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Since this is the first day off that I've had at least a couple of months, I was hoping I could go to the beach, but in fact today it is cloudy and rainy so no go :( I had actually had tentative plans with my neighbor Maria to go to Brighton Beach–– she is Russian and I thought I could've practiced my Russian down there. (I love that about BB, that I can actually read the signs по русски and practice.) Maria is pretty cool--I met her and her mother when we all moved into the building 3 years ago, and there was a big meet-and-greet on the terrace in August. We hung out for drinks with her brother (who also lives in the building) two weeks ago--she asked me to meet her up at her apartment which she said was 1004. I go up there and knock, several times, and there's no answer. I text her "где ты? я здесь в 1004." {Where are you? I am here at 1004.) She gave me the wrong number--she lives the floor above. But look me at, texting full sentences and question in Cyrillic!!!!!

The heat came on this past week bigtime, which means another summer like that year. When you work outside, global warming becomes very personal--last summer was really, really hard on me. From July through to the end of August--every day I worked outside, drinking as much water as I could, and trudging home to try to cool down before trudging off again to my evenning job. I couldn't WAIT for September, and December's very warm spell was terrifying to me. I really, really hope the conservative shitheads in Congress who are reflexively blocking any kind of measure on climate change just to say fuck you to Obama live by the water, so their houses will be the first to wash into the ocean when the waters rise. I am honestly terrified at the change.

And speaking of politics, some of these Bernie fans need to step away from the Kool-Aid. Look, I have no problem with Bernie Sanders (although he isn't my choice) and if he got the nomination, of course I would vote for him. What the fuck is wrong with so many of his supporters (NOT ALL, many of perfectly reasonable, please do not NOT ALL MEN my post) that they would rather burn the whole building down than vote for a viable candidate who is LEAPS AND BOUNDS better than the Republican clown? I look at them and they all seem to be white, straight, cisgenerdered men--who really have little to fear from a Trump administration. They can afford to be pie-in-the-sky about politics. Rachel posted somehting a few days ago that brought out the Bernie nuts, and one of them actually said ""If we can't win, at least we can make the re-election an impassible road for whomever wins!" Like, WHAT THE FUCK. What a completely stupid, stupid, self-absorbed, dumbass thing to say. It's as though this is some sort of freshman year class in political theory. Four years of living under Trump policy and rhetoric would actually affect some people's lives, you fucking toddler.

In better news, my Sunday classes are growing by leaps and bounds. They added me to these classes 6 weeks ago--3 in a row in Hell's Kitchen. At first each class had literally one kid each and then they started growing. I thought little of it until one of the mothers buttonholed me after a lesson, saying "your company is new to this neighborhood, right?" I said I didn't know but these were my first classes here in Hell's Kitchen. She said you don't advertise here--I never see fliers or anything like that but all your business is growing by word-of-mouth. All of us parents go home and tell the parents of our children's friends that they should sign up. (Which obviously means they like my classes!*) She said you should advertise more--you only have one competitor (she named the company, I didn't recognize it but I could tell by the name they didn't specialize in soccer) and this neighborhood is filling up with families.

Now, I used to live in Hell's Kitchen and know and love the area quite well. I said I would pass this on to the head of marketing who was THRILLED to read all this.

And then yesterday one of the kids gave me the cutest offering. I called him a little rosencavalier (but seriously, what kind of flower is that? It's not a rose). Isn't that adorbs?

*Also on this day, one of my kids' grandparents were there to drop off/pick up the kid, and they stayed and watched. Afterward they were just aglow--the grandmother was marveling at how good I was with the kids and I said well, it's a good job for me because I like kids, I like soccer and I like to perform. And the grandfather shook his head and said "they're lucky to have you." What a nice compliment! That was a good day :)
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Of course we have rain today and tonight and I have a soccer game so there you are. THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS.

Had a busy Saturday. I signed up for a Meetup soccer game in my neighborhood with a group I've played with before. The field was at 128th and Third Avenue so I trotted up there--it was spitting a bit but nothing we couldn't play through. AT FIRST. As the game went on the dampness started going right through my bones, especially my feet. Between my nearly-flat feet and the horrible bunions, rain can really do me in and by the evening I was in so much pain I had to stay off my feet completely. But it was worth it--I scored five goals and assisted on several as well. NICE assists too, some really clever goals ;) So glad spring is here, I have two games scheduled already this weekend!

I also had a rehearsal with Donna for an upcoming concert Shakespeare songs. These are gorgeous actually--Donna is a weak lyricist but she really knows how to compose for Shakespeare. She emailed us the music last week but typically I did not get around to looking at it until I got there. She complimented me at one point and I sheepishly admitted this was the first time I'd looked at it--this is when it's great to be an excellent sight-singer! (And it helps that Donna generally composes according to voice-leading principles. She might play around with the tempi a lot but her melodies are easy enough to sight-sing.) Or not great, maybe, since it encourages laziness. I then regaled the other two singers with stories of how I developed my sight-singing skills as a child in church. I said sopranos always have the melody and with a 4- or 5-verse hymn, you get bored singing that over and over so you start reading the alto line, then the tenor...This is why I can harmonize with so many Xmas carols :)

Anyway the concert should be lovely and I'm actually going to invite people to this, since I have several songs. Oh, and my aunt Clarissa (who is also my godmother!) is visiting that weekend!!! So she will be able to attend, and then she wants to hang out with me afterward. I can't wait to show her my beautiful new place.

Ryan was given a couple of comps to La Boheme at the Met so he offered me one. Ryan hasn't seen many operas--I think this was his third--and he's never seen Boheme before so I discussed it with him. As often as it's done, I don't think it's an ideal intro to opera since so little happens in Boheme. If you don't already love opera, I don't think that one will change your mind--Carmen is better, more exciting, the main character is MUCH more interesting than Mimi and everybody already knows the music since it's referenced constantly. If you've ever seen Flashdance, the Music Man or The Bad news bears, you know some Carmen. (Especially the latter which utilizes the entire score.) Anyway Ryan did enjoy the production which is legendary--the reveal of the Café Momus set is gasp-inducing.

