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I saw on ATC a press release for a show called Like You Like It--the Gallery Players is performing it. It's a musical version of As You Like It set in a mall in the '80s. "Like You Like It is set in 1985, and the brand new Arden Mall is hosting a high school dance. Bookworm babe Rosalind wants to go with varsity wrestler Orlando, but she's never had the guts to talk to him. Rosalind disguises herself as a frat dude named Corey and learns Orlando's true feelings for her. But things get tricky when "Corey" complicates the lives of three other couples at Arden. Rosalind will do anything to get Orlando, even if it means showing up at the dance as both herself and Corey."

It sounds adorable but--frankly, I'd rather just see a good version of As You Like It again! God, I love that play. LOVE it. I had such a wonderful time in my scenes with my Orlando--"You are rather point-device as loving yourself than seeming the lover of any other." The script is so incredibly musical--I almost felt like singing the lines, they fell off my tongue so easily. "...Like fringe upon a petticoat...as the coney that you see here dwell where she is kindled." An easy show, unlike the tragedies--every performance as Mercutio takes something out of me (as it should be, considering what I go through, both as character and actor). I remember as the performances went on, listening to Duncan's beautiful setting of "Blow, blow, thou winter wind..." feeling the cooling air upon my skin as the summer turned into autumn and the days lengthened.

Our production of AYLI was atypical for Holla Holla--we actually made many cuts in that production, and we had a concept, albeit one firmly based on what is already in the text (cross-dressing and gender identity). If we did it again, this time uncut, I wonder how long it would be? As always, the Rosalind has to have crazy chemistry with the Orlando, since they essentially do nothing but flirt in the forest for several acts.
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I saw Dana's As You Like It last night in Woodside. She was great, dead-on--she played LeBeau, William, Martext and Hymen. She sounded absolutely lovely as Hymen, her Martext was hilarious, her William was specific and real. (I got there late so didn't see her LeBeau.) As for the rest of the cast, some I quite liked and some not so much. I thought the Celia was terrific, perhaps the best. Phebe was cute and funny too although very under-directed, did a lot of the "leading with the head and hands" style of acting. Jacques was good and grounded, and the Sylvius was good (although again, under-directed). I really DID NOT like the Rosalind--almost all of her lines were out to the audience, there was no chemistry between her and Orlando, or her and any other character. The worst was when she's grilling Oliver about Orlando's injury--the one urgent scene she has and she delivers her questions not to Oliver "But for the bloody napkin?" and "did he leave him there?") but OUT TO THE AUDIENCE. Jeez, dude! How the hell does the audience know? You should be boring a hole into Oliver with your eyes--HE knows, why aren't you looking at HIM? In general (that scene notwithstanding), AYLI is soooooo fluffy and you really need a good Rosalind to establish why they're there--there's no inherent urgency to it, no real reason they're playing love games for three acts in the forest, so the justification needs to come from the actors. It's all a push me-pull me game--with her words, she's testing him ("I will be more jealous of thee than a Barbary cock-pigeon over his hen...") and then a few lines later, she's pulling him back, flirting with him ("unless you take her without her tongue"). These scenes are so much damn fun, they're such a joy to play and I saw none of that in this actor. The Orlando wasn't terrific, but at least you saw why Orlando was doing what he was doing--I saw no motivation in the Rosalind, just a lot of declaiming. Much as Duncan was inspired to brush off his cut and do it again, I'm inspired to PLAY it again! Duncan? Should we remount it? Jason could play Touchstone this time, as he should've last time.

On a more prosaic note, the park was incredibly buggy. Oh, and the music and choreography was quite lovely. That was pretty impressive for only 2 1/2 weeks rehearsal. The cast was all-female, which concept grew on me after awhile--it just started reading as this idyllic silly story in the woods, put on by shepherd girls or something. I just wish they'd tried a little harder to look like guys.

I chatted with Dana afterwards and told her about upcoming Holla Holla stuff. And I'll be seeing her this Wednesday for the first Thyme rehearsal!
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(Second time around--this is the two-hour post that was et on Friday.)

