't that a great idea?  I'm so thrilled it came to me--she's an awesome choreographer, she's an awesome friend and it helps her out as well!  *And* I have someone at my back whom I trust completely! Win, win, win!  We are having auditions the Tuesday and Wednesday after Labor Day and we go up in mid-July--we're performing at Frank Sinatra Park!
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So we just got the schedule for Rocky Horror and I'm tentatively looking at Saturday, October 15 for a trip to the orchard. (This is tentative until I can confirm I don't have rehearsal that day.) Who's in for a fun afternoon of apples, pumpkins, win and fall colors? The foliage should be at peak color! Of course I'll bring the football along--what's fall fun without tossing the pigskin?
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Okay, let me start off by saying I do love Griffin. He is a dear friend, a wonderful person and I love him. But he can be quite tone deaf sometimes, and right now I'm pretty annoyed with him. He came to see the show Saturday night and joined us afterward when we went to an Irish place nearby for food and drink. The subject of The Verdict came up. Griffin started off by saying "I haven't been following this case that much"--okay, right there you need to just stop talking then. You don't know much about the case, so you probably don't have that much to contribute to this extremely sensitive subject. So since he doesn't know that much about the case, he just repeated his brother's opinions. (Griffin's brother is a lawyer, and when I first posted on FB about The Verdict, initially responded with a long mansplanation about Why He Agreed. I posted back "you are seriously misjudging your audience and the timing." To give him credit, Austin immediately agreed, took it down, and apologized, both on my wall and via private email.) Griffin kept saying "it's terrible, but..." and "you need to respect the law" and "our law says..." GAHHHH!!! What does that even mean, "you need to respect the law"--how does that possibly contribute to the conversation?! I'm not standing in front of the guy's house with a pitchfork, I'm airing my opinions! Saying "you need to respect the law" is just another way of saying "you're overreacting, calm down, settle down" which is what women hear ALL THE EFFING TIME. MOST OF THE CITY, *including lawyers* think the jury got it way wrong! It's not just us emotional wimminz with our irrational, overreacting wombs who think this way--I have been monitoring every media message board I can find and nearly EVERYONE thinks this is bullshit. There have been several articles about the so-called CSI-effect, how juries seem to think you HAVE to have DNA now to convict. How do you think they got a conviction with Abner Louima?! Broomsticks don't have orgasms, you know!

One especially enraging thing about the "it's terrible but--" was that I specifically said to him "do NOT rationalize this. I don't want to hear 'but.'" Partly this is because I think the verdict is indefensible but also partly because this is not some sort of theoretical discussion in a law school classroom--this is LIFE. This verdict is real life for every woman in the city. It is personally offensive to me, here and now, to hear you or your brother trying to rationalize this. Maybe at some point in the future, but not now, when I'm still so angry about it. I said this to him several times--he wasn't even listening, he just kept giving me his opinions. Griffin, if you don't know anything about the case--maybe you should just listen. What is so hard about that? Why do you think you have something to teach me about this? I've served on a Manhattan felony-crime jury, I know what they're told, I know the parameters. Griffin has this blindness where he thinks he needs to teach people--last fall he got into some kind of FB argument after seeing The Social Network and posting "Is it so hard for people to understand that just because you show misogyny on screen, it doesn't mean you endorse it in real life?" Quite understandably, a female friend of his, who'd also seen TSN, was irritated, and responded. At the time I could only respond to Griffin's tone since I hadn't seen that movie yet, but I told him "when you start off 'Is it so hard for people to understand...' right off the bat you're dismissing everyone who doesn't agree with you about a subject [a movie's subtext] which is impossible to quantify. Don't be surprised if people take offense to that." Having since seen TSN, I want to say to him--Griffin, you are a young man in his twenties. I think I am safe in saying that there is almost nothing you have to teach me or any other female about misogyny. Stop trying to teach other people about this sort of thing and just start listening.
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...Tesse came over with lots of stomach-soothing food--bread and rice and broth and all sorts of things. I feel VERY loved--Tesse is a dear to take time out of her night to help me out and I love everyone! Seriously, people can be so darn nice sometimes. I really do have the kindest, most thoughtful friends. THANK YOU, TESSE.

I fell asleep immediately after she left and woke up feeling much better. Still taking it easy for now but at last now I know I can play softball tomorrow. Poor Anya, her bout of whatever this is was MUCH worse. I won't go into details but she had it bad.
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[singsong]♫ I just got a Macbook ♪[/singsong]

Eeeeh! It's an itty-bitty dainty lil' Macbook Air--can't wait to play with it! Naturally tonight is the night I HAVE to do laundry--no play until later. I was verrrrry tempted to get an iPad but ultimately went with the Air.

Anya cracks me up--she really "gets" Tibby's voice, his whiney, "poor pathetic me" inner monologue. (As Tesse would put it, "I've never been fed. Ever.") The other night she started singing songs from Hair in his voice--"Easy to Be Hard," and the opening of "The Flesh Failures" ("We starve...") are especially appropriate.

