Aug. 14th, 2006


Aug. 14th, 2006 10:38 am
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God, do I need coffee.

It was a loooong weekend, but tons of fun. My cousin and I hung out Friday night--I met her and her friend at the Blue Point on the corner of 46th & 9th (a cute new place in HK, with lots of color accents and recessed lighting--one of those More New York Than Thou places). Then we headed for the secret bar--Roslyn has been there before but her friend, who is this adorable half-Puerto Rican, half-Jewish/Polish girl who is just all kinds of 19 years old awkward and sweet, was in awe of the place. She was especially thrilled when I got beers for them, and didn't even pay (some very nice guy at the bar with whom I chatted for a little bit paid for my order).

Saturday, I got to rehearsal early, so Mickey could play for me the music he'd composed for the Bergomask, and I could put some blocking/'ography together for it. Something occurred to me pretty quickly, some very basic 'ography with the R&J kind of courtly dance with the palm to palm stuff, and some bowing. This is actually right on target, since the definition is "a clumsy rustic dance (cf. Shakespeare, Midsummer Night's Dream, v. 360) copied from the natives of Bergamo, reputed to be very awkward in their manners." Mickey said that he'd been thinking along the same lines. Good that the team is all on the same page.

The cast and Jason arrived at 12, and I taught the Mechanicals the dance. The other cast members were sitting and watching, and some would make comments or jokes which is fine but after awhile it got to be a little disorganized and social. I had to lay down the smackdown so the Mechanicals could concentrate. I'd brought Duncan his Bottom ears and nose--the nose looks HILARIOUS. Ears are a little slidy though. Gotta anchor them babies.

The runthrough went fine. We are in excellent shape.

After rehearsal I went home and changed for drinks at the Yale Club, one of the events on the agenda for Lisa Pierce's wedding. I was all kinds of prepped out, in a periwinkle blue eyelet cut dress with a pink, bejeweled belt, pink pumps, coral lipstick and my coral Kate Spade bag. And pearls, of course. Preps represent! I hung out with Lisa's parents and friends for a bit, then left for another wedding event, a walking tour of Grand Central Station that my parents and my brother, his wife and their baby son also attended. The tour was fascinating, combining two interests of mine, history and architecture. I learned about Beaux Arts architecture, and the Campbell apartment (an apartment that was hidden in GCS for many years--it's now a cocktail lounge) and the whispering gallery and that the clock faces in the middle of the main terminal is made entirely of opal. Also, GCS (or, as it's correctly termed, Grand Central Terminal) is a celebration of rail travel, and right near by is the Chrysler Building (travel by auto) and the MetLife building which used to be the PanAm Building (travel by air--and it's designed in the shape of a propeller, with the tapered edges). So cool! There seemed to be such a spirit of optimism in design back then--a lot of the design of GCT was intended to exalt Man, to make us like Gods. It's interesting that this spirit lasted even through the '30s (you can see it in the friezes of Prometheus in Rockefeller Center), when the Depression was in full swing.

After that I headed out to Queens for Sami and Silas's doodad. Since I didn't think I'd be able to go until that morning, I didn't have anything prepared but I earned my keep by whipping up some margs when I got there. Attend-the-tale-of-Katie-Stodd (our Peter Quince) was there, as was Paul (Flute), Dana (Helena), Mickey and Jason. Had so much fun! I slurped margs and had remember-when conversations with Paul (we go waaaaay back) and talked with Mickey about my planned cabaret this winter and which potential hotties in the Midsummer cast. I would make a good pimp. I just want to see people happy!

I left around midnight (I think?) to meet with Roslyn and her friend again. We wanted to go to Vnyl but the kitchen was closed (the girls were hungry) so we went to Galaxy (which has reopened!). The funny thing was, when we entered Vnyl I got some rather snarky looks based on my preppy look--I wanted to say "Guys, I don't normally dress like this! I had to revert to my roots for the day, but I'm much hipper than this, I promise!"


Aug. 14th, 2006 12:44 pm
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So Sunday I dragged myself out of bed around 11:00 and showered, perfumed, primped, made up in preparation for Lisa Pierce's wedding. I ended up wearing my orange vintage sleeveless mod dress with my witchy orange pumps and my headband with the mod pink and white and orange color-block circles. The wedding was at 2:00--I hit the 50 Street Station around 1:40 and decided to get out and walk. NATURALLY there was a parade to block my way, going up Sixth Avenue! I was able to run through at one point though, so I got the Yale Club by 1:54.

