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You Should Stay Home

You don't like to get too spooky during this scary night. You're more of the festive type.
You love making people happy on Halloween, and that usually involved giving out lots of treats to neighborhood kids.

You are all about having the best treats - whether they're temporary tattoos for trick-or-treaters or homemade cupcakes for friends.
You believe that kids going door to door is one of the coolest things about Halloween. You do what you can to keep the tradition alive!

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The best holiday of the year!

Eat lots of candy and give yourself a big stomachache!

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Happy Halloween!

The best holiday of the year! Cool days! Cozy nights! Pumpkins glowing in the window, flickering candles, sticky-sweet yumminess abundance!

If anyone's in Hoboken tonight, I will be there after rehearsal to hang out.
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Happy Thpooky Day, everyone! Now that I'm living in a neighborhood with actual kids instead of a hipster mecca, I saw all the tiny goblins and ghosties on the sidewalks, clutching their pumpkin treat buckets with one hand and their moms with the other. They all looked so adorable! I bought Butterfingers and have some candy corn and M&Ms--I hope I get lots of trick or treaters!

Happy Halloween!

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So Michael, Tesse, Duncan and I all drove out to an apple farm in Orange County, New York. I got up early Saturday morning and dressed appropriately--my new sequined pumpkin tee-shirt, a thermal long-sleeved shirt underneath it, braids and my pumpkin cap. We all met at the Avis in Midtown and while we were waiting in line Michael offered to get me coffee. I gave him my Starbucks card and asked if he could bring me a pumpkin spice latte. Apparently Michael HATES Starbucks but very nicely got me one anyway, even calling me at the counter to ask if I wanted whipped cream.

The drive was guh-moregeous. The leaves this year are not as dramatically beautiful as they have been in the past, but they still looked just lovely. When we got there, we headed immediately to the winetasting section--we got 6 tastings for $3, and then the very nice woman who took us through the tastings even gave us extra (I think we actually got 9 tastings). We got a lil' loopy on wine and bought some--I got a bottle of "Apple Blossom Blush" and Blackberry wine. I'm glad we did the wine first because later on it was very crowded.

Seth and Rachel joined us, and we all piled onto the tractor trailer and went to the orchard. I kept whipping out my football and throwing passes to Michael. I think I need to buy a better football, because my yellow one is somewhat deflated and a little small. OTOH, it IS lemon-yellow, which is so me! When we got to the orchard, the first trees we saw had small and unimpressive apples--then we noticed the trees farther back had much bigger apples toward to top. We could've used the apple-picker, but what fun is that? I climbed up several trees and pulled them off, dropping them into Michael's and Duncan's bags. I love climbing things. God should just save time and reincarnate me now as a 10-year-old boy, because clearly that's what I'm meant to be. I am just such a tomboy. I love jumping off things and climbing them and throwing things.

The one tiny flaw in the day was the weather--it was beautiful but a little too cold and windy. When we were in the sun it was okay but I had to keep my jacket on most of the time, which covered up my pumpkin-tastic sequined tee-shirt.

We had hot cider and cider doughnuts (mmmm...) and hot dogs and chili, and then we rode the tractor again, to the pumpkin patch. I got one sugar pie pumpkin, to puree and make pumpin bread and pie. Then we drove home, although we got a bit lost finding our way back out. The countryside is so pretty there though, so even lost, it was lovely. When we got back into the city we opened up the trunk and discovered our apples had gotten out of the bags and commingled promiscuously. They were all over the carpeted bottom of the trunk (which was very clean) and some had gotten bruised. I scolded them for their misbehavior and then we divvied them up. I can't wait to make some apple pies and apple bread.
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Guys, it's October and we know what that means--pumpkin patching! And apple picking and rolls in ze hay! I have been thinking about renting a car and going upstate or into rural New Jersey to get some apples and pumpkins--this page here links to a place that offers that, plus there are more places to go listed here . I can get a great rental car rate through USAA (the military credit union--I belong through my dad) and Rachel and Seth will also be manning a car.

If a lot more people want to come, we will have to get another car, or just squeeze in. I figure between Seth/Rachel and me, we can accomodate between 8-10 people. Also I was thinking about going the morning or afternoon of the 21st (Saturday). Who is interested? Email or comment here if you want to be included.