I saw that the Met is doing The Death of Klinghoffer which I'd really like to see. I haven't seen too many modern operas and I enjoy the ambition of modern music. At Sweet Briar I think I was the only music major who liked twelve-tone music--I liked how intellectual it was, it felt like listening to a puzzle. I enjoy the mathematical aspects of music (which 12-tone certainly explores!) and get kind of bored when it's all just pretty melody after pretty melody. At any rate I'd like to push myself to see some more stuff like that--I used to see a lot more ballet when I first moved to New York and I'd like to start going again. It's pretty easy to see arts on the cheap here if you're willing to stand or wait on line or something.
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Finally some warm weather this weekend! My winter soccer league is over but I booked a Meetup game for tomorrow, even though rain is predicted. I'll just bundle up, I'm so sick of being stuck inside! Yay for spring finally arriving! Our long regional nightmare is OVER!

For some reason Verizon decided to give me HBO free for four months--have NO IDEA why but I'll take it. They're running mini-marathons of Game of Thrones to catch us up for the next season, which starts next Sunday. I'm still mulling over whether I want to keep watching--it is an amazing show, I just don't want to see more pregnant women getting stabbed and bad people rewarded, over and over. I mean, WTF, showing what they did to Robb's BODY? And poor Grey Wind? DO NOT WANT. Whatever tesse's big reveal is (trying to cheer me up last June after I was in complete shock, she said something Very important is about to happen). It had better happen in the first episode if they want to keep me as viewer, is all I can say!

It is a great show, even if I'm bored stiff by everything north of the wall. Seriously, zombies are just dull.

Last Thanksgiving when I was up at my parents' place in New Hampshire, I gathered some black walnut fruits from their giant tree in their front yard. Packed them into a plastic bag, brought them home and tossed them into the freezer. Last week I decided to process them so I defrosted them, pulled off the husks (getting my hands very stained--there's a natural dye ion black walnut fruits that's retty strong, I'm lucky I didn't mess up my floor) and then tried to cure them as much as possible before shelling them. Maybe next time I'll cure them in the oven because I still needed to use a hammer to crack them open! Those walnuts had some very thick shells, my nutcracker was nigh useless. Anyway I got *some* meat, not a huge amount--but oh my Lord, their odor is PUNGENT. They smell like feet, I kid you not. They don't taste bad but the odor is unbearable, I'm gagging just thinking about it. I'm trying to figure out what I can do to strip the smell because I want to do this again--I think it's really cool I can make something with the fruit from my Dad's tree. Maybe cure or bake the cuts?

So proud of myself--with part of the tax refund I made an extra mortgage payment. At this rate (I pay a little more than 10% extra every month as well), I will pay it off ten years early!
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So Tim had his annual St. Patrick's Day party overlooking the parade on Monday. When the sun was out the weather was bearable but when it went behind the clouds it was pretty miserable on the rooftop. Chuck was calling the auction and when that happened, he went to the indoor section of the bar which was then PACKED. Truly uncomfortable for a claustrophobe like me, I had to decide if I want to stay there or freeze outside. Eventually I chose the latter.

As always it took me awhile to leave the apartment--between showering and posting on Facebook about how much I loved Dublin when I was there and then daydreaming on Facebook about planning an equestrian tour to Ireland, I didn't leave the apartment until 1:00. Took the 6 to 59th and was able to cross Fifth Avenue to the other side fairly easily--the weather had one benefit! As I made my way from 59th down to 55th (where the Peninsula is), I saw a group of protestors holding signs about the anti-gay policies. I caught the eye of one of them and gave them a "right on!" gesture. The guy asked if I wanted to hold one, I said sure but I said I couldn't do it for long, I had to go to a party. We chatted for a bit, and then two younger people, in their 20s, stopped by and chatted as well. They also approved. When I left I took a rainbow sticker and wore it on my Irish sweater.

Had a bad experience when I first got there. I got some coffee and moved out onto the rooftop (it was still sunny at that point). I started chatting with someone new and then an older guy (late 50s or 60s) came over and was awkwardly trying to take off the round green plastic derby I was wearing and exchange it for a green plastic boater hat. I was saying to him actually I prefer the derby and he jammed the derby on top of the other hat and gave it back to me. (This was all very friendly, nothing creepy or anything.) I looked up and noticed--the guy had little flecks of blood all over his lips. And his hands. I guess he had some kind of tooth problem. I tell you, it was all I could do not to vomit on the spot. I have an extraordinarily high gag reflex, one that has only gotten worse as I've gotten older. I've been known to vomit when I change the cat box. I had to drop my eyes so I didn't see his face which of course seems rude and I tried to excuse myself so I could run to the bathroom--I was that nauseated. But I couldn't even make it indoors--I had to stop by the trash and just GAG, over and over. I literally willed myself not to throw up on in front of everybody. Oh God, it was awful. I felt kind of sick for the rest of the afternoon--in fact even Tuesday I didn't feel that great.

Other than that, it was great! :) I sang Danny Boy and How Are Things in Glocca Morra? And I made sure Dermot, the singer, got himself plenty of tea and hot things for his voice. He is so nice.

After I left work I met Tim and a bunch of his friends downtown at Arte, an Italian restaurant where we used to go a lot. Tim knows the owner. We had a big table and sitting on my left were two girls, one Russian and one Ukrainian. I greeted the Russian girl по-русски and eventually struck up a conversation with the Ukrainian, who was sitting right next to me. I must say she did not impress me at first--I could overhear some of her conversation with the other girl and there seemed to be a ton of drama going on, hushed tense conversations and getting up and leaving a lot and making a show of not ordering anything. A little later we were talking about plays and shows (she says she's a singer, went to La Guardia High and said she knew Shakespeare). She asked me what my favorite Shakespeare play was--I said jeez, do I have to narrow it down to just one? I told her my favorite comedy was probably Midsummer and my favorite tragedy was the Scottish play. She had never heard the term so I explained to her that saying the name M****** out loud was bad luck and so people call it Macker, the Scottish play, etc. This is where she really irritated me. she hadn't heard of it--fine--but then she refused to believe it. She gave me this extremely skeptical look like--prove it. Raised eyebrows, pursed mouth, the works. And shook her head. Look little girl, you weren't even born here or in an English-speaking country. Whereas I not only studied English literature, but I grew up HEARING this constantly from my classically-trained grandmother! My first Shakespeare play was when I was 9 years old! And this is my career. What the hell? I wish you could've seen the *look* on her face, I wanted to slap her, hard. Instead I did the WASPy thing and politely turned away and just avoided conversation with her. SO RUDE.