The ceremony was lovely, with lots of music (some Debussy, some Bach, some Vaughan Williams) and specially-written vows. The ceiling of the room fascinated me--there was this incredible molding all over the ceiling, with these friezes along the edges. I wish I had a picture; it was so beautiful. My dad and I were trying to analyze the symbolism of the friezes. Afterward there was a cocktail hour on the rooftop terrace, which overlooked the back of Grand Central Terminal--AND the old PanAm Building (now the MetLife Building). I told Bart what we'd learned yesterday on the tour about the PanAm Building being shaped like a propeller.

Oh, a couple of funny things from the tour at Grand Central. The tour guide commented several times about my outfit--said my dress was very pretty, etc.--and I thought he might be hinting at asking me out. Then at the end he said "I also like your Kate Spade bag." So I'm thinking he might not be interested in me, if you know what I mean! I don't know too many straight guys who notice a Kate Spade label ;-) Also, he was talking about the floor in the main terminal--he asked us to notice the rectangular stones and asked us if we knew what kind of rectangle that was. I answered, "A golden rectangle." He asked if I knew what that was. "(Well, duh! I wouldn't have volunteered the answer if I didn't know!) I said "It's based on the Fibonacci Sequence." He asked "And what is that?" I said "The Fibonacci sequence is a series of numbers, that give you a mathematical formula that produces the proportions you see in the Golden Rectangle and the Golden Triangle. It occurs in nature as well--you can find it in shells and things like that. The proportions are so perfect, they're the most pleasing to the eye, which is why you see them in classic architecture all the time." And then he asked me if I could spell Fibonacci! (That struck me as weird--was he testing me?) Of course I could--if I can do one thing, it's spell.

I came across the concept of the Golden Rectangle in geometry in high school--it was this little sidebar item in my textbook but I found it fascinating. I started seeing Golden Rectangles everywhere--I just find that FASCINATING that there's this connection with the ancients--that we find the same basic shapes pleasing, that the bricks in GCT's floor are the same exact proportions as the Parthenon, built some 2500 years ago. It's the same shiver I get when I read The Iliad--in thousands of years, people have not changed. We find the same things beautiful; the same things motivate us.

Back to Lisa's wedding--guess who was there! Dave Zimmerman! With Jose! (Whom I'd never met.) I haven't seen him in awhile so we caught up and talked about DeBaun. They're going to switch up A Christmas Carol this year--I think he said the carolers would not be part of the play itself, but would sing front of house and maybe record, and do promotional caroling. And they're using a different script (thank God!). Also, Bart introduced me to a friend of his, who as it turns out is a friend of Celia Finkelstein's and is planning to come to Midsummer! He *also* works with another Shakespeare company, in New Jersey, that is an Equity company but they need non-union actors as well. They pay, and in like a year you can earn Equity points by working with them. I am DEFINITELY interested.

My brother Bart was the Honor Attendant for Lisa (that is, if he'd been a woman he would've been the Maid/Matron of Honor, but since he's a male, he's the Honor Attendant) and made a lovely, eloquent toast. And at one point Lisa got up and sang a beautiful, funny toast thanking everyone who was there.

I got to spend some time with my little nephew William who is breaking existing cuteness ordinances. He is positively (and Aryanly) cherubic, with sweet big blue eyes and little blond curls. And so sweet-natured--I was holding him waaaay up and then bringing him down, and he loved it. He likes heights and fast rides, just like his auntie. (And I got some good news--my brother and his wife announced this spring they were expecting another boy. They recently found out it's actually a girl--FINALLY another girl in the family! I'm going to have a niece!! I am SO stoked about this; I have to teach her how to throw a spiral pass, because I don't think either of her parents can teach her that!)

There was a lot of dancing and Jared (Bart's partner) and I hit the floor quite a bit together. He didn't know how to do the Time Warp though; Dave and I were showing him (and I yelled to Dave that DeBaun should make that an annual Halloween tradition--it would be a guaranteed moneymaker). I preferred dancing to the '80s and more recent music, rather than the '50s stuff. Those older beats are a little too slow for me. At one point the DJ was playing some standards--I was emailing my mom and my Dad said "Get off the phone! Come and dance with me." So we took the floor and I was stunned to see how well he could dance! My Dad is quite accomplished on the floor--he really knows how to lead, and his carriage is excellent. All I need is a man who can lead, and I follow quite well (er--on the dance floor). SO much fun!

Later on Bart and I were dancing, next to a couple-friends of Bart's (they all went to Yale together) and the DJ played "You're the One That I Want." All four of us were recreating the 'ography and the "moments" from the movie and I said "We all know this movie FAR TOO WELL!" Bart and I were having a blast and then when the music really kicked it up a notch, right at the last chorus, he swung me into his arms and started partner-dancing all over the floor, really throwing me about--and he was great too! And he had such a wonderful smile on his face--Bart was really enjoying himself. It was like a movie.

Just too much fun. Probably one of the most fun times I've ever had with my family.


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