Woo hoo! October!
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Check out [livejournal.com profile] _halloween_! It all looks terribly thpooky!
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OMG, Whoppers now come in Halloween colors!!
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It's kind of cozy right now--it feels like fall a few weeks early, and the view from my apartment window, with the river in the background and all these cars with their lights on in the rain, is evocative. It makes me want to curl up and knit and bake a pumpkin pie.

Speaking of which, at my Halloween get-together (where we'll all watch thpooooky movies), I intend to make some pumpkin pie ice cream (with REAL pumpkin puree, from scratch!).
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Some of us in the Midsummer cast were talking--Halloween is the favorite holiday of, like, all of us (Sami, Mickey, me, Patrick, a bunch of others) so we're planning not just ONE Halloween party but a whole month of them! Mickey wants to start it off with a birthday party (his b-day is at the end of September), and then at my place which is the smallest--we'll just hang and watch thpooky movies (and "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!" which I have on DVD although I understand Miss Alex has a tape of a network airing COMPLETE with contemporary commercials!). We will have a party of some kind (not necessarily a costume party, as that would get tiresome) every weekend throughout the month.

Start planning now!


Nov. 1st, 2005 08:39 pm
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I stopped by the Christmas Cottage on 7th Avenue tonight after work and bought this darling little pumpkin. So cute!

It'll probably last a week before one of the tabbies breaks it, but I'll enjoy it while I have it!
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Happy Halloween!!!

Yay for candy corn and carved, glowy pumpkins and apples bobbing and people dressed up!

It's all very thpoooky out--scroll your cursor over the Yahoo! logo and see what happens to the pumpkins. So cute!


Oct. 31st, 2005 09:17 am
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You Are

A Scary Pumpkin Face

You would make a good pumpkin and liver sandwich.


Oct. 29th, 2005 04:59 pm
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Halloween Horoscope for Sagittarius

Halloween is your time to be flirtatious, sexy, and hot hot hot!
You love to tempt people into evil, even if it's just for one night.

Costume suggestions: A sexy devil or a dark fairy

Signature Halloween candy: Anything spiked with booze
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Reeses Peanut Butter Cups

Very popular, one of you is not enough.
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...Check out this site and see what happens to your cursor.

So cute!
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Halloween prank turns into another Bal des Ardents.

Even the costumes are the same.
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My favorite holiday! Enjoy your brightly-colored candy corn (the quintessential Halloween candy), your glowy pumpkins (I carved mine last night and now it's grinning in the window), your scaaaary costumes! The weather is perfect today for thpooking and trick-or-treating and watching a thpooky Halloween parade in the Village!

*Sigh* Such a great holiday.
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So, thinking about a Halloween costume. I have a few possibilities: Foxxy Cleopatra, an elf, Peter Pan, a Polynesian princess, or a pirate. Or maybe Alice in Wonderland, if I can find it. Now that I think of it, my Columbine costume would be fun too--Duncan, what are the chances of my renting that from DeBaun? Anyway, I found a great Foxxy Cleopatra costume online but the costume plus the wig makes it kind of expensive. I can't find a cute elf costume anywhere! The Peter Pan costumes are all a little silly as well. And I cannot find a decent female pirate costume--they're all with skirts. Don't want skirts! I wanna cool pirate costume, with pants and a ruffly shirt! And a sword! None of this pirate wench crap.

I would make a good pirate.

I am trying to resist the urge to order the Princess costume for HIH Tatiana. But I love the look on that cat's face.
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Thursday evening after rehearsal Sue, Jason, Paul and I went to a real divy place on 9th Avenue, between 42nd Street and Port Authority. Jason said the last time he'd gone there, they saw a drunk guy passed out on the floor who was being tossed out. Sounded good to me. The drinks were strong and relatively cheap, but no food so I trekked next door for some chips and Oreos. We chatted for awhile. Interesting--the more I get to know Sue, the more I can see the need in her to be...sort of "the one who knows," if that makes sense. She was name-dropping all over the place.

Friday morning I took the 9:30 shuttle down to DC and immediately had lunch with David Weinraub, of DC area dinner theater. He's gained weight, and his wife, Catherine, is pregnant, due in February. We had a nice chat about people we haven't seen in awhile and various shows. David cracks me up because he always says the right things but in this nasal, flat, unconvincing tone: "It's great to see you...I'm so glad you could do lunch..." You have to imagine this in a monotone. It's truly funny.

