Jun. 26th, 2006

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Had a really fun Pride Day, although it rained intermittently. William and I got to 15th & 5th around 1:00, me armed with my rainbow flag and abundant Mardi Gras beads in rainbow colors, some of which I gave to William. We were right on the barricades with a great view, but I did get a little squished. We saw some cute floats, including some corporate floats--Delta is, apparently, the Official Airline for Pride, and they had a little stuffed plane loooking thing and people were handing out Delta Mardi Gras-esque beads. Yay, my Dad's former company! Interestingly there were many church groups--I cheered for all of them but especially for the Episcopal groups. I would yell out "Yay, Episcopalians!" and show them the cross I was wearing. I was kind of hoping there might be counter-protestors there so I could get all WASP-bitch-homophiliac-medieval on their asses, but didn't see anyone. However (Alex and Duncan!!), I DID see Allison Duncan in the parade! She looks about the same.

Around 4:30 we left to get something to eat--we ended up at Cosi which has a strange service format. We were seated by a hostess and then waited for 10 minutes, and saw maybe 1-2 waiters, none of whom appeared to be serving customers. Finally William got up to place an order at the counter, and he had to go to several counters to place every kind of order. He came back bearing his salad, but not my brie and fruit plate, and no drinks. We ate his salad and then 10 minutes later my vanilla latte showed up, but the brie plate never appeared. When we paid, it was there, and they asked us, "Don't you want it?" Uh, 20 minutes ago I wanted it! I'm still not sure how that all works. But their food is good.

After that we walked back over to the West Village to say hey to Duncan at Marie's. On the way I ran into Paul Martinkovic, whom I know from way back in Virginia (we worked at the Susan together) and who was also in Sleeping in Tomorrow up here. Yay, Paul! Love him. I totally want to introduce him and Jared.

William and I finally got to Marie's and I bounced in and hugged Duncan. After awhile William had to go, so I stayed there for a bit and sang "Dance: 10, Looks: 3." Love that song! I've always wanted to play Val. Eventually I left, and as I walked up Ninth Avenue, having exited the subway, the woman who does the palm readings on the west side of Ninth and 44th called out to me "Can I buy your flag?" I clutched it and "Noooo!" The woman said she'd been seeing everyone walking back from Pride and she wanted one but couldn't go down there to get one. She said she wanted to display it so gays would know they were welcome there. I thought that was a cool reason and decided to sell it for $5, which was what I paid for it back when.


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