So, yeah, uh, Holla Holla is doing another Shakespeare in the Park this summer--Twelfth Night to be performed for three weekends in August as Clinton Cove Park along the Hudson River (at 55th & the River). Ever since I saw Shakespeare in Love I've had that final image in my head of Viola emerging from the water--and I knew if I ever produced or directed it, it would be on the river, with Viola literally coming up out of the water. And that's how this production is starting--Viola pulling herself out of the water and standing there, wet and gasping and shivering. Not only is it a powerful, resonant image, it's also important to establish Viola's situation--she's much more of a waif than Rosalind, Viola has absolutely no support system, she's completely alone. She's such a haunting character--one reason I love Twelfth Night is that melancholy, that pocket of sweet sadness in her and Antonio. It gives depth to what could be a farce--makes it a true comedy.

Why, what would you?

Make me a willow cabin at thy gate
And call upon thy soul within the house
Write loyal cantons of contemned love
And sing them loud, even in the dead of night
Halloo your name to the reverberate hills
And make the babbling gossip of the air cry out...
Oh, you should not rest between the elements of air and earth, but you should pity me...

Another cool thing about this production is that Friends of the Hudson River Park (FOHRP) is partnering with us. Check out their blurb! They've also put a big featured mention of us in their brochure--there's a picture of Kyle and me from Midsummer and a blurb and we're in a different color type. And they're providing us with a running crew--I don't even know if we need one yet but if we do, we've got one! The FOHRP connection came last fall--I happened to be in Hell's Kitchen and saw posted signs advertising a "Comunity Fair" with free food. I was all "Free food, woo hoo!" and went to check it out. When I saw the space, I was intrigued--clean, sweeping space, water, some interesting structural features. I asked if one of the volunteers if they had an arts liaison on the preimises and she beckoned someone over. I said "I'm a producer and we've done several productions of Shakespeare outdoors. We're thinking about doing Twelfth Night this summer--would you be intereseted in partnering with us?" She thought about it, we set up a meeting, I put together a presentation and pitched it, and they went for it. What this means is, is mainly institutional support--they're helping to promote the show and they're facilitating things like permits (they have carte blanche with the Parks Department so I don't have to apply for anything). It's all very exciting.

The cast (I had invited auditions) is as follows (explicatory notes for the uninitiated):

Orsino...Kenneth Ruth (Cinderella's Prince from Into the Woods)
Sebastian...Paul Martinkovic (Flute from Midsummer)
Antonio...Michael Vaccaro (Demetrius from Midsummer)
Sir Toby...Letty Ferrer (fellow Lovestreet refugee, along with Tracy and Tom)
Sir Andrew...Duncan ([livejournal.com profile] king_duncan)
Malvolio...Tom Cleary (Menelaus from 2004's Trojan Women)
Fabian...(Attend the Tale of) Katie Stodd (Peter Quince from Midsummer)
Feste...Jason ([livejournal.com profile] jayspec
Olivia...Tracy Walsch (Hermia in Midsummer and [livejournal.com profile] kimdeal2)
(They Call the Wind) Maria...Elizabeth Ruelas (hi, [livejournal.com profile] actress_in_nyc)
Captain/Priest/Court Musician...Nicholas Santasier (Dominic in Admit Impediments)
Court Musician...Chris Combs ([livejournal.com profile] planga)

Ben Beckley (he was in Eternity: Time Without End is directing and Mickey Zetts ([livejournal.com profile] neoscribe) is composing.

Going into auditions, for my sanity, I'd slotted people into certain roles--you think "well, if all else fails, at least I know this person can play that role." This isn't precasting, it's just a way to kind of organize thinking about all the people you're calling back. When I directed Agnes of God back in DC, I did that...of the three people I'd pre-slotted into those roles, one of them didn't come to callbacks, one of them came but didn't get cast, and only one of them actually played the role I'd pre-slotted her in. This time, I don't think even one person got cast in the role for which I'd pre-slotted him/her. This is why it's essential to keep an open mind--I didn't DREAM Jason would read so well for Feste. He literally sent chills down my spine--he has this edge that's very intriguing for that role. Like many actors, he uses on stage what he rarely if ever accesses offstage--similarly, many famously liberal actors play conservative characters very well (Alan Alda in The West Wing and The Aviator and Richard Dreyfuss in The American President come to mind). I resisted because we were hoping for a female Feste but in the end, I had to go with Jason.

