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 My mother's younger sister, my godmother Jenny, is very ill--breast cancer. She's been fighting it for awhile--this isn't the first time--but my Uncle Jon thinks this is it. My mom's flying out there right after Christmas.

Jenny is awesome. She is ten years younger than my Mom--profane, a ferocious fighter and FIERCELY loyal to her family. She helped me out a ton during the situation with the Fungus--in the interest of plausible deniability I am not sure exactly what she did because she wouldn't tell me. She loves her family. She and Mom adore each other.

My other godmother, my aunt Clarissa (on Dad's side), is also sick but it's not quite so dire yet.

My favorite uncle, my Dad's twin-separated-by-19-months brother Metty, died this year. They were very close, and I loved him a lot. He was always so nice toward my mother, always asked after her. I was able to FaceTime him several times this summer/fall.

It just all sucks right now. My poor Mother--my poor Dad.
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Got an email Saturday night from my dad saying they'd love to have me visit and we could "discuss our differences, or not....The visit with you is much more important. My relationship with my only daughter is even more important."

Which, well, brought and is still bringing tears to my eyes. Dad's not really an apologizer and he can definitely hold a grudge. I'm really glad he said something. And language like that is not like him at all (in a good way--I've never heard him say anything like that). I kept marveling over this vitriol, this stupid, stupid fight over the F-word? What the hell? I haaaaaaaaaaate family fights. It's just not worth it. Really, really glad he said something.
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So this happened.

A few weeks ago my stepmother sent out an email to my two stateside brothers (Bart and Erik) and me, inviting us up to MH to spend the 4th. She and Dad even offered to pay. I replied that I wasn't sure if I could get off the time, given that I was starting a new job, but I would definitely try. By last week I knew I would have off at least that Saturday (the 5th) and emailed back I think I can come, just working on the logistics. Didn't hear back anything.

Sunday I watched the USA/Portugal game and live-tweeted my reactions on Facebook, and used profanity (at one point I posted "HOLY FUCKING SHIT"). My Dad posts "Nice language" and this irks me for several reasons. 1) He's used language like that on many occasions, he is no choirboy, 2) I'm an adult, it's inappropriate to scold me, especially in a public forum, 3) it's passive-aggressive, and 4) it's a GAME. People get excited. It's not as though I talk like that all the time. But I'm trying to keep it light, the last thing I want is a public fight with my own dad so I post back something like "I know I've heard worse from you! Age has its privileges."

My friends are commenting on my various posts about the game and then someone else voices her opinion--a friend of my stepmother's whom I don't know at all, some older lady, but she friended me awhile back. She has never ever said anything to me before this--not online, not in person. This is literally the very first thing she ever says to me. And she posts something pretty awful, like "Ignorant. Your deplorable vocabulary and shameful ignorance is apparent in what you post," something awful like that. THIS is how you introduce yourself? The hell? I wrote back "Excuse me? Who are you and why are you being so incredibly rude?" And then blocked her/unfriended her.

Dad then posts this LONG post about language and how it's different online. Basically it's okay for him to swear in conversation but not for me to swear online because "it's different." And how employers might find this post and yada yada yada. I mean, it went on. Oh, he also brought up Mel Gibson's anti-Semitic rants as an example of how speech could be used against you. Uh, there's a big difference between swearing while you're excited watching a game, and what Mel Gibson said. Seriously, there is no comparison. The reason Mel Gibson's words continue to held against him is because he's ANTI-SEMITIC. Not because he called a cop "sugar tits." MG also has a history of anti-Semitism, from his creepy interviews where he endorsed his dad's weird AS views, to his movie The Passion of the Christ which set off many people's triggers.

I refused to engage in a long riposte to my dad because I thought the whole thing was a complete overreaction. It's a GAME. A moment of excitement in a GAME. Jesus. It was all basically a joke, I'm making fun of my own excitement. Which is what I said.

My friend James K. from high school posts "wow, your dad wrote a book!" and I couldn't--just could not--resist responding "no shit!" which frankly still makes me laugh. I'm sorry, I shouldn't've poked the bear but I did think that was the perfect coup de grace.

Dad then posts another, even longer diatribe and here's where the issue really comes out. "Is it a joke when you post about Trayvon Martin? Or your anti-gun views?" AHA! I knew this had nothing to do with profanity--this is about my political views, which are very much to the left of my dad's. Sad to say as he's gotten older he is turning into the stereotype of the angry white male conservative. [And again, he is being hypocritical--he posts on Facebook some pretty creepy anti-Obama stuff. He used to send out a lot of emails like that--anti-Clinton, anti-Obama, etc. and finally I had to tell him "please don't send them to me, I just delete them. I'm not the audience you want for that." Notice the distinction--I did not tell him not to send them at ALL, just not to me.] And he's going on about how he's "worried" that employers are going to find my Facebook posts and judge me and I don't know what all. I didn't read it because I was getting pretty angry. I just posted back "STOP. Drop it."

Dad, allow me to educate you. You have been retired for over 10 years, and before that you worked at the same job for 30 years. And it was not any kind of "office politics" environment, you were employed because of your valuable skill set (he was a pilot). I on the other hand have worked many jobs over the past 20 years, and have stayed at one particular one for 14 years. I think I know the lay of the "office politics" land a lot better, and can negotiate boundaries much better because I've had to. I know exactly what I can and can't get away with. I'm not posting inappropriate pictures. I'm not bragging about running a meth lab. I'm using the occasional swear word. I don't even do it that often, that's what kills me! Generally speaking I don't swear that much. But I do sometimes when I get excited, it's a kind of deliberate over-the-top reaction. There is no company in the entire US that would give the slightest crap about someone who gets excited and swears while watching a World Cup, unless they were extremely religious or something. And may I remind you, I JUST GOT HIRED for a job, one that entailed a strict background check. So this is about my politics, not my language. Again Dad, I know more than you about this. The firm where I work, the office culture is definitely to the right of me. But we don't talk about it much. To the extent that we do, everyone is pretty respectful. My political views are not extremist in any way and for him to express "concern" is way out of line.

Allow me to educate you again--this time about Facebook. Dad does not understand really how Facebook works.