She must've gotten the idea because when she next broached conversation with me, she was much more friendly. We ended up having a decent conversation although she was still quite prickly. Eg., anytime I expanded on a term or a concept (at one point I used the term riffing, which is when instead of hitting a note and staying on it, you improvise a run on the note. It's a pop term, Xtina Aguilera and Mariah Carey are known for it), she immediately cut me off "I know what that means." O-kay. I will say, when she found out how old I was she went bananas, absolutely flipping out over how young I looked. "Oh my GOD, I cannottt beleev it! You ahr so byewteefool!" (My awkward rendering of a slight Ukrainian accent, exaggerated for humor.) On and on!
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THIS WEATHER. I just cannot with this winter. But yesterday and today it's been much warmer--I've actually been able to ditch my down coat for my lighter L.L. Bean coat. With temperatures in the 40s (and I think tomorrow it will get up to the low 50s), the snow and ice is melting and the city is very drippy and wet. Starting to get hints of spring, yay!

And it's not even the oppressive cold that's been so bad. My apartment is quite cozy and comfortable, and my down coat really does keep out the cold. It's that it's so difficult to *exercise.* I can't run when it's in the teens out--my eyes start tearing up and I'm more likely to get hurt. I can run in the 20s, no problem, but no colder than that. Also we haven't been able to play soccer in a month because the fields are in such bad shape. NO SOCCER. FOR A MONTH. I am DYING here!

I spilled a drink on my MacBook Air laptop last September and decided I would not dip into my savings and buy a new one right away. I would do the responsible thing and save for it. So for the past few months I have really cut back as much as possible on all discretionary spending--and finally two weeks ago I bought my new laptop. *claps hands excitedly* And as another small reward to myself, I bought a new Coach purse--but this was not a huge expense. I'm a member of the Coach factory outlet site--you have to be invited to join and somehow I rated an invitation *smirk.* They must've known of my addiction! Anyway they only have sales a few times a year and they had one a week ago. So I bought this pretty little thing:

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Lovely weather this morning! Feels like fall :) I scootered to work--went along the sidewalks of Fifth Avenue and it only took me 45 minutes (it's about an hour to walk). I'm carrying a couple of bags today since I have a soccer game after work--I think I'd've gone faster without so much to carry. Good to maintain non-MTA commuting options, since they just announced *another* fare hike. How appropriate since I renewed my detestation of them yesterday! I took the bus to work and I am not exaggerating in the slightest when I say I could have walked faster. The bus driver just did not seem to be trying to make any time whatsoever--a couple of times we actually sat through two--TWO--light cycles. Then I picked up a game after work so I had to run home and grab my gear, and then get to the game in Brooklyn. To get there, I had to take 3 trains (6-4-L). The total amount of waiting time for those trains added up to SIXTEEN MINUTES. For a trip that took 50 minutes. SIXTEEN MINUTES. I actually waited eight minutes for the 4! Un-fucking-believable. The MTA is such a shitty, shitty organization. I can't wait until they declare bankruptcy so they can throw out all the pension deals with that horrible union and start from scratch.

Anyway, the game was fun. It was a league game (this team had needed players so they emailed me) and I got there halfway through the game (I'd told them I would be late). They were thrilled when I showed up--they'd been playing down a player, since you have to have two girls on the field at all times. Although we lost, I actually really enjoyed myself--a *very* friendly and fun group of people. Whenever the other team had a corner kick, one of our players would bugle "EVER'BODY FIND A DATE!" (meaning guard someone). It was hilarious. At one point one of our opponents, while we were both grappling with the ball, pushed me to the ground which aroused the IRE of my team! Like half my team went after this guy, admonishing him for playing rough against a female who (I hear this all the time) "is half your size!" He actually apologized quite sincerely so he wasn't a dick, just a hard player. I can't really fault him for that, since I'm a pretty tough player as well, it's just that I can't really hurt anyone!

Got home, worked out, enjoyed my TV.
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I was going to order curtains online but couldn't wait--I went to Bed Bath and Beyond on Tuesday. The lined curtains I'd picked out didn't really work--they were lined but not officially "room darkening" curtains. So I went again yesterday and found some better ones and FINALLY this morning for the first time in weeks I did not wake up as the sun rose. I've been exhausted for weeks now because of this--yay! I can sleep! Kelly, I still would love to order curtains from you though--I can just buy one of those "room darkening" liners and attach them to the back to make them suitable for the room. Can I email you?

Man, this weather is pretty monotonous--if it's not raining every day, it's this oppressive PERSONAL heat. I have a soccer game tonight--it won't be too bad after 5, but I'm glad it's not in the afternoon.

Have been QUITE sick ever since Friday--today's the first day I haven't been coughing up a lung. I had a game Sunday and flat out told my team I am no good and should only go in for someone who's exhausted. I went in once or twice and it was terrible--I coud barely breathe, was gasping for air, there was so much congestion in my lungs. Monday I was especially miserable and probably should've stayed home but since I don't get sick days...it was also terrible because I had a weird incident in the morning. I have a *very* high gag reflex and certain things will trigger it--most notably bodily fluids from someone else. Vomit, urine, blood, phlegm, etc. Tatia had an incident with the litter box that morning and when I went to clean it up, I couldn't help it and vomited. What was even worse was throughout the day, every time I thought of it, I started to gag again. AWFUL. Between that and the exhausting coughing fits, Monday was pretty stressful. I've had this problem (gag reflex) since I was a kid but it's only gotten worse as I've grown older. It is mostly a mental thing--I try to fight it by thinking of something very different (lemons or citrus fruits, or ginger--just thinking of it--seems to help short-circuit the problem sometimes).

Re: the Martin verdict. I'm obviously very, very upset. I cannot stop thinking about it, this is a terrible tragedy. I think the jury really let Trayvon down, and that interview with the one who talked to Anderson Cooper--she sounds like a completely oblivious idiot. Who makes a fetish of how much they don't follow the media (uh, I haven't had TV for six years but I strongly doubt that the Today show didn't have ANYTHING about this case)--and then TWO DAYS LATER has a book deal????? This woman's husband is an ATTORNEY and she didn't know anything about the case? Really???? I call bullshit. I am wondering if she wanted to get on the jury.

Jesus wept. It's so depressing. How can you possibly justify not holding Zimmerman responsible at ALL? Not even manslaughter, really?
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High of 60 today? High of 62 on Sunday? 65 ON MONDAY??? Don't tease me, weather gods!