Still plowing through Medieval Warfare: A History--I'm trying to get way ahead on the readings for the second half of the semester. Just finished a chapter on naval warfare.

Ryan and I did what Duncan and I did last year (Duncan had rehearsal last night) and talked to students from my alma mater--we met them at the Gershwin Hotel last night. Had a BALL, the students were thrilled to talk to us, even though most of them were not theater students! (The trip is for arts students in general.) They asked us all sorts of questions, so thoughtful too! They were very excited to hear my production company is named Holla Holla Productions--that's a Sweet Briar cheer! ("Here's to ya, Sweet Briar, Holla Holla Holla, nothin' that you cannot do..."). I didn't get a chance to talk to Christian about the Thyme project afterward (she had to run out) but from what little she said about it, it seems she's still working on it.

Tim's party overlooking the parade route is tomorrow! Can't wait!
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I was able to sneak a call to the emergency dentist, hissing through my teeth, and they told me to come in at 11, though I still had to wait a WHILE, over an hour. But they were very nice about it and apologized. She reglued it, saying she was stunned it had even lasted that long. I asked if I could take with me or buy some of the cement she used--she said no but suggested Fix-o-Dent. I reserve judgment (since the other two over-the-counter adhesives didn't work at ALL) but we'll see. She said there might be pink stuff coming out the sides--I don't care about that as long as I don't look like a meth addict.

Just have to get through the rest of the day. Sunday will be a trial, if the tooth falls out again, because we have a runthrough *and* a production meeting afterward. We'll see.

I've been having thse mini-panic attacks this week, I'll just be seized with dread. It goes away after awhile but still. This. Sucks.

On the bright side--Tesse came by last night and made soup for me and it is SO GOOD. Thank you, Tesse! I'm losing weight because I haven't been able to eat anything much! And my paper is going well.
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Last night Christine, our producer for Macbeth, had a fundraiser/benefit for the show at the Irish Rogue. I had such a great time--to start off, Duncan gave me an AMAZING (late) birthday present...a bottle of pumpkin-infused VODKA!!! That he'd made himself! I was absolutely thrilled--can't wait to try to make Pumpkin Alexanders or something else equally amazing with that! Seriously, one of the best presents I've ever gotten. I'm always so impressed with good gift-givers--Rachel is another good gift-giver, she has exquisite taste for one thing. Intimidatingly good taste. My friend Ashley is another.

Anyway, so that made me very happy. The entertainment was a series of acts, mostly musical except the first was a VERY strange conceptual comedy act that did not go over at all. I felt kind of bad for the girl--I think something like that plays better in a dedicated environment (like a comedy club or a nightclub), rather than a long room in a bar with people crossing back and forth, talking, playing pool, etc. Anyway, Duncan also performed, and I read a poem ("Death of a Naturalist," by Seamus Heaney). I actually wasn't too thrilled with my reading of it--I'm not sure what didn't quite work, just that I felt like I was yelling or something--but I got several compliments so as long as someone liked it, it's all good. One performing duo was also a little off--our sound designer and his wife performed a couple of songs in...some kind of costume. He was dressed as a pimp but I'm not sure what she was, and they sang some kind of song about being a "criminal." Hmm. But there was another duo who sang Lionel Richie's "Hello" as a tribute to Glee and their harmony was great!

But best of all--they had a raffle, and guess who's the proud owner of a NEW COACH SCARF? ME, that's who! I'd bought several tickets and had missed the 3-day membership at Chelsea Sports by just one digit. Then when they started to read off the winning number for the Coach scarf I crossed my fingers and everything else, and Duncan pointed to me and said "if I win this, you're getting it." AND THEN THEY READ MY NUMBER!!!!!! I literally squealed aloud and danced up to Christine--it was like winning Miss America!

Who's the proud owner of a brand new cashmere Coach scarf?

ME, that's who!

Then to top it off, one of the performers had been involved with the Planet Connections Festival and pulled me aside and said some very nice things indeed about my performance as Puck. Terribly sweet--she said she'd "voted for [me] and everything." I love delayed compliments.

I have to say, I'm really liking Christine. She's the producer and she's also playing Lady M. So far I've been very happy with her leadership and she's such a non-diva--we taped the voiceovers for the apparition and she voiced Apparition #3 (the one about "til Birnam Wood come to Dunsinane"). Andrew asked if I had any feedback, and I talked to her about the stuff in Shakespeare's Advice to the Players. She LOVED it, really welcomed the feedback and then later on texted me for the name of the book. It's such a great book, so helpful.

Really, the only disappointing thing about the evening was that I never got to play any pool!