[As an example, last summer my uncle--Dad's oldest brother--had some kind of breakdown or something. Uncle's oldest daughter, my cousin Nancy, sent out a group Facebook email to all her aunts and uncles and cousins sharing what had happened. Every one responded with "that's awful, what can we do to help?" etc. I slept in, got up late, saw the email trail and was the last to respond. "That's awful, what can I do to help?" Dad goes onto Facebook, sees this email trail in his "messages" notification, reads it and for some reason thinks I'M the one who sent this out in the first place, and that it's a POST, not a private email. He then puts me on blast in full view of everyone, "yelling" as it were at ME for violating Uncle's privacy "where everyone could see it." AT ME. At fucking me. I was flabbergasted. One of my cousins emailed me separately like "wow, he really went off on you, sorry about that." Frankly I wish Nancy had straightened him out! I tried to explain to him that 1) it was not a public post "violating Uncle's privacy" but a private email sent to family members, and 2) I didn't send it. Uncle's own daughter did. But he refused to acknowledge he'd messed up. No apology, nothing.]

So yeah, that's one way he doesn't get how FB works. Here's another--I have strict privacy settings on my FB feed. I've gotten way too many weirdos trying to friend me, not here for that shit. My settings are so strict, it's actually very difficult to friend me unless we have a friend in common! So it's unlikely any company would stumble across my feed. Also Dad doesn't get that you can hide people's posts, you can "unfollow" them so their posts don't show up in your feed. In fact I think I did that already with him, because he posted too many anti-Obama rants. Love you but I don't want to read that stuff. He sees it as me FORCING my views down his throat. Then hide it, Dad. Not a big deal. I wouldn't be offended or hurt if you did that, not at all.

He thinks of FB as some kind of after-church social hour. It's not. It's another way to have a conversation, that's all. You can keep it light, you can use it as a social or political platform, it's pretty adaptable. No one's forcing you to be part of the conversation--you don't have to read what I write. But he'd rather get angry and insist "that's not what Facebook is for"--last summer he posted this angry rant about two weeks after the Zimmerman verdict where he threatened to start unfriending people if they didn't "calm down" and stop posting about it. I mean it was so nasty, so ugly. Can you imagine? Dad, I know you don't give a shit about that case. But I see that verdict as a profound miscarriage of justice. Sorry my social conscience bothers you so much. Go ahead and unfriend me if you need to because I'm not going to stop talking about things like that. Jesus.

So, to wrap this up, two days ago my friend Allyson sends me a link, a funny "here's a doctor's note to get out of work tomorrow so you can watch the USA/German game." I responded "FUCK YEAH GO USA!!!!!" Dad comments on the link "check your email." I do and he's sent me this angry email, DISINVITING ME to come up for the Fourth. He says he "can't have that around the twins" as though I were just some Tourette's person, swearing all over the place. And snidely comments that he hopes I don't use language like that when I coach soccer and work with little kids and he can't imagine how I got the job. It was truly unbelievable--unbelievable. I'm stunned he's reacting this way to a few f-bombs.

But that's my dad. He looooves being angry, he prioritizes his anger over family. He and my other uncles stopped speaking to all his sisters--all four of them--after my grandmother's death. [As I said to my Mom, "it must be nice having so much family that you can turn your back on half of it."] Over the years the aunts tried to reach out, make amends, but he refused even when it looked like my aunt Nancy was dying. Can you imagine? It's more important that he nurture his anger than try to come to terms with your DYING sister. [She actually did recover but we literally were told she had just a few more days.] He'd rather deny me the chance to spend time with my niece and nephew so he can tell himself he's right.

The irony is, my uncle (not the one above, but the other one, Son #2--Dad is very close to him) LOVES me. He has posted many times on Facebook how proud he is of me, how special he considers me to be, how he loves hearing about my soccer and my acting and my life in general. He's actually in town right now and he and his son (my cousin) and I went out for dinner Saturday night and had a GREAT time. Uncle is so much more supportive of me than my own FATHER is. Dad has always been incredibly hard on me, alternating between distance and contempt. Examples:

*Didn't come to either my HS or college graduations (and I'm the only female cousin to graduate from college).

*When I lived with them, it was a huge struggle to get them to come to any of my games. Like I think overall they came to maybe 3-4? In three years, over 3 sports. The most hurtful thing is that I was a great athlete--I was a select soccer player (on a mostly boys team--I was one of 2 girls) and I was also nominated for a major local award, the Louise Gale Scholar Athlete Award. Of course they didn't bother to come to the ceremony.

*Over the course of my theater career, overall they've seen only 2 shows of mine. Missed productions include the 2006 (free) production of Midsummer in Central Park when they were in town already. They were already in town but just couldn't bother to come to see the production their daughter slaved over.

*Still haven't seen my new apartment that I OWN. In fact they haven't visited any of my apartments except for one in the 14 years I've lived here. They've visited Bart on Long Island many times though.

For some reason he just does not like who I am. I feel like I have to justify myself to try to figure out WHY he is so hard on me. Dad, I'm a good person. I have good friends who love me and support me. I haven't messed up--haven't done drugs, haven't been arrested, haven't done anything illegal. I try to do the right thing, I try to respect people, I try to live a conscious, questioning life. Every time I see them I am without fail enthusiastic and supportive of their lifestyle, their beautiful house, how nice it is to visit and spend time with them. Why the hell do you have such a problem with me? Why can't you love me and show that love?

I just don't get it. Very sad and tired right now.

The Weekend

May. 2nd, 2014 11:33 am
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So the concert actually went quite well. N**** came over Friday night and we drilled the living hell out of her shaky parts--we drilled so long I was worried I wouldn't have a voice the next day. Girl just does not read music and isn't really that musical (like she does not have the instincts of a singer. Some of this is knowledge and some you're just born with). I figured out at one point she was adding counts because she thought that the fragmented measure that accompanies a cautionary key change (when there's a new system and the key changes, the composer will add a key change at the end of the previous system to alert whoever's playing/singing that the key is about to change, like this:

She thought that was its own measure and was adding counts. Anyway so I worked her through this and DRILLED. (I found out from Donna the next day that she'd basically told Donna she could read music and work on her own which obviously was not the truth. Donna was pretty annoyed.) She sounded okay on Saturday--still a little shaky (from nerves more than anything) but she didn't blow it. I felt very good about my music even though I'd kind of risked it since I'd been unable to turn down a soccer game that morning (although I forced myself not to yell). (And oh my God! I brought some oatmeal and ate it on the train and stuff the container in my bag which of course overturned on the way to the game and vomited oatmeal ALL OVER my stuff. Nice.) But it all went well and Donna was telling me that she'd heard some nice reactions to my soli. (I will admit, I know how to nail Come Away Death and The Willow Song.)