Picked up a free soccer game last night for one of the leagues (they needed a woman). It was at the Brooklyn Bridge Park--I HopStopped directions, foolishly thinking it would be as easy as that. OH NO. The directions took me to a very weird place--basically the Bridge was looming on my left and over me the whole time, and I knew the park was on the other side of that so I started bearing in the direction of where I knew the park was--and ended up on the Promenade. Which has no entrance or exit except at either end, and doesn't connect to the Park at all. So there I was, stuck, hurriedly walking to the end of the Promenade, hoping to find my way down to the park (the Promenade is directly over the BQE, the park is lower down than the BQE, right on the water). Finally I made it to the park but didn't see any soccer fields anywhere--I walked for another 20 minutes and finally found them.

Nice big fields too! It's been awhile since I've played full-field but I really do prefer that--something about the scope of the game. This was a great team too, LOTS of passing--I ended up playing really well with some passes I was very proud of*, and a couple of assists. made up for the epic journey getting there!

*Including a sweet bicycle kick pass to a teammate behind me.

When I left I went a different way and walked through the 'hood of Brooklyn that's closest to where the fields were. OH MY LORD, is Brooklyn Heights gorgeous. W.O.W. What a beautiful neighborhood--and that view!

Have another game tomorrow EARLY--the game is at 9 am aaaaalllll the way down at east River Park which is days away from the nearest subway station. I will have to leave the apartment around 7:45 to get there on time. OH THE HUMANITY. But I have to get in soccer shape--I haven't been able to play for a few months outside of my Dolphman league games

Okay, this?

makes me cry sad tears. This is a promo shot of the upcoming season premiere of Mad Men. The last episode of Season 5 ended in the spring of '67--this is from the premiere, so it's the next episode, and there is snow on the ground. WHICH MEANS THEY SKIPPED THE SUMMER OF LOVE. They skipped one of my favorite happenings of the '60s, a major, major cultural event, the explosion of the counterculture! (AND was kick-started by a marketing gimmick, Scott Mackenzie's song "San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair)" which was written specifically to mpromote the Montery Pop Festival). And even though the Haight was on the West Coast, the fallout (the Haight reached critical mass very quickly and by mid-summer was crowded way over capacity) was felt here in NYC as well with the so-called "Groovy Murders." Okay, I feel a Clio entry coming on, so I'll save my Deep Thoughts for that but the Groovy Murders are really depressing. Not as depressing as the Manson murders but still pretty sad.

Griffin text

I'm sure I'll love Sunday's episode anyway, and I know they're going for the "NYC is getting dirtier and less safe" angle but I'm still sad :(
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It'th thnowing!!!

Thanksgiving was lovely--stayed with my youngest brother Stuart who's living on Capitol Hill right now with his wife and two adorbs kids.  I took the bus Wednesday evening to Philly and stayed with my middle brother, Erik and he, his family and I left for DC early Thursday morning.  At some point while the bird was cooking I went for a walk around Stuart's neighborhood with my nephew William--I used to know that section a bit, as my voice teacher's studio was near there.  I LOVE DC's street layout--for all of DC's faults (and they are legion), it is truly a beautiful city in which to stroll.  Wide avenues, lots of right angles, low-slung buildings, plenty of sun.  William and I were walking along East Capital toward the Capitol and we passed a white, official-looking building on the left--I asked him what it is.  He thought it was the Library of Congress but then my eyes gleamed as I saw it was actually the Folger.  My temple, o my soul!  How many shows have I seen there???  I literally grew up seeing plays there, love that place!!  William and I walked around the grounds of the Capitol for a bit--he liked tracking our progress on the Google maps app on my phone--and then we took another way home, that took us in front of the Folger.  All along 2nd Street they had these placards attached to the lamposts, with quotations from various plays, so I started asking William to read them for me and then I would explain them.  We worked through "Parting is such sweet sorrow" (I talked about the term bittersweet) and "Nothing will come of nothing" (I decided to skip the introduction to nihilism until he gets a little older ;)  Then we came across a statue:

He read the text at the base (on the front) and I asked him if he knew what a mortal was--he didn't, so I defined it for him, and then tried to explain the character of Puck, quoting some of Puck's initial monologue for him.

Thou speak'st aright
I am that merrie wanderer of the night
I jest to Oberon and make him smile
When I a fat and bean-fed horse beguile..

I slowed it down so he could get the feel of the language, even if he couldn't grasp every word.  I consider Midsummer the best kind of introduction to Shakespeare for kids (it was mine, after all! And I saw Midsummer when I wasn't too much older than William who is 7).  All in all, I was most proud of my little nephew's prowess--I will hook him on my vocation yet! ;)

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New Cliopolitan entry (FINALLY), all about the Long Island Express!  Read, comment, click, forward!
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Oh sweet Jesus, Pirates is over HALLELUJAH.

Not that I didn't love the experience but it took up an enormous amount of time, even after it opened.  I can play softball and soccer on the weekends again!  I have free time!  YAAAAAAYYY!  This weekend was especially time-suckalicious--we moved the show to the cemetery.  (The first two weekends were at the amphitheater in Frank Sinatra Park, the last was at Hartsimus Cemetery in Jersey City.  They do shows and events like this as a fundraiser for their cemetery--we're doing a couple of performances of Rocky Horror there as well, in October.)  The move sucked up time because I had to have a rehearsal on Wednesday adapting the blocking to the new space, which only about half the cast could attend.  Which meant that I had to get there very early on Saturday, to show the remaining cast members the space.  Then it rained--we held, then started again.  It immediately started raining again, so we held again.  Poor Taylor had to sing "O Is There Not One Maiden Breast" THREE TIMES (we had a hard time finding the place where he'd stopped on the track).  We finally finished the show and the audience loved it--they were really rooting for us by the end!

Sunday I played in my organized soccer league--we had been undefeated but we played one of the best teams in the league and lost.  Not by much (2-0) but still.  Kind of frustrating because we played pretty well, we just didn't convert our chances.  HOWEVER I played probably my best game so far--I was trapping very well, handling the ball, getting around defenders and wow!  I was thrilled, especially when not just once but several times the goalie warned the defenders about me.  Ooooh, I'm dangerous!  Very flattering.