I'm really pleased with my cast. I have to say, I think everyone is cast pretty damn well.

I've started thinking about costumes (can't get started too early) and I'm thinking Mardi Gras colors (purple, green and gold) against black velvet. Twelfth Night is of course January 6--the Feast of Epiphany, which ends the season of Christmas and begins the season of Epiphany/Mardi Gras. Furthermore the theme of Mardi Gras is Misrule--everything is turned upside-down (the song "Topsy Turvy" in the Disney version of Hunchback expresses this--that scene takes place on January 6). The lowly reign; things are crazy and confusing--much as when a young woman is mistaken for her twin brother, and a steward is thrown into prison for no apparent reason. The black velvet will 1) look good against the grass and 2) suggests nobility. It will also highlight the purple, green and gold nicely. I like the idea of black warring against these bright colors--it's a good visual representation of "Dost thou think because thou art virtuous, there shall be no more cakes and ale?" Malvolio of course will have no Mardi Gras colors, and Feste will be almost entirely in them.
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Julie sent me an email--her production of The Trojan Women has been accepted by the Hudson Valley Fringe Festival, and she wants me to be in it. The problem is the schedule: performances are weekends beginning July 9, running for 4-6 weeks. Plus she wants to do a venue in the city. This means, of course, I would not be able to direct/produce Midsummer this summer--I simply couldn't handle that kind of work load, and I think the scheduling difficulties would be too difficult.

She wants me to play Helen. I'm going to do it, because it's another classical credit and because, well, I'll be playing Helen of Troy. But I hate putting off Midsummer AGAIN.

On the other hand, with Artemis's competing production, maybe it's for the best.

And I would like to have SOME fun this summer. Last summer was a LOT of work, between the move and AYLI.
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I am reminded, reading Heidi's entry: she offered to stage manage Midsummer for me. YES. Very grateful--I would welcome that kind of support. I was the default stage-manager for both AYLI and Sleeping in Tomorrow and it was a lot of extra energy I could've put toward being a better Rosalind or a better director. Especially in the case of *h*d--how nice would it have been if, instead of my having to drag *h*d into the hall to yell at him for beng late (and eating pizza), Heidi could've dragged him out. And would've done an excellent job of openin' up a can o' whupass, I have no doubt.

Damn. We will have to go back to Brother Jimmy'z soon. I can still taste that raspberry margarita Heidi ordered.


Oct. 31st, 2003 12:54 pm
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I will:

Scrub the apartment down
Get a manicure and pedicure, and possibly go to the tanning salon
Make pumpkin pie ice cream
Go over my Shakespeare scenes
Watch TV with a large, loudly purring kitty on my shoulders
Possibly bake a pecan pie
Pick up freshly-cleaned As You Like It costumes
Possibly update my theater resume

I love weekends.
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I feel huge right now. Gah. I didn't have that much to eat for lunch; why must I be stuck feeling huge after half a sandwich and half a pint of soup?

I can finally get my nails done this weekend, after two weekends of tomboy nails.
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I just finished running around and it's quite warm outside--very comfortable for someone in shorts or a skirt, but too hot for someone in leather, as I am. It's cool in the morning, cool in the evenings when I leavr, and hot during the day--aaaugh! I can't win.

I was in Hallmark getting tokens for my ducklings and was drooling over all the adorable Halloweeny stuff. They had fluffy stuffed pumpkins, Ty black- and orange-colored cats ("Scaredy" and "Fraidy"), autumn leave garlands...it's all so glorious. In just one more week I can officially kick off my pre-Halloween countdown and can pull out the lights and the candles. Hallmark did have something completely irresistable--tie-dyed jack-o'-lantern invitations. I had to buy them. So now I have to have a Halloween party. You know how it is. I guess I'll have what used to be an annual ritual in the Northern Virginia days--my pumpkin-carving party. Stay tuned.
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Julie sent out emails to everyone in the showcase, saying it was going up again in January for the Winter Midtown Theater Festival. I said yes. So I have work through January.

Peter is coming to the matinee (?) on Saturday.