And my aunt was in town! One of my Dad's four younger sisters, my aunt Clarissa--and she's my godmother as well. After my game I ran over to Penn Station and picked her up and we took the train up to Inwood for the performance. So she got to hear me sing! Afterward she treated me to a Broadway show and we decided to see The Bridges of Madison County. I haven't read the book or seen the movie and dozed off *several* times during the first act. So perhaps some of this escaped me but I had a hard time figuring out why she had this affair when she wasn't really unhappy in her marriage. Clarissa explained some of it to me but I think perhaps the movie would do a better job--I think movies are better for communicating intimacy. I don't know. The score was certainly gorgeous and the guy who played Kincaid was terrific (and he was the standby! I think he went up on the lyrics during his last number but he was still great). Kelli O'Hara has an absolutely lovely voice but I did think she was a little mannered portraying an Italian (the hands).

Criss also gave me some family artifacts like--this is wild--my Dad's teddy bear from CHILDHOOD. Daddy gave it to her when he went off to boarding school and asked her to keep it safe for him--she has kept it all these years and now gave it to me. It is now thoroughly battered and well-loved. I put him next to Paddington and they can be friends. She said I could either return it to Daddy or keep it--I think the latter, I'm worried he won't take it from her (my Dad and his brothers are in the middle of a huge feud with my aunts. They haven't communicated in years).
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I miss London. How can you miss a place you've visited (really visited--I've been in and out of it before on flights) only once? Well when I went there in '09 I said it felt like coming home. I need to start planning another visit except that I have to go to Oslo first! My brother and his family are posted there--they moved last summer and will be there for three years. I have never been to any part of Scandinavia and we have Scandinavia ancestry so I'm excited. The Norwegians always seem so happy. Plus the land of Ibsen must have a great theater scene.

The Mardi Gras party went *very* well this year--we had quite a decent turnout, including a bunch of people who said things like "I've been hearing about this party for years, I have to come." It's definitely a handicap having a party on a Tuesday but after all it's Mardi Gras, not Samedi Gras :) I made a new item, a Cajun dip that FLEW off the shelves, as it were. I'd had the idea that I could make a Cajun version of a nine-layer dip--I could make it ahead of time and put it in the refrigerator (a lot of the stuff I make for the party has to be made then and there, like the red beans and rice). Mom went online and found a recipe for a hot Cajun dip you could make in the slow cooker. It's trayf as all hell, with shrimp and bacon and all sorts of things. I made it during the day on Tuesday (I realized I'd never cooked bacon before--I was going to go online to see how to do it, then I realized "maybe the directions are on the package" and they were! So now I know how to cook bacon :) As I was making it I had a feeling it would be a hit so I doubled the recipe--excellent idea! I barely got any at all, it was a such a hit. Next year I'll triple the recipe.

Had a lot of soccer teammates there--Zach and Lindsay's BF won the babies and posed adorably with them. LOT of former roommates there, including Lori, Anya and Mickey! (Missing just one HINT HINT ;) Mickey brought Kim, his new wife--she is a total sweetheart and was raving about "what a good idea this is for a party!" Hopefully they will be able to come next year. Lori was so cute and protective--I'd barely had anything to eat or drink so she made a plate for me.

Peter came and seemed to have a good time. Griffin was kind of...hostile about him. He was *really* drunk by the end of the night and drunkenly told me he thought Peter was sleazy or something. Ah, Griffin, ever the soul of tact! He always gets grumpy around any guy who has better game than he does. Peter is a little...forward but that's what I love about him :) He was talking to me and Lori and someone else about his daughters and how beautiful they were and he said "they look like these two" (meaning Lori and me)--isn't that sweet! He does give the nicest compliments. It was a little funny, I was agreeing with him about how beautiful they are (his daughters really are lovely, with huge Amanda-Seyfried eyes) and somehow the subject of his ex-wife came up. He said something to me about her, clearly soliciting my agreement and I said "I barely remember her, we met only once at the Annie Get Your Gun opening night party at Tavern on the Green." Peter, you really need to keep the women in your life straight! Anyway, he was proud of me for nabbing this beautiful apartment.

The party ended kind of early, around 12:30 (some years it goes to 2 or later). This was fine by me, as I was exhausted by that time. Jonny (Anya's roommate and a friend of mine), his BF and Anya left last. The apartment is still bedecked with balloons and garland, I am waiting to take them down until my friend Katie comes over. She didn't come to the party because she was feeling depressed that night so I want her to come visit for a mini-Mardi Gras (I still have hurricane mix left over). I was exhausted pretty much all of last week--after our soccer game Saturday morning I came back and took a FOUR HOUR nap. Sunday I slept most of the day. I actually feel okay today--fully rested for once. It's a Lenten miracle!
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Thanksgiving went super well--the bus ride there wasn't bad at all, even with the storm. It rained but didn't delay us at all--I actually was able to catch an *earlier* connecting bus. Plus my step-mother's brother was supposed to join us with his daughters and they couldn't make it, due to the storm. I'm sorry to say that I silently yippeed. The uncle is kind of annoying--one of those guys who never reached his potential and is full of "if I'd stayed in college, I would've been a Rhodes Scholar" types. I remember calling Dad's place when I was in college and they weren't there but the uncle was and he was just SO TIRESOME. He wouldn't say whether they were there or not, kept playing these dumb games like "why do you want them?" and "what do you mean by that?" Plus he ran my Dad's restaurant into the ground. It's possible he's grown up since then but frankly I didn't want to risk my warm family Thanksgiving finding out!

So anyway it was just me and the parents--much as I missed my brothers, as anyone from a large family will tell you, one-on-one time with the parents is precious! Very nice and cozy. The parents live in an old farmhouse in rural New Hampshire--the house backs up to a forest and there's a little pond right on the property. They've done a ton of remodeling on it, including adding solar panels so now the whole homestead is powered with solar energy and heated with the numerous woodburning stoves we have. I was warm enough in my little room although I had a hard time sleeping. I went jogging three times--it's like something out of a Hallmark Christmas movie, or Currier and Ives, along that road. Highland Lake on one side of the road, sweeping fields with bundles of hay back up to the forest on the other, dotted with these old New Hampshire farmhouses. Very, very pretty. I just love it there and probably should visit a lot more! It's just such a pain to get to without a car...

One thing that made it so nice was that Daddy didn't go off about political matters. I am by far the furthest left in our little nuclear unit--my brothers are moderate to conservative, Liz is kind of a grab bag, and Dad is to the right of Attila the Hun (except that he's pro-choice and pro-gay rights. But RABIDLY anti-Obama, very pro-guns, etc.). I was kind of dreading any political talk--but Dad was great, only made one anti-Obama remark in passing. I should give him more credit, he definitely does not try to shove his views down our throats. (He's always held his tongue about the rift he and his brothers have with their sisters--he has talked about it very little and certainly hasn't tried to sway US (his children) against his sisters.)