After the game I went into Jersey City to the cemetery for our closing performance.  The show started off very hot and sunny (my hair is crazy-blonde today from all the sun) and then AGAIN during "Oh Is There Not One Maiden Breast" it started pouring.  We huddled under the tents for quite awhile--at least a half-hour, possibly closer to 45 minutes.  Finally it started to clear up and Paul (one of the ensemble pirates) and I were sweeping the bigger puddles off the "stage" and laying down carpet.  But now we had a new problem--Duncan and Michael (our Pirate King) both had to be gone by around 6, and we were well past 5:00 already.  I ended up having to cut two songs from the second act on the fly--thankfully the actors were all good sports about it, and Lauren (our sound designer) could figure out where to pick up.  We still went past 6:00 but Duncan had a ride to the PATH station and I told him to take a cab once he got into the city. It really was a perfect storm of inconvenience--when we started again it was still raining just a bit and Dave told me if it rains any harder than this, I should call the show (he had to leave so I was the House Manager).  But no, it stopped raining completely--which is a good thing, but I was also super-stressed about getting Michael and Duncan out of there in time.  Anyway it all worked out.

After we packed up everything, we all walked over to Dave's apartment for a cast party and I screened The Pirate Movie for the cast.  Melissa and Kristy LOVED it--they were glued to the screen the whole way through.  Dave's friend Christian loves the movie as well and he and I were singing the blow job song ("Pumping and Blowing").  If you're treadin' water and romance is on the slide/Don'tcha ya know you have to swallow/Something more than water/....It's your pride...  Ah, good times.  Such a guilty pleasure that movie is.  Afterward Dave and I were talking about Rocky Horror--we need to set the dates for auditions, they will probably be sometime in late August.  And I ended up being schmoozed by Tawni (who played one of the daughters in Pirates)--she REALLY wants to audition for Magenta.  Um--I'm actually not that crazy about Tawni.  She gave off major attitude during the Pirates rehearsal process (at one point she tried to correct me on my own choreography)--lots of attitude with nothing really to back it up.  (She's going for her MM, really?  From which school?  Because she really does not sound well-trained.)  She has her moments onstage but she's a very sloppy, fidget-y performer and DOES NOT take notes.  And frankly she's kind of lazy onstage--she's more interested in having fun than actually playing a character and being invested in what's going on.  She's complacent, which I detest in performers.  Several weeks ago I put her on my mental "will not cast again" list.  But she was all sweetness and light last night and we actually had a fun conversation about 19th century art music, specifically lieder.  She would be a good fit for Magenta, but I'd have to talk with her first and say "dude.  You'd better clean up your performances and DON'T cop an attitude.  Do not ever try to school me on my own staging."  Also if Kelly Anne comes back (last year's Magenta), she will have the first shot.  Dave and I are going back and forth about whether or not to flat-out offer everyone in the last cast their roles again.  I would be fine with doing so, but for one exception--Stephen who played the Criminologist.  He really misfired, IMO--I love Stephen but did NOT like what he did with that role.  Susan wants to audition and I can't come right out and say "you're in" but of course I'm probably going to cast her.  She's a fierce dancer and looks great in skimpy clothes, and I love working with her, it's a no brainer.  She was interested in choreographing but I really want Robert to do it again, I loved those dances!  So much fun.

I have to say, as much as I loved working with Susan this time, I wish she had been a little bit more on the ball.  I told her "I need you to choreograph this and this and this"--about 4-5 things (not even full numbers) all in all.  And we would get to rehearsal and she would sort of figure it out during rehearsal--girl, I need it AHEAD of time, you need to come with it already blocked for the most part.  In fact you need to show it to me beforehand so I can decide if it'll work.  And she kept saying "my" choreography--uh, no, *I* choreographed nearly all of the show!  This is why I added "musical staging by Clara Barton Green" to the program.  I'm very proud of my dances, I worked my ass off on them!

Anyway it was fun to look forward to Rocky--I NEED some time off (I am exhausted today) but am definitely antici....pating the fall!  And I must say, the extremely positive response we have gotten for Pirates makes me very happy.  It wasn't an ideal show (Michael never really worked as the PK--not sure what his deal is but he was a sinkhole of charisma, really bland.  I tried so hard but he flickered to life only a few times.  Also, Mara is a sweetie but has some major liabilities as a performer--for one thing she needs to look people in the eye!)  but it was a pretty good one, a very light, sweet, delightful show, if I may say so myself.  The cast did a great job and I loved the costumes (Roe did exactly what I wanted with the daughters) and the laughter from the audience was extremely gratifying.  And I know Dave was thrilled.
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So I've been taking these adult soccer clinics on Saturday mornings, to help improve my ball skills--and it is working out very well, I am thrilled. My game has gotten better slowly but surely--I can really feel it during the pickup games. In addition to the clinic, I also played two hours of soccer Saturday evening with the full-field guys, and another hour Sunday morning. You definitely feel the heat but as I've been telling my fellow players, I grew up in Virginia. We had practice in heat and humidity worse than this every day in August. And what you always did was you froze a quart or so of water, brought it to practice and left it in your car, and when you had a water break you pulled it out. Voila! Lovely cool just-melted water. Anyway so although I'm sweating quite a bit, I am perfectly able to continue playing throughout the entire two hours or whatever.

Which is great because now that Pirates is winding down, I WILL HAVE FREE TIME IN MY LIFE AGAIN O YEA. Very, very happy about that, July 4 was the one day off I've had in weeks. And the show! Oh, the show is going so well--we had a runthrough yesterday, our first runthrough, and not just once but *several* times I was literally laughing so hard I was crying. They are AWESOME! There's still a ton of cleaning up to do but they're all so funny and they've worked so hard. The dances look great--my favorite is "When the Foeman Bares His Steel" which is SO MUCH FUN. But my new favorite is "Stay Frederic Stay" which Jen and Taylor are KILLING. We've restored the middle section and Mabel's disingenuous attempted seduction of Frederic is effing hilarious. And it's not just me laughing--the cast was in the wings dying as well, and several cast members were cracking up ON stage. Taylor is our Frederic--what a find! He has a gorgeous voice and takes direction so well--and he comes up with funny stuff as well! We all just love him. And I love his silly run offstage when he exits after "Stay Frederic Stay"--I have a couple of Silly Walks in the blocking and he came up with that one. He just looks so goofy.