Feb. 3rd, 2010 06:30 pm
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Oh GOD, so tired. Lots of running back and forth today. Rachel's lil' birthday gathering was at her place last night--so much fun and good food. It was especially lovely standing on the balcony watching the snow come down. I spent the night at Kelly's (THANK YOU!) and then took the PATH back into the city, went to my doctor's for my weekly Vitamin B-12 shot (I have a new PCP, my old one retired and she did bloodwork and apparently I'm deficient in all sorts of vitamins so weekly shots. Yay. The co-pays are killing me). After this, took the train back home, studied a little before my discussion section, then took the train back to Morningside Heights for class. I LOVE my discussion section--we actually get to talk! And discuss! And ask questions! In fact we're required to do all this! My TA asked us what we thought about the professor and it's awesome that we all have pretty much the same take--although his lectures are interesting, he jumps around WAY too much, and the handouts are spiraling out of control, like the brooms in The Sorcerer's Apprentice. Interestingly she asked if we'd been doing the readings--uh, I thought that was required! I've been obsessing about whether or not I'd mastered every nuance of the readings, so I guess I'm doing okay.

Anyway after class I went back to Inwood again--I was going to close my eyes for just a few minutes (Tibby climbed adorably onto my chest to suzz) and woke up awhile later. I was so tired, I literally staggered out of my room and almost fell over. Oy. I meant to pick up my laptop but that didn't happen.

My Nicolae Ceauşescu Austerity Program to Repay Romania's Foreign Clara's School Debt* is still going well. We have so many handouts for this class (well over 100 pages so far and this is only the third week of class), I had to get a folder just to keep up with them, and I ONLY bought a folder, the least expensive kind, didn't buy one other thing at the bookstore! Plus I went through Cafe East, a little coffee place on campus that serves bubble tea and various kinds of Asian food and I was very tempted to get some sushi but I didn't!

*I made reference to this last night and Alex didn't understand what I meant--during Ceauşescu's regime, he financed a lot of domestic programs by borrowing heavily from Western powers. The debt devastated Romania's finances so he instituted a very severe austerity program to pay off the debt--just about everything was exported, electricity and all sorts of other utilities and services were strictly rationed. The standard of living in Romania plummeted during all this. Romania's history fascinates me--Ceauşescu was a complete villain by the end of his regime (and life, they ended at basically the same time) but when he was younger, he was quite a maverick vis à vis the Warsaw Pact signatories, openly condemning the invasion of Czechoslovakia and participating in the '84 Olympics and all.
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Tesse and I are doing another Drunken Knitting sesh at my place Sunday evening, starting around 7 (maybe earlier, depending on when we get back from Three Sisters. It's Chekovian angst though, I don't think it's going to run that much under 3 hours). We were gonna get together last week but it ended up being moved to Rachel's place, and then Tesse couldn't make it, so this is a makeup sesh of sorts. All are welcome, of course, and I talked to Susan who is likely to be there as well.

I'm going to try to finish that complicated herring-bone-stitch bag beforehand and start an easier project, so I can concentrate on the conversation better!

This is last minute so don't feel bad if you can't make it, we just didn't want anyone to feel left out. If you are coming, just let me or Tesse know.
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Okay, we're trying this again. This Sunday (not tomorrow), Jason, Paula, Benjamin and I are going to go apple-picking at Applewood Farms again. There is one more seat if anyone wants it. We are splitting equally the cost of the car rental ($60-some) and the cost of the garage (Budget closes at 3 so I have to bring it back the next day--the garage will be about $12-15). I'm picking the car up at 10 so plan to be in Midtown by then. Any takers?

Sunday is forecast to be sunny and nice--yay! Gonna put on my jeans and pumpkin cap and go celebrate fall! (I'm going to get pumpkins in Inwood tomorrow--I think it may be too much for me to handle a bag of apples AND 1-2 sugar pie pumpkins AND a carving pumpkin AND a bottle or two of wine. I'm sure the farmers' market will have pumpkins.)
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Well, bad-ish news (for Jason, Paula and me) and potentially good news (for Tesse and anyone else who might want to join us for seasonal hijinks but couldn't this weekend). The weather forecast for Saturday is crap on toast with a continued pattern of yucky and shivery. So we canceled the trip--this time. But we are hoping for next weekend, either Saturday or Sunday. The call to pick apples will not be DENIED!
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Jason, Paula, Big Ben and I are going to Applewood Farms, where we all went a few years ago, to pick apples, taste wine, pick pumpkins, eat seasonal food and generally celebrate autumn. We are renting a car--we could possibly fit in one more (small) person (the rental page says it seats five) or if there are enough people who want to join, maybe you could get a car yourself and follow after. We will be leaving Astoria around 11-11:30.

Apples! Apple bread and applesauce and apple pie! And pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread! The best season of all!


Jul. 17th, 2009 05:31 pm
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Ohhhh, so ti-ti today. I've been dying for a catnap at work but Fridays are usually pretty busy.

Sometimes I can actually feel myself losing braincells from viewing the Yahoo! home page. I don't know how they manage it, but they're actually increasing their inanity saturation point. Their "news" stories are so. stupid.

Is this actually considered news? Is there a burning NEED for this skill?

Hanging out with Susan tonight, and of course I forgot her birthday present. *smacks head* We're going to Arriba! Arriba! to slurp margaritas and sangria, and dish. Tomorrow rehearsal, then dinner with a friend, then fight class on Sunday.


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