So earlier this week I had--hold on to your seats here, kids, shocking news--MORE effing tooth trouble. I noticed Tuesday night that the crown toward the front of my mouth (in other words, this tooth, and this one--the same tooth that was crapped up by my crappy, expensive, ripoff former dentist) was loose. I PANICKED--I literally went cold at my computer. Called my dentist by it was after hours and they didn't have voicemail so I emailed them, begging for any time they could take me the next day. Was really, really freaked out Tuesday evening--I was just DREADING what might happen. Another dental operation that would cost me a ton of money, after how hard I've been trying to *save* money the past few months. Then I forced myself to calm down and think rationally. You don't KNOW that will happen, and maybe it'll just be a little thing that needs correction. I was talking to God about it, actually--I was able to calm down a bit although was still super stressed Tuesday night. I was also annoyed because I wanted to go to mass the next day (there's an Episcopal church some 20 blocks away on 5th Avenue, Church of the Heavenly Rest, that I've started attending--I really like them).

The dentist's office called me promptly at 9 the next morning and told me they could fit me in at 11. Dr. Kim looked at it and it *was* just a little thing--the glue had dissolved or something, so he just pulled it out, cleaned it up and reglued it. I was literally shaking during this and he told me "don't worry, it all looks as good as it could, it's not a big deal." The best part? This cost less than $5!!! When the receptionist told me that, I said deadpan "that's outrageous, I won't pay it." And pretty much danced out of there. And made it to church! My new dentist is the BEST and I am totally going to go onto Yelp and talk him up. I used to be so terrified of the dentist--and not because I was afraid of the pain, but the MONEY. My old dentists sucked and used me as an ATM--the worst was that they KNEW how worried I was about the money. That fucking hygienist, pushing those stupid EXPENSIVE ($100/pop) Arestin shots on me--you're a fucking HYGIENIST, why are you pushing an anti-biotic onto me (the weird thing about it was she'd say "it's up to you" and I'd flatly tell her I couldn't afford it, she would REALLY lean on me and double-down the pressure), you're not a doctor! While I'm on Yelp promoting Dr. Kim, I should put a few words in about the Levingarts (old dentist). Anyway, all is well now. Smile is preserved, as well as bank account :)

I'm having one of my days-long headaches, kept at bay by abusing my economy-sized bottle of Advil. God bless drugs. These headaches aren't the really bad ones I get sometimes* they just LAST. I chug ibuprofen, they go away for a few hours, then they're right back. I also massage the back of my head and around my ears a lot, which helps a little.

*About once or so every 3 years I will get absolutely TERRIBLE headaches, as bad as migraines, the kind where I literally cannot move or get up the pain is so bad. They last about 20 minutes and then taper off after that (so, not true migraines).


Sep. 26th, 2013 12:54 pm
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We have another building mixer tonight which will interfere with my preparations for the housewarming. I've bought a ton of stuff to prepare/make for Saturday including SIX seasonal items (all homemade, of course). Anyway I had to make something for tonight (no, I will NOT be buying a bag of chips like *some* slackjaw neighbors :) So I whipped up some pecan toffee. The recipe is actually quite easy and you don't even need a candy thermometer.

My Mom visited last week--she bought me a crockpot, very shiny and pretty and red. She's an amazing cook and is always encouraging me to cook more so together we cooked up a storm, including my making a chicken pot pie FROM SCRATCH. Believe it or not, I actually do not like chicken so when I make it again I will substitute scallops or something like that, and maybe some white wine. But most fun, on Sunday we made omelets and mimosas and ate them on the terrace!

Lookit! Brunch al fresco! On my very own terrace! SO MUCH FUN
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Lots going on right now!  A little too much actually--

  • A project for Tim's friend who is a playwright

  • Taxes (MUST force myself to get up early tomorrow to go to the tax prep's office, they've been ready to go for weeks)

  • Must take NYC tour guide test so I can become a tour guide for Amada

  • Have to get registered as a federal vendor (a huge pain in the ass--I first registered in OCTOBER and I'm still not showing up in the system)

  • I HAVE to write something in Cliopolitan but whennnn?

  • And a big, BIG thing which I'm not quite ready to announce at large just yet but which is very exciting (!).

So yeah, lots going on!  Now that spring is approaching I am looking forward to visiting DC to see the cherry blossoms--I'm going to stay with my brother and spend some time with the monsters.  I told Stuart I wanted to take the kids to some shows--specifically I'd like to start getting little William interested in Shakespeare, since we had such a lovely chat about it last Thanksgiving.  I looked around what would be playing in DC the weekend I'm planning to visit--so far I found a Voodoo Macbeth, a non-spoken-word, watery production of The Tempest and a puppet version of Peter Pan.  As I think a 7 year old is a *little* young for the violent nihilism of Macbeth (maybe when he's 10 ;) I am very tempted to take him to Tempest--its spectacle might be right up his alley, and they have a "Splash Zone" where we'll get wet :)  But the tickets aren't cheap :/ Luckily my SIL snagged a couple of tickets for my niece and me for Prokofiev's Cinderella at the Washington Ballet, which should be a blast!  Annika is a little tomboy but so was I at that age and I still loved ballet.  I can't wait. Things to look forward to:

  • St. Patrick's Day is in 2 weeks

  • I'm going to visit my brother's family in 3 weeks

  • Easter is in a month (and Game of Thrones!)

  • And in April beginneth The Tales of Caunterbury oops, I mean warm sunny weather and my big, BIG thing which I'm not quite ready to announce just yet.  (Oh, and Mickey's wedding!)

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Stuart deep-fried the turkey which should've tasted better but as he admitted, the turkey itself wasn't too good.  As he said "Next year will be a Butterball!"  Stuart's wife had two uncles there, Ken and David--I've met David before, when my niece was born, but never Ken--he and his wife brought crazy amounts of side dishes, including a delicious candied yams.  Not that I really got to enjoy it--I piled my plate high with everything but after a few bites I felt something crack in my mouth.  YUP.  Another fucking crown broke off.  I went to the bathroom and looked at the damage--just as before the crown didn't pop off, the post broke as well.  Very luckily this was a different tooth, it was on the left and further back so it wasn't nearly as noticeable.  Still couldn't eat much though!  Gosh, my dental adventures are exciting--nothing like life on the edge, amirite?  Can someone please explain why these things ALWAYS have to happen at the worst times--in the middle of a show, during my dentist's vacation, on Thanksgiving, in Spain while working on a cruise ship?? O universe, u so crazy, if I didn't laugh I'd have to scream at your perverse sense of humor.