Duncan posted about some guy at our matinee on Saturday who apparently went into a diatribe about how bad our space was, and how we should've chosen some other space. Whatever. Opinions = assholes, everyone's got one. Put on your own goddamn show then, no one forced you to see this one. There's only so fucking much I can anticipate and nail down ahead of time and there's a fine line between offering helpful feedback and just being shitty and/or negative. Appropos of that, apparently Letty will be in the showcase again, about which I'm happy. She had a great attitude--I'd love to direct her in something. Maybe in Midsummer--I'd like to read her as Titania.
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My mother is coming to see As You Like It! She's arriving tomorrow evening around 9:30--she'll take a cab to the rehearsal space, meet me there, and then go back to the apartment. So happy!

I had a weak moment last night and convinced Duncan to get a beer with me after rehearsal. I love how in NYC it's just so easy to stop into a place for a drink--you don't have to get in a car, and drive anywhere, or park it--you just nip into a door on your way home. Bubye. Couldn't be easier. But I'll admit I'm a bit wiped out this morning. But I needed it; my runthrough didn't go that well last night, I was very distracted with a bunch of stuff and was flubbing lines. Argh! I do know these lines. It's maddening.

I ran into Sulai this morning on my way to work. She really is a sweet person, just a TOTAL FLAKE. Last night I got to play Madame Productrix and get all "Don't. Be. Late. It costs me money and it's disrespectful to everyone else who got here on time." She of course is the chief culprit.

But, yay! My mother is coming, and she gets to see me be all tomboy, and play Rosalind, and she'll see my new apartment, and she'll love it, and get to see her granddaughter HIH Grand Duchess Tatiana (Lil' Miss Fewocious) and I'm just very, very happy.
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Duncan and I went up to the Great Lawn in Central Park yesterday--our friend Alex sent out an email inviting one and all. It wasn't too difficult to find them, thank goodness, and we flopped down with our food, all packed inside my thermal picnic "basket." I'd brought my yellow football (an As You Like It prop--Rosalind is a football fan and dresses up in football gear for the Ganymede scenes) and others had brought frisbees. The weather was delightful, just breezy enough to take the edge off the heat. There were people there I already knew, and some I had yet to meet. Eventually we broke out the throwable objects and started a game of catch among something like 7-8 people. (Seeing somebody panic and cower because two frisbees are zooming towards them will always be funny to me, BTW.) I had fun with the football--I haven't really thrown one since I was a kid but had no problem remembering the technique. After a little bit of practice, I started nailing the guys across the circle from me with bullet passes. Fun! I love being a tomboy. I wish I had more time in my life to play sports. I noticed after I finished throwing the football, I'd assumed the same stance as I would in Little League after I'd finished throwing a pitch--right leg in front of and crossing over the left, right arm crossing over the chest and by the left hip, left arm behind the back. My sports techniques are all running together! How promiscuous of them.

Nymphs and shepherds, come away
Come away
Nymphs and shepherds, come away, come come come come away...
In the grove, in the grove let's sport and play, let's sport and play, let's sport and play...
For this, this is Flora's holiday!


Aug. 21st, 2003 09:38 am
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Thank you for your email. The Dionysus 36 is closed. Good luck with your rehearsal.


Dave McCracken

-----Original Message-----
From: clara.green@blahblahblah.com [mailto:clara.green@blahblahblah.com]
Sent: Wednesday, August 20, 2003 11:42 AM
To: Info@DionysusTheatreComplex.com
Subject: Re: Trying to reach you

Please disregard the email sent below. I had to make other arrangements.

Hi--I'd like to reserve rehearsal space for tonight but have not been able to get through on your phone--there's a recording that says it's out of service. However I called your management company and they say you're still there so...Could I please reserve one of the $15 rooms from 8:30 to 10:30 for tonight? My name is Clara Green and I've booked there before, under the name of Holla Holla Productions. Just charge it to the CC you have on file for me. Thank you.
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Tatia was very NAUGHTY last night. At rehearsal, I'm told, they let Baby out and Meg, who's allergic to cats if they get too close, meowed at her. Tatia got upset and hissed back. Oh, doodness. My poor traumatized stray. She doesn't like other cats--I suppose I should've warned Duncan but I didn't realize anyone would be impersonating cats. Poor precious traumatized baby. Kisses for the stripey face. She was fine when I got home, as steppy as ever. (Steppy Cat Mode is when I'm trying to read something on the floor and she steps all over it all nonchalantly "Who, me? I'm just stepping over here...and here...and here...just trying to find a place to sit. Don't mind me.")
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Which of Henry VIII's wives are you?

this quiz was made by the scare-umptious ghouls at Spookbot

I knew before taking it I would probably end up with one of the Howard cousins. Although Catherine Parr is a possibility.