I have several actors from The Vagina Monologues and they're all 3 killing it as well. Jessica is The Bookworm/Ethel (I gave all the daughters personalities)--the climax of "Climbing Over Rocky Mountain" is just such glorious, exuberant music (the run on the piano right after the Edith & Kate soli and before the final "Let us gaily tread the measure...") that I wanted them all to dance around in different joyous dances. So Kate is doing ballet, Edith and the Baby/Molly are dancing in a ring, etc. I decided The Bookworm would be dancing dorkily--so Jessica is just out there dancing dorkily full-out and selling it for all she's worth. So, so funny! She is just hilarious--so committed, so focused. I keep telling the cast--you MUST commit in comedy. If you pull your punches or if it's too naturalistic, it's not funny. I sometimes feel with the less experienced cast members, I'm serving as much of a coach and teacher as a director, but so many people don't understand how to do comedy. It IS hard; it DOES require certain elements for the alchemy, and discipline and timing. And different kinds of comedy are handled differently--slapstick vs. character-based comedy vs. conceptual comedy. So I will set up a bit or gag, and then when I'm giving them notes I'll say things like "you have to commit--that's what makes it funny." Or "you can't run it all together here, have to break it down a little more here--that's what makes it funny." Some people think you're either funny or you're not--mmm, I disagree, but maybe that's just my work ethic kicking in there (i.e., I want to believe that anyone, if they work hard enough, can be funny). But upbringing and culture have something to do with it. I was lucky enough to be born into a family that LOVES humor, and then I've worked with some really talented actors.

Another thing I love about comedy is how contextual it is in every way. It is structurally--on a single joke basis, you establish and expectation and then violate it. But then within the show itself, it's contextual---once you get the audience on your side, they'll start laughing more quickly as the show goes on. And then finally it's culturally contextual, in a couple of different ways. First, because tastes in comedy can change--this is why we find Jerry Lewis painfully unfunny now, but back in the '50s he really was a genius. But in another way, I LOVE that comedy is all about stealing gags--in Pirates I have cheerfully lifted from Monty Python, Star Trek, The Princess Bride, Airplane! and yes, I had an idea yesterday for a gag I'm stealing from The Empress of Sex! (Hope you don't mind, Duncan! :) I love the idea that I'm connecting with all of those clowns from generations past by recycling their bits, and if I'm lucky someone will use ME as an inspiration!
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Beautiful day out--it's in the 50s! Spring, I can't wait for you!

I was outside because I slipped out of work to go the church and get ashes. So medieval and Lenten!

Mardi Gras was lovely last night--and most of my soccer team stopped by! And hung out for quite awhile, huddled together and looking around my apartment and petting the bebbehs. (I had to drag Tibby in whining the whole time, naturally.) Trying to remember who was there--Tesse, Michael, Griffin, Tim and his friend Jason, Joy (I did Fare for All with her) and her BF, Ryan, Caley, Jenny Fersch and her BF, plus my team (5-6), plus Anya and me. I'm sure I'm forgetting someone. Joy's BF is kind of a jerk, sad to say--I remember two years ago when they left there was a thorough consensus that no one liked him. He has that "I'm socially awkward so I'm going to try to mask it by putting people at a disadvantage" thing going on. I can't remember exactly what he did two years ago (the party last year was at Charles's) but I do remember we ALL talked about it when he'd gone. And last night after he left Griffin told me that he'd said to G "you need to rethink that checkerboard thing with the shirt"--he was clowning Griffin's outfit! So, so rude. He did this weird thing--at one point Jenny, her BF and I (and I think Anya and Griffin) were in the kitchen talking and he came into the kitchen and stopped upon seeing us. Naturally we all noticed he'd come in and stopped in this kind of obvious way, and WE stopped talking, thinking he wanted to say something and of course he didn't--he just wanted us to notice him. Ugh.

I was a little concerned with the King Cakes--I'm not sure they came out okay, they seemed a little dry. I think I might have overbaked them, and since our microwave is broken, I had some difficulty making them (couldn't melt the butter easily). Although I'm amazed I didn't have MORE problems with no microwave--it actually went pretty smoothly! I finally remembered to take lots of pictures, lots of BLURRY, impressionist pictures.

At one point I was talking to Caley and someone else about directing The Vagina Monologues--how I'd talked about the poetry to one actor and said think of these words as jewels, but they don't only look beautiful, they also taste wonderful and smell good. They satisfy every sense, because poetry is the densest, most intense, compressed form of the language--you need to hold these words in your hands and offer them to the audience. Caley liked this image and I said when I was on my cruise ship contract in Spain, I visited Sevilla and I saw the orange trees. They're everywhere in that city. And they're so vivid, so gorgeous--these beautiful green bushes filled with golden orbs, overflowing onto the sidewalks and the gutters and the courtywards. And I had this image in my head of a child's hands filled with these colorful candies, trying to offer them but they keep slipping out between the fingers. So I wrote Los Naranjas de Sevilla (one of my poems). I noticed a couple of my teammates were listening to me, and one of them, Zack, said "now I want to audition for you!"

Finally broke down and made an appointment with the bone doctor for my FUCKING KNEE. It seemed to be getting better until Sunday when I was decorating--I landed rather awkwardly on it and it's been hurting ever since. Last night the train ride home was literally torture--the stupid, incompetent MTA didn't send enough trains so when the A came it was super, SUPER crowded. Those are the worst for me--I'm too short to reach the bar easily, so I'm either barely hanging on, or trying to grab a side bar and swinging around. And psychologically I HATE crowds. Not fun!


Jan. 6th, 2012 04:28 pm
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Hungry and very tired.

I'm meeting up with Lori later tonight to exchange Christmas gifts--I'd rather wait until Sunday or so but Kevin is taking down the tree tomorrow and it wouldn't be kosher, so to speak, to exchange Christmas gifts after January 6.  Although I suppose we could call them Epiphany gifts?  Hey, they do that in Spain.  I am giving her some homemade peppermint bark and one of the holiday soaps I bought from Holly.

Speaking of Epiphany--Happy 12th Day of Christmas! Today kicks off the season of Epiphany which means you know what is coming up: Mardi Gras!  Mark yo' calendars for February 21 and get ready to laissez les bons temps roulez!  I think i'm going to have it back at my place this year--last year was convenient but not that many people showed up anyway (although I did get out the invitations late) and I just think it's probably easier.  But looking forward to it!  Hurricanes and jumbalaya and King Cake and The Big Easy playing in the background...