I made it through the rest of the weekend without smiling too widely or laughing too much and went to the dentist on Tuesday.  I have a new dentist, BTW--after years of going to the old one, I started to feel as though I were being...shall we say, pushed a little too much.  Every single time I went, the hygienist pushed me--really pushed me--into getting the Arestin, which is an antibiotic shot for your gums.  She would say "it's up to you," but whenever I demurred, she would really lean on me.  "No, I really think you should get it."  Here's the deal--each shot is $125.  Not covered by insurance, either.  I almost never got out of my visits there without dropping bank like that, even when I didn't have cavities.  The problem two years ago with the crown snapping was another red flag--YOU put that crown in, you obviously used crappy materials, why don't you take responsibility for that?  You know I grind my teeth--you should've used a thicker post.  The thing about dentists is they're like plumbers or mechanics or even funeral directors--you usually consult them in a time of great need, you're often upset, and they're experts in something you know nothing about.  They can easily screw you over.  So I thought about it, and researched them and other dentists on Yelp, and finally settled on another dentist whom I trust and who has very high ratings on Yelp.  He seems great so far and what little I've had done so far is MUCH less expensive than the other dentist.

Until Tuesday--he looked at the crown and tooth and showed me the X-rays.  He can't redrill and put another post in because there's not that much tooth left.  He's going to have to pull the whole thing and then we're looking at two options--a bridge or an implant.  As I emailed to my family, it's really only one option--a bridge, because implants are so unbelievably expensive, even with coverage.  I don't think my stepmother quite grasped the situation--she emailed me:

Yup, implants are expensive, but they are permanent, won't fall out, or scream IMPLANT like some bridge work.

I have an implant and am glad I went that route. A baby tooth that had been with me for 60 odd years, finally fell apart a couple of years back, so I went the implant route. If you decide to go implant, perhaps your dentist would work out a payment plan? Does your dental insur. pay for any of the work? Even if it pays for the extraction......The implant draw back is not having the new & improved "tooth" for several months. At least that was the deal several years ago, maybe that's not true now.

I replied:

Dental insurance pays for very little of the implant work, not least because there is a cap of something like $1500 per calendar year.  Maybe when I really AM independently wealthy I can look at that option again but right now it's just not responsible--the price they quoted me was more than $8000, you can believe it.

My stepmother's response:

OMG!!!!! $8,000.00!!!!!!! That is RIDICULOUS! I think I paid about $3,000.00 and can't remember if any was insur. reimbursable and I thought that was AWFUL. Bridge sounds like a plan, for sure.

The bridge option is "only" about $1200, so not as bad, although still a chunk of change.  This is all more complicated because my dental coverage is changing in January and I don't know if they'll let me treat what is essentially a pre-existing condition.  And making a bridge takes months.  Well, at any rate I can smile again--my dentist recemented the old crown, but I still can't chew on that side. O universe, you so funny!
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It'th thnowing!!!

Thanksgiving was lovely--stayed with my youngest brother Stuart who's living on Capitol Hill right now with his wife and two adorbs kids.  I took the bus Wednesday evening to Philly and stayed with my middle brother, Erik and he, his family and I left for DC early Thursday morning.  At some point while the bird was cooking I went for a walk around Stuart's neighborhood with my nephew William--I used to know that section a bit, as my voice teacher's studio was near there.  I LOVE DC's street layout--for all of DC's faults (and they are legion), it is truly a beautiful city in which to stroll.  Wide avenues, lots of right angles, low-slung buildings, plenty of sun.  William and I were walking along East Capital toward the Capitol and we passed a white, official-looking building on the left--I asked him what it is.  He thought it was the Library of Congress but then my eyes gleamed as I saw it was actually the Folger.  My temple, o my soul!  How many shows have I seen there???  I literally grew up seeing plays there, love that place!!  William and I walked around the grounds of the Capitol for a bit--he liked tracking our progress on the Google maps app on my phone--and then we took another way home, that took us in front of the Folger.  All along 2nd Street they had these placards attached to the lamposts, with quotations from various plays, so I started asking William to read them for me and then I would explain them.  We worked through "Parting is such sweet sorrow" (I talked about the term bittersweet) and "Nothing will come of nothing" (I decided to skip the introduction to nihilism until he gets a little older ;)  Then we came across a statue:

He read the text at the base (on the front) and I asked him if he knew what a mortal was--he didn't, so I defined it for him, and then tried to explain the character of Puck, quoting some of Puck's initial monologue for him.

Thou speak'st aright
I am that merrie wanderer of the night
I jest to Oberon and make him smile
When I a fat and bean-fed horse beguile..

I slowed it down so he could get the feel of the language, even if he couldn't grasp every word.  I consider Midsummer the best kind of introduction to Shakespeare for kids (it was mine, after all! And I saw Midsummer when I wasn't too much older than William who is 7).  All in all, I was most proud of my little nephew's prowess--I will hook him on my vocation yet! ;)

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Mad Men--great as always.  I LOVE how dark this season has been!  Spoilers )
Last night's episode took place in late October of 1966 and I'm ticking off the historical markers to come in my head--less than a year until the Summer of Love, less than 2 years until the RFK and King assassinations, less than 3 until Woodstock and the Manson murders.  Just 2 years for the heyday and fall of the counterculture.

I have to say, I'm really getting sick of the constant criticism of every actress who isn't Peggy/Elizabeth Moss or Joan/Christina Hendricks.  Jessica Pare is doing a fine job as Megan and although I'm not terribly interested in her character, I certainly not going to whine and moan about how MW & Co. are "hitting us over the head with how wonderful Megan is" and how she's a "Mary Sue." (God, I'm over that term.  A Mary Sue is a specific *thing,* not just any female character who isn't a bitch.  You can't win.  The vitriol that Megan's character gets is part of what I call the Ginny Weasely syndrome, when the Hero's GF/wife is introduced at a later time, and the fans are jealous.  Ginny REALLY couldn't win--she was trashed for being both a Mary Sue AND a bitch.)  The posters on TWoP are so efffing obnoxious sometimes, and the scrutiny given to *any* female character except the designated Awesome One(s) is so inherently misogynistic.  You saw this on The X Files as well--Scully was the Designated Awesome One and poor Annabeth Gish as Reyes could never ever measure up.  January Jones/Betty got this kind of hatred as well, and Alexis Bledel as Beth last night also got routinely trashed.  All of them are terrific. So-called fans need to hold female characetrs to the same level of scrutiny as the male characters--no more, no less.  If Don and fucking PETE get love, so should the ladies.
I spent the weekend (most of it) in Philadelphia, visiting my brother and his family.  He and his wife have 20 month old twins and they are PRECIOUS.  Little fairy-haired, blue-eyed blonde cherubs, just like Freddie and Flossie Bobbsey.  Absolutely gorgeous.  Philly is a fun city, actually--lots of museums and a huge park.  Erik lives in a good neighborhood within walking distance of some great museums--we wandered around and had lunch at a Mexican place nearby.  Yesterday we went to see the Liberty Bell--so cool and iconic!  Amazing to see that crack.  For the train ride down I bought a copy of the book version of Game of Thrones.  So far it seems to be a very close adaptation.  My favorite chapter is the one when
Spoilers )
and talking to the crow.  Really solid writing there.  I have not been able to watch this week's episode yet, because Lori was in labor (she had her baby!  A boy!) so I'll have to find a way to get it online, although Amazon and iTunes only seem to have last season.

