Oct. 23rd, 2006

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So Michael, Tesse, Duncan and I all drove out to an apple farm in Orange County, New York. I got up early Saturday morning and dressed appropriately--my new sequined pumpkin tee-shirt, a thermal long-sleeved shirt underneath it, braids and my pumpkin cap. We all met at the Avis in Midtown and while we were waiting in line Michael offered to get me coffee. I gave him my Starbucks card and asked if he could bring me a pumpkin spice latte. Apparently Michael HATES Starbucks but very nicely got me one anyway, even calling me at the counter to ask if I wanted whipped cream.

The drive was guh-moregeous. The leaves this year are not as dramatically beautiful as they have been in the past, but they still looked just lovely. When we got there, we headed immediately to the winetasting section--we got 6 tastings for $3, and then the very nice woman who took us through the tastings even gave us extra (I think we actually got 9 tastings). We got a lil' loopy on wine and bought some--I got a bottle of "Apple Blossom Blush" and Blackberry wine. I'm glad we did the wine first because later on it was very crowded.

Seth and Rachel joined us, and we all piled onto the tractor trailer and went to the orchard. I kept whipping out my football and throwing passes to Michael. I think I need to buy a better football, because my yellow one is somewhat deflated and a little small. OTOH, it IS lemon-yellow, which is so me! When we got to the orchard, the first trees we saw had small and unimpressive apples--then we noticed the trees farther back had much bigger apples toward to top. We could've used the apple-picker, but what fun is that? I climbed up several trees and pulled them off, dropping them into Michael's and Duncan's bags. I love climbing things. God should just save time and reincarnate me now as a 10-year-old boy, because clearly that's what I'm meant to be. I am just such a tomboy. I love jumping off things and climbing them and throwing things.

The one tiny flaw in the day was the weather--it was beautiful but a little too cold and windy. When we were in the sun it was okay but I had to keep my jacket on most of the time, which covered up my pumpkin-tastic sequined tee-shirt.

We had hot cider and cider doughnuts (mmmm...) and hot dogs and chili, and then we rode the tractor again, to the pumpkin patch. I got one sugar pie pumpkin, to puree and make pumpin bread and pie. Then we drove home, although we got a bit lost finding our way back out. The countryside is so pretty there though, so even lost, it was lovely. When we got back into the city we opened up the trunk and discovered our apples had gotten out of the bags and commingled promiscuously. They were all over the carpeted bottom of the trunk (which was very clean) and some had gotten bruised. I scolded them for their misbehavior and then we divvied them up. I can't wait to make some apple pies and apple bread.
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How awesome is this?!

Connecticut Bishop authorizes priests to give blessings to same-sex unions during religious ceremonies.

He's Episcopal, naturally. Oh and shut up, Canon Anderson and the Archbishop of Canterbury. Apologize, sheesh.
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After I got back to my apartment with my apples and pumpkin in Saturday, I napped for a little bit before Sami and Silas's party. I TRIED to nap for longer than a half hour but kept getting woken up by growly, hissy kitties tussling in the living room.

The party was fun--I ended up getting there around 10:00 and had some delicious Kielbasa. Interestingly, I ran into Chuck Elliott on the train, who also lives in Astoria. Duncan and I had mentioned him just that day, talking about Iolanthe in the car. He and I chatted for a bit--he says he knows someone who just moved into my bulding, but can't remember what tower she lives in.

I got home around 2:30 and fell asleep HARD--I didn't even turn out all the lights! I was worn out from a long day climbing trees and throwing the football.

Sunday was the day of the baby shower and the Spotlight On Awards. I left my apartment a little after 1:00 to try to get to Hoboken a little after 2:00. I got to the Hoboken terminal at 1:55 in time for the 2:00 bus--which never arrived. The terminal filled up with tons of people--they were backing up the escalator--but no 2:00 bus. It just...never arrived. The one after that was scheduled for 2:20--it arrived at 2:21. God, I hate NJ Transit. They just suck so completely. For my Hoboken friends, how do you guys deal with that? Doesn't that kind of disregard drive you crazy? I ended up taking the PATH back which frazzled my nerves so much less.

I gave Paula a few things for the baby shower. One was some kind of organizer or something--it was on the registry so I got it. Registries are awesome. I love knowing whatever I get is something the person specifically requested. I also bought on impulse a "Baby's First Halloween" bib--I just could not resist. I also brought in a red diaper bag that I got when I did an acting gig for a company called "Meet the Nanny." It was nice seeing Holly and a bunch of other people at the shower--Holly and I chatted for a bit. I commented on the maple tea and the granulated maple sugar (I love maple-flavored things) and Rachel very nicely gave me a bottle of the sugar. I've never even heard of such a thing. How squee!

I got back to my place and began the transformation into Trophy Blonde Bombshell. I wore one of my lil' black dresses, thigh-high black stockings with a black leather garter belt, my Kate Spade black satin slingbacks, and my hair was up. And I had gold and black makeup (gold lips, eyes lightly lined in black) and gold jewelry. I'm nothing if not thematic. I ended up leaving for the Triad at 7:00, only 15 minutes after my projected ETD. I joined Silas and some other people I didn't know as Sami and Mickey wailed on stage. The food spread wasn't that great, actually--an awful lot of sugary processed things like donuts and cookies. I was really craving something more substantial.

The actual ceremony had a LOT of performances (songs, poetry readings, etc.)--a few are fine, they break up the monotony but basically people are there to see if they've won their award, not to listen to some singer whom most of them probably don't know. I sure didn't and I've been doing shows with Spotlight On for years now. Mickey won twice, for Best "Moment" (?), and Best Song--and Sami won for Best Female Singer. Duncan also won for Best Play, for Prince Trevor. We all shouted for that.

At one point, sitting through another song, I let Mickey know I was wearing a black leather garter belt, adding wickedly "...but since we're platonic friends, I know you won't do anything." He said back "You are an evil person." I try, Mickey ;-)


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