I used to hate January because it was so cold and crappy.  Still not crazy about the dark and the weather but it's a nice change from December which was a little crazy this year.  It's always that second and third week that kills me--my birthday is ALWAYS the same week as my work party and then someone's always visiting from out of town and there's a performance of Christmas Carol or something.  Lots and lots of high-profile events that I can't miss.  This year too I was working on a project for a friend of mine--she commissioned me to knit a Christmas stocking for her step-daughter.  What made it tricky was that I didn't have a pattern--she wanted me to replicate a stocking knit by her granmother.  With no pattern, I had to reverse-engineer it, which was actually kind of cool and fun.  And I learned a couple of new skills, including the kitchener stitch which is a way to remove the seam from a sock so that it looks seamless.  It's pretty cool and makes me want to knit some socks now!  But I still (STILL!) have to finish up the purse I've been making for years now...almost done, I should finish it this week and then I just have to felt it.

Aaaaaand speaking of which...Drunken Knitting is coming up!  Lori and I will decide on a date tonight and then we'll let y'all know. I want to do two dates this year, one in January and one in February.  Ladies, sharpen your needles!  (And rev your blenders for all those drinks :)

Since I've been having so much fun with softball (and spurred on by a FB ad pimping out an indoor soccer league at Chelsea Piers), I joined a Meetup group that plays soccer every week.  They play at different locations all over the city but it seems the ones that meet my schedule best are in Long Island City at Queens West Sportsfield.  I played my first game last Saturday--the format is 3 30 minute games, among four teams, played on a field that's about 3/4 the size of a full-size field.  Generally speaking, the smaller the field, the more running.  In a normal, regulation game, you can rest more because the ball can actually be away from you, whereas in indoor soccer, you are CONSTANTLY running.  When they were assigning positions, I said sure, put me at wing (which is where I spent the majority of my soccer career).  Oh my God.  That 1st game was BRUTAL.  Nonstop runningrunningrunning.  I was in agony after the first game and I couldn't stop coughing.  The second and third games went a little better.  Or maybe my system was in so much shock, I just couldn't feel anything!  As soon as I got home (which was difficult enough, my thighs kept buckling whenever I had to go up stairs) I drew the hottest bath I could stand and soaked as long as I could.  This didn't stop me from spending the next two days pretty much on the couch anyway, but if I hadn't, I would've been literally bedridden.

But I gotta say, I didn't do too badly considering I haven't played for 15 years.  I assisted on a couple of goals and got all up in the faces of a few of the guy players :)  And I overheard a couple of admiring "hey, she's not too bad." I just love how brutally physical soccer is.  They always pigeonhole me as some small player that's easily intimidated and I ALWAYS prove them wrong.  Especially the big players :D  Some of these players have amazing ball skills--it's like playing against Pele out there.  Although as I said I played wing for most of my career, I was never an amazing ball handler--I was on the front line because I was very fast and had very quick reflexes, so I was able to score a lot.  (And I did :)  I was the lead scorer on my team--my coach used to call me Green, Green, the Scoring Machine.  Isn't that adorbs?)  Anyway until I get my wind back and can handle all that running, I need to upgrade my ball skills, maybe do some practicing out in Inwood Hill Park or something.  I'm playing my next game tomorrow--hopefully I'll be slightly less physically devastated afterwards!


Aug. 24th, 2011 07:01 pm
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Looking at pictures of the damage from yesterday, it's kind of amazing no one was killed. The National Cathedral had some pretty sizeable statuary fall, and the Washington Post has a picture of a car whose windshield was smashed from falling bricks. We're pretty lucky.

I was actually outside when the earthquake happened, just coming into the building. I didn't notice ANYTHING--of course, I was born in California, and it's possible I'm just too jaded ;) When I came into the apartment, Anya was freaking out--she said she'd just had "the most intense paranormal experience" she'd ever had in her life. She went on in this vein for 20 minutes or so--I suggested maybe it was an earthquake and she said it couldn't have been, or something besides the couch would've moved. She really went on about it--I grew bored with the conversation after awhile because something like this is ALWAYS happening to Anya. (Love her but she really has this need to be "special"--you would not BELIEVE the amount of drama that seems to single her out.) And lo and behold, she checks Facebook and comments about the earthquake were all over the place. That ended THAT discussion!

I spoke with an advisor at Columbia yesterday--I'd like to take a sabbatical for at least a semester, so I can let my savings account recover! Columbia is quite expensive and of course this is a non-degree program, so I don't qualify for any grants. And I won't take on debt for this, so I have to stop for a little bit. I also talked with her about grad school--specifically about the possibility of tailoring a program to my needs, as I wrote about last spring. She gave me the information for a couple of professors within the Department, and I'm going to email them to set up a meeting. So yeah--if that meeting goes well, then this year I was be applying to the Columbia grad school of Arts and Sciences. *crossing fingers* Like Professor Kosto, the advisor was also surprised to hear about my history blog--she said I was probably better prepared than most of their current students! Kosto told me flat-out "you should have no problem getting in" which is actually a little disconcerting, because the website makes it sound much more difficult (I can't remember exactly what it said, but something incredibly intimidating about how few students they accept). I don't know whose evaluation is more accurate, but I'd better ace my GREs!

At one point in our conversation, I mentioned that two of my brothers have Master's degrees--"and one is from Yale, so I can't just let THAT stand!" She knew exactly what I was talking about :) Where would we be without all our siblings? A lot less competitive, that's for sure!
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Show is going so well! I love Roberta now--I still have a healthy respect for all those monologues but I am so much more comfortable with them and am having a great time playing her. Apparently the other three actors have been flubbing lines a little bit--this is one good thing about ZOMG MONOLOGUES. It takes forever to learn them, but once they're learned, I only have to worry about myself, I don't have to stress about someone else flubbing their lines.

