May. 4th, 2015

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 Having some bad knee problems.  Walking everywhere because of the job and my knees are in a ton of pain so I went to the orthopedist Wednesday.  OH MY LORD HE IS HOT. And he remembers me from my knee injury from three years ago. I don't remember he was that hot last time, perhaps I was in too much pain then to appreciate him properly ;) He put me on a six-day regimen of medication and ice and, well, we will see. It hasn't made a huge difference so far but we will see. If that doesn't work we are looking at shots of cortisone or some other medication, which is still better than surgery.

Which I will have to have on my horrible feet. The bunions just keep getting worse and worse and the left one absolutely must get surgery. I'm hoping to keep it conservative so I don't have to spend too much time in bed, and I think if I have it around Christmas or Thanksgiving I won't miss much work. I will worry about the other foot later.

They have been giving me TONS of classes which is great--the money is terrific--but I am exhausted all the time. I am literally working 7 days a week. But at least it's interesting work--I do love my classes when they go well. But it's taking atoll on my body--on the one hand, I'm losing a metric shit-ton of weight which makes me VERY HAPPY. Losing a lot of weight for me is a relative term. I'm a small person with a small frame--if I gain or lose more than 4 pounds it's very noticeable. And for the past few years, ever since The Situation (I was quite skinny during that mess), the weight has started to creep up a little bit every year. But right now I fit into all my old stuff, yay! So that's one good thing about the work schedule I'm on. But on the other hand, I'm worried I'm deteriorating a bit. I know I'm not as fast on the soccer field as I was last year. Maybe I should join a league for older people :/

In other news the interim President and Board of Directors at my beloved alma mater, Sweet Briar College, have attempted a coup and are trying to sell the school out from under us. Yes, this is really A Thing. They are trying to close the school and sell off the land. The whole thing is absolutely horrifying--the "President" did a lot of whining about how Sweet Briar just couldn't survive, it's "a co ed world now" and then stuff started coming out about how he was FIRED at his last stint as college President--Trinity College in CT actually kicked him out, he was so hated there. During his tenure there the college's ranking dropped like 100 places in the nationals rankings of liberals colleges.  And he and the SBC Board absolute, point blank REFUSE to show us any documentation or discuss anything with us--they (mostly men, of course) just keep insisting over and over Sweet Briar has to close and why are we being so emotional and hysterical? (Why, we're all on our collective pink and green periods of course, you misogynistic fat FUCK.) The alumnae have banded together and formed an organization called Saving Sweet Briar (501(c)3 status pending) to stop this outrage and we're enmeshed in a lot of legal proceedings. So far we've gotten two injunctions--they can't use any monies to sell which were not raised specifically for that purpose. (One of the more outrageous aspects of this is that they were calling for donations UP UNTIL THE DAY BEFORE THE ANNOUNCEMENT, even though they're already decided to close. Of course they didn't tell anyone. Nope, we all just got calls and letters asking us to donate to Sweet Briar--asking us to fund their fucking golden parachutes. Jim Jones (interim President) and Paul Rice (Board member who is pushing for this) = LYING LIARS AND THIEVES. Jones and Rice are buddy buddy with Mark Herring, the Virginia AG (they all went to UVA together) and we suspect there's some kind of crony deal to carve up our beloved school.  The other injunction is a six-month injunction prohibiting them from touching any assets (they can't sell anything). This has hamstrung them but they are lying liars and thieves and they've already been caught shredding documents--they may just go on trashing the school anyway. They're having an all-class reunion this month but I won't go--as I told Mom, if I ran across Jim Jones I would have a difficult time not spitting right in his lying face. 

Ao anyway, that's been on my mind quite a bit for the past two months. 


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