After that I napped, and then Mom and I went into Georgetown for dinner at the Old Europe, to celebrate Oktoberfest. The Old Europe is this ancient German restaurant that's been around since Mom was a teenager--all the waitresses dress in dirndls and there are stags' heads and coats of arms for various German principalities and towns all over the walls. Lots of bratwurst and dumplings and beers in steins (shipped especially from Munich every year for Oktoberfest). Mmm...

The next day was the only day I could sleep in, and I slept until 11:00. Eventually we left the house around 1:30 to hit Cox Farms, where I ran around jumping off piles of hay, eating hot, chunky, spicy applesauce, painting my face (with pumpkins, of course), riding on hay rides, sliding down slides, and jumping off the rope swing. I don't ever want to get old. There is nothing as much fun as jumping around on things. Eventually we went to the market, got our pumpkins and some other stuff (I also got a sour cherry crumb pie) and left. I love that about Virginia--the country is so close, it's so easy to drive down a country road and see the leaves and gaze at a newly-mown field.

Saturday evening I hooked up with Cami--we chatted about this and that. Good to see her.

Of course I had to wake up at the crack of ass the next morning, in order to make the 8:30 shuttle. There was no 9:30 shuttle (they often eliminate times on the weekends) and I thought the 10:30 was cutting it a little close in order to be at Ripley-Grier by 1:00 pm. I slept a bit on the plane, and then some more when I got home but I was still pretty wiped out. Rehearsal went--well, I wanted better. I should've had better. They knew they were supposed to be off book by Sunday and a few were not, to the extent that they had to hold their scripts. Huge surprise here...the worst (all factors considered) offender was Ehud *gasp*. He has the fewest lines to learn and made a fetish of appearing off book as soon as possible early in the rehearsal process. But that wasn't most annoying. Throughout rehearsals I've told him, several times (at least 4), to stop moving around in the blocking. Don't stray from the blocking, don't shift from leg to leg (he's pretty tall so it's very distracting)--just hit the mark and stay there. Well, yesterday I think he took some kind of anti-blocking drug, or maybe he has OCD. He was, literally, all over the place. Wandering here, wandering there...if this were January, he could bring a whole new meaning to Schubert's Die Wintereise. I wrote several times in my notes "STOP MOVING," my handwriting getting more and more violent. The best (worst?) was when he literally stepped in front of Elizabeth to greet Paul. Or maybe the worst was when he extended an arm in front of Sami's (?) face to offer the gnocchi. I'm starting to wonder if he made up his resume. I can't believe anyone with so little knowledge of basic stage technique actually made it through Stella Adler.

So after I gave them notes and I came down pretty hard on him. I said something like "I'm going to give this note one last time and I expect you to remember it. Stop moving. Stop wandering all over the place. Stick to the blocking I give you and don't move. You make the scene look like crap when everyone else is in these neat formations and you're all over the place." I hate embarrassing people like that but nothing else has worked. He was pretty taken aback although he still--still--tried to justify himself by saying "You should stop me in rehearsal when I do this." I said "No, I've given you this note several times--I am not going to stop a runthrough to give it to you again. We'd never get through it." After I finished with notes, he came up and again tried to make excuses--"I am sorry but you should give me these notes in rehearsal." I said, "No. Once I've given you the note--several times--it is your job to go home and remember it. [You know--like everyone else does.] I don't have time to go over this again and again." Jesus. What a fucking idiot. Get off my stage.

After that Duncan, Jason and I went back to my place and hung out. Duncan had brought his CD of potential music selections for the play, and I listened and discussed them with him. Tatiana was being her usual flirty self with them. While we were there Elizabeth called--she was supposed to be in the preview bit for the Festival we were doing, and was feeling very sick (which had been established at rehearsal) and could I do the lines? I agreed and then got dressed up for the preview. The three of us went over and hung out for awhile at the theater before we were to go on. It was actually really fun. Sami, Paul, Sue, Duncan and I were in the scene, and Jason was just watching us, and we were drinking wine and snarking on the other acts. There was one women who looked like a man--in fact, I corrected Sami because she called her a woman, and then as soon as she sang (badly) I knew it was a female. The witching hoooooo...ooooour... Duncan ran into Diana from As You Like It outside and dragged her in. We got a great reception from the scene--we had to hold several times for laughs. Always great to hear.


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