We have an Adam!
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Sigh. I knew it was going too well.

We lost our Adam today. Bill sent me an email saying he'd gotten a big part in a new play with lots of money involved and a development deal. Yes, I'm happy he's getting work but a small part of me can't help worrying about that critical mass of actors--they can be like sheep, jumping ship and whatnot. I don't want people to see this as some sort of omen. And he's going to be difficult to replace.


In other news--I was all happy about this before the Bill news--I got a new refrigerator and now I have cold food again. Very nice. I ran out last night after rehearsal and bought fresh cheese, milk and chips. And I was able to sleep in an extra half-hour this morning since I was going in to work a bit later. I went to the DMV to trade in my motorcycle course completion papers--I was expecting a Soviet-style test of endurance but it all went quite smoothly. I'll be getting my new license (with "Class M" on it) in the mail in 2-4 weeks.

My curtains look loverly. I can't wait until my rug arrives.
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Yeah, rehearsal went very well last night. Although I am still--still--giggling over Robert's (the Duke's) histrionics. I'm going to need some practice in keeping a straight face when he hisses at me "Yew...will...dieeeeee!!!" and then sweeps triumphantly off the stage. Or behind the trees.

Duncan agrees that Meg is adorable. We should make a Meg mold and sell little Meg dolls. She's very talented too--I definitely want to work with her again. Duncan mentioned Sleeping in Tomorrow--I'll have to look at that again.

Only 3 and a half more hours until the weekend starts!
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I am so. Bored. When will this day end??

Rehearsal tonight, yay. Friday tomorrow, yay. Sleeping in Saturday (sort of), yay.

Yet another thing wrong in the apartment--the bottom half of the fridge (i.e., not the freezer) is not refrigerating. My stuff is getting warm--milk is going sour, Baby's cat food is spoiling. Please, God, I just want to enjoy a good month in the new place before calling the landlord again. Is that so much to ask? I left a message last night that started off "I am so sorry to be calling you again..."

However. I have ordered several new toys for the apartment, including an ice cream maker, a clear shower curtain, CD shelves, chartreuse curtains and a beautiful, mod-looking area rug.
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I left a message for the manager last night, and today someone came in and fixed the electricity. Apparently it did blow, but the ubercircuit board is downstairs (probably in that cobwebby basement into which Jason and I peered like the Hardy Boys). Anyway, they're also beefing it up so this doesn't happen again. Yay!

Have spent most of the workday emending the AYLI schedule. But it's pretty much done, I think.
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Gah. Terrible night last night. After tech for "Candy, Flowers and a Card" I went back to my apartment (Jason came with, because otherwise it would've been an hour each way to and from Jersey City where he lives), and as I was drying my hair, the electricity in the entire apartment blew. And only my apartment--I checked all the others around me and they were all fine. We checked the circuit board and none of the circuit breakers had been tripped. Couldn't find an emergency super number. We went to CF&aC at 9:30 and I came back around 11:00. Still off. No electricity for the entire night. No air conditioning, all my food is going bad. Had to sleep in the living room because it'd be too hot in the loft. But it's very light in the living room with four windows. I woke up a lot. I just feel so weird right now. It just sucks. It all sucks. Everything sucks. I'm really stressed. I meant to try to fine-tune the schedule for AYLI--couldn't get to my email, no computer. I feel like crying right now.
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Spoke to Meg Sallay today and offered her Hymen et al. She said she'd think about it. Left a message for Jack McGowan offering him William and Jacques de Boys--he called back and left a message saying it sounds good and he just wants to talk rehearsal schedule. Yay!


In awful news, some loser fuck with a gun walked right into City Hall and murdered a City Councilman. Fucking loser. I hope he gets shot "resisting arrest." FUCK.


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