Dec. 1st, 2006

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I'm going to the Met tonight--Bart called me with an extra ticket to La Boheme. I've never seen an actual Met opera, although I've seen ballet at that space (and of course I've seen lots of stuff at City Opera). I kind of wish it were something besides Boheme which I've seen many times, but I certainly can't turn down a free ticket! [shallow,clothes-oriented post]Since I couldn't dress up properly for the performance, I put together a lovely, stylish outfit pairing a black leather skirt, patterned black stocking, black slingbacks with a light yellow cardigan and a purple scarf. Of course as soon as I put on the sweater I felt overheated because of this crazy weather! Can you believe in another six weeks or less it's going to be 15 degrees out?? So I switched out the yellow sweater for a very lightweight lavender one, and am wearing my black velvet sleeveless top underneath. Hair is piled into a chignon--right now I have the hot librarian look going on, with the demure sweater and hair, plus the black leather skirt![/shallow,clothes-oriented post]

In other opera news, my friend Katie, who does a lot of G&S, has a friend who's singing Gretel in a smaller-scale production of Hansel and Gretel next weekend. I've never seen H&G but love the music. What can I say?--it's like The Nutcracker--a little too sweet but childishly satisfying. Brother, come and dance with me/Both my hands I offer thee... and the haunting When at night I go to sleep/14 angels watch my keep...

This month is going to be soooo busy...I have H&G on the 8th, Mike's goosefest on the 9th, my birthday, Spring Awakening, the Lazard RE holiday party, and the DeBaun party the following! Plus next week I have the meeting with the Hudson River Park Trust...

I auditioned for DeBaun's Into the Woods Tuesday. Typically I was very nervous and stressing out--I did pretty good but not great on the singing (I sang "Gooch's Song"--I was distracted and placed my voice too low on the lower stuff although I did wail on the B-flat at the end) and I NAILED the monologue ("These are the forgeries of jealousy..."). I've never done that monologue as well, not even in performances. I put down that I wanted the Witch or Little Red but might accept other roles. The director called me yesterday and said some very sweet things about what a great character actress I was. He called me back for Cinderella's mother/Granny/the Giant. A little disappointed but I am one of those types that's hard to fit in places, I know. As small as I am, they might well think I'm too old for Little Red (or, conversely, too small for the Witch), so what are you gonna do? Anyway, the callbacks are tomorrow--we'll see what happens. I'm just glad I did a decent audition.

After the auditions, I met my friend Ashley (she was in Xmas Carol) at Court Street, and later Alex, Don and Kelly joined us. We had a lovely time--lots of networking, exchanging of plays that have good monologues, tax advice, etc. I have such nice friends.

I'm supposed to be shooting a student film this weekend but the director has been very slackjaw about 1) sending me a script, 2) finalizing a schedule, and 3) contacting me! I really want to help Duncan move--I just wish I knew what I'm doing on Sunday.


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