Lots of softball this weekend--FOUR games!  Then I'm hanging out with my soccer team Saturday night--birthday celebration, and we're doing karaoke.
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I'm going away this weekend, to Philadelphia to visit my brother Erik and his family.  They had twins a year and a half ago (Emily and Erik Jr.)--I knitted booties for them and now I get to meet them.  Taking the train down tomorrow night--it should be an easy trip, just 90 minutes.  And I've never really been *to* Philly so this should be fun.  I'd love to catch a game but we'll probably do some historical sites instead.  I haven't seen Erik in FOREVER so I'm really looking forward to it.

I texted Lori a little while ago and haven't heard back from her yet--she is expecting her (second) baby this week, in fact the due date was a few days ago so things may have started already.  I told her she didn't have to text me back (just in case), but just to know I was thinking about her, Kevin and Phoebe.

We had our first production meeting for Pirates (TTC is remounting it) this week.  Guess who my choreographer is?  SUSAN!  Isn't that a great idea?  I'm so thrilled it came to me--she's an awesome choreographer, she's an awesome friend and it helps her out as well!  *And* I have someone at my back whom I trust completely! Win, win, win!  We are having auditions the Tuesday and Wednesday after Labor Day and we go up in mid-July--we're performing at Frank Sinatra Park!
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So I went to the cardiologist (finally--I was supposed to go two weeks ago but had to reschedule because my mother was in town) on Tuesday. First of all, he too was hottt. Why am I having all the medical crushes lately? Very strange. Still, makes ponying up a chunk of change for the doctor a little easier!

We went through my heart history--of the 5 big risk factors (which are, I believe, smoking, diabetes, genetic history, blood pressure, exercise--I think??), the main one I have is genetic. As I said, my father's family is RIDDLED with heart disease--my grandfather (heart attack, coronary), both my uncles (multiple heart attacks), my Dad (angioplasty before age 60), my brother (atrial fibrillation), at least one of my aunts. The doctor was mainly interested in Daddy and my brother, because they are first degree relatives. Daddy smoked throughout the '70s and '80s which exacerbated the likelihood that something might happen. But Stuart's and my risk profiles are fairly similar--no diabetes, neither of us smokes, we both exercise, etc. So I am assuming something could happen to me as well.

At any rate, Hottt Doctor wants me to come back a couple more times (okay!)--he wants to do a stress test (no, not the Scientology nonsense but a test where they measure your heart rate as you exercise) and a followup after some lifestyle changes. We shall see! But he doesn't think there's cause for alarm, at least not right now.

In other news, played another pickup soccer game last night and I'm not even in any pain today! And I guess I'm now considered a regular because I was one of the captains last night--what fun! AND I scored and had another assist--yay! Skills are comin' back, so happy! One of the teams we played had a couple of super-aggressive jerks on it, including one older (late 40s?), bigger guy who clearly had Something To Prove. He kept taking really hard shots at the goal (I should explain the setup--we play three games at a time on a regular-size field, so we are playing on half-size fields with much smaller goals. Each goal is about 3 feet high and 3 feet wide, and the top is arched (not square). So a hard shot on goal will almost certainly go wide--the best way to score is to work it in). I was standing in the goal and he kicked it very hard--it went over (of course) but not before SMACKING ME IN THE FACE. I collapsed onto the turf and naturally most of the players nearby on both teams came running over, trying to help me. Except one. Mr. Something To Prove didn't have shit to say--I don't expect an apology per se (although most players will offer one as a matter of form) because getting hit is part of the game. But you really should say "are you okay?" or something like that, and if you don't you're an over-aggressive asshole (as my team agreed later after the game). One of my teammates said "well, good for you, at least you blocked it!" I said, pointedly, "no, it would've gone wide anyway, my head is higher than the goal." In other words, kick it as hard as you like, Insecure Male, your shot still was a bad one. In fact it was terrible as it went over the fence (so--WAY high) and he had to climb over the fence and get it. Then a little later he sent *another* one over the fence and I said loudly "you probably shouldn't be kicking it so hard, the goal isn't really wide enough for that." Watching him trudge back after having to climb over the fence again warmed the cockles of my heart.

Other than that, good game though--I'm thrilled I scored again. Have another game this Saturday.
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So my soccer team won our quarterfinal on Sunday--and I actually played! This was moderately thrilling because although my leg seemed to be getting better last week, I twisted it AGAIN on Saturday and thought for sure I would be unfit to play. But one of the girls came out and Alyssa (teammate) urged me "just go in" and I did and I played GREAT. Not for that long, but nothing seemed to be hurting. And we won! So we'll play the semis and hopefully the finals next week.

I went to the orthopedist last week--he said it didn't seem to be an ACL tear but we would get an MRI anyway. STILL HAVEN'T GOTTEN THE APPROVAL FROM MY HEALTHCARE PROVIDER YET. It's been nine days now. I called the doctor's office twice last week, but they have to hear from Cigna. YOU SUCK.

St. Patrick's Day is coming up! YAAAAAAAAYYY! My team is planning some kind of get-together but I will have to tell them hey guys--I *got* a party to go to, it's 19 floors up at the Peninsula, bishes. Sign of spring, yo. I'm trying to learn "Song for Ireland," a *gorgeous* nouveau-folk song:

Talking all the day
With true friends who try to make you stay
Telling jokes and news
And singing songs to pass the time away...

Living on your western shore
Saw summer sunsets, asked for more
I stood by your Atlantic sea
And sang a song for Ireland

My Mom is coming to visit next week and she'll be at the party too. I'm also hosting the No-Name Open Mike next Thursday (3/15) at Indian Road Cafe--come one, come all! You can hang out with my Mom and me.