I will be heading down to the other theater to see Jenny Fersch's (SM from Pirates) play. I saw Kelly Monroe's (director 2.0 of this spring's Macbeth) play, "Hold," which was on a double bill with another play, "Monster." Kelly's play was pretty good (although I dozed through a bit of it)--a man who is calling a suicide hotline and keeps getting put on hold. The one actor we saw, the caller, was QUITE good. Difficult role, I was extremely impressed. The phone counselors/people on the other end of the line (voiceovers)--ehh. They were trying too hard, which is easy to do as an actor anytime you're "missing" a dimension. (I notice this in actors who have to act without lines--they mug, they indicate, they overact.) The other play was...err, pretty terrible. I feel bad saying that, I know they were struggling with lights and I can sympathize with that but--yikes. It was about child sexual abuse--the main character had gone through some kind of very traumatic incident and had regressed or some such shit. The doctor sparred with a detective who was sent there to question her and there were monologues from the MC's parents. Even in the most skilled actor's hands, this sort of topic is very, very difficult to handle without coming off as cheesy or exploitative, especially when you have an adult actor pretending to be a child. One of the very few showcases ever to make this sort of thing work was Sybil, which still holds up extremely well, but not only was Sally Fields amazing, she was surrounded by an amazing supporting cast. And it was film. "Monster" was no Sybil, I'll leave it at that. But I did like the opening poem that the AD read.

If you've seen Sweeter Dreams vote for us at the New York Innovative Theatre Awards! Interestingly all of us are listed as lead actors--Thomas, really? He's only in three scenes. (Although he's terrific in all of them--he, Heather and Scott are all uniformly great.) Ah, whatevs.

Loving all this heat. Mmmm, summer...
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Weather is kicking my ass lately. So, so sick of all this disgusting cold and rain. All I wanted to do this morning was stay in bed with Tatia draping herself across the pillow.

We have a paper due in three weeks and the professor asks that we submit our sources in advance--citations were due today. He also wants us to have the BOOK in hand as we write the paper, just so we don't get taken by surprise and find out there's not enough material for our paper. So last night I'm putting together my sources and looking up the books on the Columbia online library catalogue. Of course my network at work has all sorts of firewalls, and just generally not all the software is up to date, so since I have to stop by the campus anyway to get the books, I'll look them up there. Leave work and it's freezing--so I decide to go home first to change, feed cats, etc. I look up the books there--and as it turns out, one of the books I need isn't at Butler, the main library--it's at the library at Union Theological Seminary, the campus of which is affiliated with and adjacent to Columbia. So not too far away but--eep!--it closes an hour earlier, at 10 pm. I get there by 9:30--but they've started to close the stacks. But since I had the call number in hand, they let me sneak in, grab my book, and be done. So nice! The source I need from that library was a translation of William of Poitiers's Gesta Guillelmi, about William the Conqueror--my paper will be about the role of the cavalry (and its implications for chivalry) in the Battles of Hastings (i.e., the 1066 Norman Invasion) and the Battle of the Golden Spurs. Oh, and I'm also using the Bayeux Tapestry as a source!

I really liked the UTS campus--it's built a bit like a combination of an English manor house, long hallways and such, and a high medieval castle, with vaulted ceiling and doorways. Very, very cozy walking down that long hallway to get to the library, which is preceded by a really beautiful Rotunda. I wonder if they offer undergrad courses at UTS? It would be so nice, so peaceful, going there for class--maybe a class in medieval theology?

After that I walked back up to the main campus to Butler Library, slipped into the stacks and grabbed my other source. To get to the stacks, you walk into Butler, walk up the main staircase, go around the circulation desk and through a door to a tiny internal staircase. The stacks...ahhhhhh. It's like entering another world. So peaceful and quiet, and the smell of all those old, old books. It makes me think of my childhood, reading my cousin's old copies of the Thornton W. Burgess Old Mother West Wind books. I got my source quickly (Annales Gendanses, a Flemish annal--I'm using it as my source for the Battle of the Golden Spurs, which was Flemish versus French). I would've loved to have just...stayed there. Stayed there draped over a table, bent over a book, occasionally rising to get some other fragile book about some old, old battle. Old unhappy far-off things/and battles long ago... Libraries are like church to me.
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And to look ahead to spring...
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When I got back to the hostel I was exhausted--protests, Book of Kells, shopping, it all takes its toll--so I napped a bit before braving the TEPIDTEPIDTEPID shower again preparatory to going out.

This is me playing with the self-timer before going out, this time SOLO, OMG!

I poked my head into a couple of pubs and ended up at one not too far from the hostel. It was quieter than the one I'd been to the night before but they had live music as well. I just sat at the bar and sipped my Guinness, chatting with the locals who were mostly older. One older guy glommed onto me--this was sort of annoying actually. He was nice at first, we were chatting and then I noticed he kept trying to correct me during the course of our conversation. Things like--him: "You know Bob Dylan, right." Me: "Sure." Him: "NO. You don't really know Bob Dylan..." Me: "..." This happened several times--I would make some polite response to whatever conversation gambit he extended and then he would correct me. He also did that annoying-guy thing where they sense that perhaps you're not as thrilled with their company as they would like (I was getting a little tired of being corrected) and instead of, I don't know, being better company, they try to make you feel bad. The thing that annoyed me the most was when he tried to ruin the footage I was taking--I had my camera and was filming the singer/guitarist and he slurred "you really need to listen to this" and then waved his hand in front of the camera to try to ruin the footage. This...did indeed get on my nerves.

However, everyone else there was very nice. I met a young couple--the girl was named Fiona, and I can't remember the guy's name. When I told her my name, she said "that's a very Irish name!" When the bar closed we discovered it had been snowing for quite some time! There were several inches on the ground--snow is fairly unusual in Dublin, and I got to explain to them that "this is really good snow! Not too powdery, not too wet, this is the best for snowballs and making snowmen." And naturally I got in a snowball fight with random Dubliners! One guy with whom I was trading missiles said (after hearing me speak) "oooh, she's not from arrround herrre!" SO MUCH FUN. Really, just a delightful last night. On my way back to the hostel, I helped build a snowman.

I have no idea why the flakes appear to be going up in this--this was me collaborating with another random Dubliner. I can't remember exactly what we were trying to recreate though, but there was some reason he was throwing it up in the air.

Isn't it gorgeous?

The last day was--well, the last day. I left the hostel and dragged my luggage through the snow with me. Breakfast was YUM. Did a little last minute shopping and grabbed the Airlink (bus to the airport), did NOT miss my flight :)

Oh Ireland. Thank you for opening your arms to me. I will be back.
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Going to the US Open with Tim tomorrow, as we do every year. Sadly, it looks as though it may rain--I've been checking weather.com obsessively, and the forecast really hasn't budged. Well, if it must rain, showers are better than a steady downpour. But *clasps hands together in supplication* I would prefer no rain at all, kthxbye.


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