Jan. 17th, 2006

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I had a good weekend. Mike came over Sunday and we hung out at Deacon Brodie's, drankin'. We had some really nice conversation--I really enjoyed the whole evening. When we finally left it was almost 2 am so Mike stayed at my place and slept on the futon, being stalked by Tiberius the Fewocious. The next day I was unexpectedly energized and actually got quite a lot done. After having coffee with a friend, I went to the pet store and bought some Pounce treats (I have trained Tibby to do the most adorable trick--I shake the canister, he comes running, and then I hold a treat out and he stands on his hind legs and reaches out with his little paws to hold my hand in them like a baby with a bottle, and then takes the treat with his mouth. I cannot stand how adorable it is. I will post pictures). I also bought this device that you plug into an outlet and it emits cat pheromones that help control aggressive behavior. I got it to try to resolve the Tibby-Tatia problem. Kitty detente--give peace a chance. Then I stopped by a new clothing store in the neighborhood called Coup de Coeur on 9th Avenue--they were having a "blowout sale" so I was able to get a lovely sherbet colored lambswool sweater for very little.

Then I had a bite to eat with a friend, way down at a place called 11 Madison Park. It's a Danny Myers restaurant and they have this unbelievable tarte flambee pastry, all puff pastry and cream and kielbasa and pepperoni. My mouth was dreaming and didn't want to wake up, that's how delicious it was. The best way to experience these great restaurants is to sit at the bar--there's no pressure to order an expensive entree and you can just have an app and dessert, which is what we did. I also got the chocolate-peanut butter tarte (I felt this strange compulsion to all these luridly named items) which was peanut butter ice cream covered with a chocolate frosting and crushed butterfingers on tops, then topped with a caramelized tapioca sauce. That was all in one dish; then there was a dish of peanut brickle, and another dish with chocolate truffles.

Good times.


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