Aussi, la semaine dernière j'ai visiter avec mon professeur d'histoire, M. Kosto, et il m'ai dit que je suis une candidate très sérieuse pour le programme de master's en les étudies du Moyen Age et de la Renaissance. Nous avons discuter de le proces d'application. Un exigence--une langue médiéval, comme le Latin ou....Francais! Mais je voudrais devenir plus facile, alors aujourd'hui je visite Yahoo! France et je lis les articles de celebrites, et je les traduis. Ces sont plus faciles car le sujet c'est familier.


Feb. 9th, 2012 03:57 pm
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This makes me ridiculously happy.  I don't even LIKE McDonald's (unless I'm in Spain for nine months--I frequently indulged in a McChicken during my cruise ship contract) and I almost never go in there.  But Shamrock Shakes!  They make me happy because they taste good and they're about St. Patrick's Day!

Bart called me this morning--he has tickets for Merrily We Roll Along for this Saturday afternoon, but sadly I can't go with him.  VERY sad, I love that show!  What a fantastic, inventive score--I LOVE "Our Time" and the lead-in to the reprise of "The Hills of Tomorrow":

It is the obligation we have been given.
It is to NOT turn out the same.
It is to grow, to accomplish--
To change the world.

Bart told me that 1) his partner Walter knows Lonnie Price (the original Charlie Kringas) and 2) Lonnie Price was the obnoxious hotel heir in Dirty Dancing!  "He said 'What does he have that I don't have?' And she said 'Two hotels.'"

I went to the doctor Tuesday and they referred me to a cardiologist.  They didn't seem too worried, though--guess I'm not about to have a heart attack!  The nurse was taking my information--I filled one of these out when I first started going there but I guess they were updating everyone's info.  All the questions about cancer, thyroid, etc.  I was like no, no, no.  Heart disease?  Oh yes.  Ohhhhhhh yes--my father's side of the family is riddled with heart disease.  My grandfather (heart attack, then later died of a coronary), my uncle (several heart attacks), my father (angioplasty), my brother had some kind of scare, a couple of my aunts.  OH yes.  So it's--weird to feel my heart beating, a little sobering.

I have put the Meetup soccer games on the back burner for now for a couple of reasons.  No. 1), they're hard to get to, 2) the style of play is VERY intense.  3 30 minute games with NO substitutions is a lot for me--I'm just not in that kind of shape.  But I want to be and I will--those games are something to work towards.  So I researched and found another league, the New York Social Sports Club.  The style of play is less intense (2-18 minute halves WITH substitutions) and they emphasize the social aspect quite a bit.  The league sets up a relationship with a nearby bar and we're encouraged to hang out there after the game, we get discounts on pitchers, etc.  In theory this is a cute idea.  But this bar's set up kind of blows.  Instead of hanging out on the bottom floor which has cute small bar tables and dim lighting, they open up the 2nd floor which has super-bright flourescent lights and tacky long plastic tables.  And the discounted pitchers?  For BUD.  And BUD LITE.  Guh-ross.  Not worth the calories!  Still though, the other people on the team are cool.


How adorbs are we!  This was after our first game which we lost--but we won the next two.  The kids on it are a fun group but they are KIDS--I am Grandma next to them!  It is frustrating too that my skills haven't come back yet--I seem to have lost the ability to kick left-footed.  I'm doing okay but have not scored a goal yet.  We have practices on Saturdays but now that rehearsals for The Vagina Monologues have started, it's difficult for me to attend. 

Yes, I'm directing The Vagina Monologues for TTC.  We're nearly a week into rehearsals; it's going pretty well so far, although there has been DRAMMER.  I can't talk about it, obviously.  Let's just say doing a show with this many amateurs has its challenges!


Aug. 24th, 2011 07:01 pm
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Looking at pictures of the damage from yesterday, it's kind of amazing no one was killed. The National Cathedral had some pretty sizeable statuary fall, and the Washington Post has a picture of a car whose windshield was smashed from falling bricks. We're pretty lucky.

I was actually outside when the earthquake happened, just coming into the building. I didn't notice ANYTHING--of course, I was born in California, and it's possible I'm just too jaded ;) When I came into the apartment, Anya was freaking out--she said she'd just had "the most intense paranormal experience" she'd ever had in her life. She went on in this vein for 20 minutes or so--I suggested maybe it was an earthquake and she said it couldn't have been, or something besides the couch would've moved. She really went on about it--I grew bored with the conversation after awhile because something like this is ALWAYS happening to Anya. (Love her but she really has this need to be "special"--you would not BELIEVE the amount of drama that seems to single her out.) And lo and behold, she checks Facebook and comments about the earthquake were all over the place. That ended THAT discussion!

I spoke with an advisor at Columbia yesterday--I'd like to take a sabbatical for at least a semester, so I can let my savings account recover! Columbia is quite expensive and of course this is a non-degree program, so I don't qualify for any grants. And I won't take on debt for this, so I have to stop for a little bit. I also talked with her about grad school--specifically about the possibility of tailoring a program to my needs, as I wrote about last spring. She gave me the information for a couple of professors within the Department, and I'm going to email them to set up a meeting. So yeah--if that meeting goes well, then this year I was be applying to the Columbia grad school of Arts and Sciences. *crossing fingers* Like Professor Kosto, the advisor was also surprised to hear about my history blog--she said I was probably better prepared than most of their current students! Kosto told me flat-out "you should have no problem getting in" which is actually a little disconcerting, because the website makes it sound much more difficult (I can't remember exactly what it said, but something incredibly intimidating about how few students they accept). I don't know whose evaluation is more accurate, but I'd better ace my GREs!

At one point in our conversation, I mentioned that two of my brothers have Master's degrees--"and one is from Yale, so I can't just let THAT stand!" She knew exactly what I was talking about :) Where would we be without all our siblings? A lot less competitive, that's for sure!


Jul. 1st, 2011 01:43 pm
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Work is a ghost town today, almost no one is here. Hurrah! Summer in New York City is so much fun--so many free fun things to do, the weather is great, I can't wait for the weekends.

I'm going home tomorrow for the Fourth, coming back to see fireworks on Monday. Mom and I are gonna grill burgers and drink mojitos on the deck tomorrow night. I loveloveLOVE Mom's deck--so adorbs, I can sit outside and enjoy that delicious humidity and breathe in the mint-scented air (Mom has LOTS of mint growing around the house).

I just love this holiday--the Fourth is such uncomplicated fun, so colorful and dazzling and loud! I see fireworks, I see the pageant and pomp and parade, I hear the bells ringing out, I hear the cannons roar, I see Americans, all Americans, free forevermore!
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Jason Kendall, Donna's husband, had a "Take Back the Park" event (in conjunction with his twice-weekly astronomy viewings) this past Wednesday, in response to a rape that happened in Inwood Hill Park over the weekend. (The PTB, I guess the PEP, were trying to squash afterdark activity in the aftermath.) A bunch of people came out, more than Jason typically gets for the astronomy viewings--we had hula hoopers there and everything. Jason set up the telescope and we got to see Saturn which was VERY cool--you could even see saturn moving, because the Earth is moving. So cool! I chatted with a newbie who's a fairly recent transplant to the neighborhood and it turns out she's from Baltimore and is a professor at Yeshiva University. I blathered on about history and Shakespeare and she invited me to see Inwood Shakespeare Festival's Othello with some of her students the next night.

So I was planning to go and then yesterday I got a call from my cousin Larson, who was in town for an interview and wanted to get together. I hated to bail on my new friend but Larson lives in Massachusetts and I haven't seen him since his wedding two years ago. I got to the outdoor space where ISF performs, at the edge of the park, and told her I couldn't stay until the end, explaining why, and she understood. I saw most of it but got Larson's text that he'd arrived during the last scene, so I missed the very end. NO GREAT LOSS. *Not* a great production--most of the leads were not impressive. The worst was the guy who runs the organization who cast himself as Othello. Judging from his picture it's difficult to tell if he is in fact black or part-black but he did put on a rather obvious wig with kinky curls. I don't even want to speculate why. The larger problem was that he just wasn't any good as Othello--not invested, no rage or despair, no focus or specificity. (And, really, way too old--Othello is not supposed to be THAT much older than Desdemona. It looked gross in the bedroom, frankly.) The "trance" bit was especially painful, although that's not the easiest bit to pull off. The scene in the bedroom was just so FLAT--like dude, you're about to KILL her, you look like you're disappointed the buffet ran out of sausage! Let's see some intensity! He totally metaphor-boated "Put out the light and then put out the light" by first gesturing with the light he had in his hand and then--yep--pointing to Desdemona. Thanks for breaking that down for us! *Headdesk* It might have been better if the Iago had been more murderously intense but he wasn't that great either--not as bad as Othello but you didn't feel his insane bitterness and rage. Desdemona was similarly disappointing, pretty flat. I will say, that's NOT an easy role to play--Des is such an angelic character--but I think she was sacrificing charm in order to make her seem more victim-like. The supporting roles were much better, including Cassio, Emilia, the Clown and Bianca. Emilia tore it up, although she didn't seem that experienced--but she was passionate. I was disappointed overall--I know they can get great talent out there, I saw Comedy of Errors with Elizabeth and Andy there last year and that was good, and CoE seems *much* harder than Othello.

So, I wasn't too disappointed to duck out early. Larson met me and we walked over the Indian Road Cafe for a quick bite and yacked about The Family. He had an interview here but sadly if he gets it, will not be moving to NYC--darn! SO great to see him! I love my cousins.
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A little less than two weeks and my brother will be here to take home Edna Mo. We are literally counting the days! We love her but she is a HANDFUL--major elimination issues and of course Tatia hates her (not like that's any kind of isolating factor--Tatia hates every other feline life form). Stuart will be here from next Wednesday to Sunday which leaves me Friday night and all day Saturday to play with him and Bart! (Maybe Sunday--possibly I could fit in a brunch before he leaves).

Friday TTC had a benefit at the space and I sang "Times Like This" from Lucky Stiff. The ending of the first verse actually got a laugh--I thought that song was better-known (I won't spoil it but the end of the first verse is a misdirect which, if done properly, is funny). Anya came with me so she got to meet Peggy and Dave--they're doing Rocky Horror this winter, and Anya would be great in that. She'd be a great Columbia except I'm not sure if she has the tap skills.

We finally got a music director for Pirates--a guy named John Bronston who works at the Duplex and who, as it turns out, I know already. He used to work with the Lady of Copper people way back--I was all "huh! I don't remember you..." But he seems cool and most importantly, didn't have a problem with the cuts I'd made. Saturday I went through the score with a red pen, eliminating the MANY redundant elements--there are SO many repeated verses, repeated choruses, repeated jokes in the Pirates score. And then just random things that come out of nowhere, like "Hail, Poetry!" Buh-bye, poetry. Likewise "Sighing Softly to the River..."--that number will not work in a small studio space like this, a slow, sight-gag number like that is meant for a large proscenium stage. It's cut a lot of the time anyway--I know it was cut in at least one of the productions I've done of Pirates, our Major-General did a patter number from, I think, Ruddigore.

So, so busy right now--I'm in the middle of taking notes for a paper due next week. Heloise, proto-modern woman or conventional medieval Griselda--discuss! Speaking of things medieval, I missed the Fort Tryon Park Renaissance Faire again this year *sad face* Last year I had a good excuse, I was in London--I just forgot about it this year, although possibly I wouldn't have been able to go anyway (because of--MY SCHEDULE. Which is cray-cray right now).


Sep. 16th, 2010 06:00 pm
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So, Rachel's post reminded me that I haven't yet posted this news on LJ--my middlest brother, Erik, and his wife are now the proud parents of twins!  YAAAAAAAAY!  Twins!  A girl and a boy, Erik, Jr. and Emily.  So, so, so flipping adorable!  It's all kinds of perfect because Erik and I are the two siblings who are closest in age, only 18 months apart, and we used to pass ourselves off as twins all the time.  The hilarious thing is, we're not even blood related--Erik is adopted--but we both had blonde hair, freckles and blue eyes, and people bought it.  (Until they found out we were two grades apart, then we just blithely said "oh, he was held back and I skipped a grade." Heh.)  Even now Erik will teasingly call me his "twin," you'll see this on FB sometimes.  Even better, when we were kids I LOVED the Bobbsey Twins books--I read all of them, the original editions and the rewrites--and we used to play Bobbsey Twins all the time.  I loved that both sets of Bobbsey Twins were boy and girl, like a perfect little matched set, and within both sets each one looked like the other. Bert and Nan had straight brown hair and brown eyes, and the younger set, Freddie and Flossie, had curly blonde hair and blue eyes.  Something for everyone!  I just loved the matchiness of it.  So I am loving that my niece and nephew have alliterative names, and they'd BETTER look alike!

So, it's been a little scary so far--they've had some problems with the babies--but it looks as though everything is coming together and they're going to be fine. I'm so happy for them both.


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