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Aug. 8th, 2011 01:54 pm
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Softball yesterday was GREAT, although we did lose. But considering we were playing a player down, *and* our first baseman had a broken freakin' arm and could barely throw, losing by only 2 runs was a moral victory. But I was quite stoked personally--I batted .600!!! And I got an RBI! And I hit a double! And scored two runs! It was all basically mental--I started focusing only on the ball, nothing else. I did a battery of other adjustments as well (choked up a little (the smallest bat yesterday was 26 ounces), held the bat higher behind me, and leaned back) but primarily I just focused on the ball and visualized myself HITTING IT. Oh, and forcing myself NOT to swing on the first pitch--that is a terrible habit of mine, and telling myself, over and over, to WAIT. I can usually see immediately if the pitch is any good, which is why I tend to first-pitch swing, and why I always pull to the left.

I also slid under a tag at second base. Woo hoo!

In other news, Anya and I think we have a visitor! There have been...signs that someone--or something--else is in our apartment. Saturday morning Anya woke up to find something that looked like residue in the tub--and it wasn't there an hour earlier when I'd gotten up to feed the cats, use the bathroom, and then go back to sleep. I *know* I shut the door behind me and I know the door had been shut when I first entered the bathroom (to keep the A/C in--the bathroom window is open to help air it out after a shower). That was the first sign. Then Tibby and Tatia started acting strangely--especially Tibbles-and-Bits who seemed to be "seeing" things. He would stare at what looked like blank space and act scared. Hmmm. We noticed a couple of other things as well, and were trying to figure it out. Anya wondered why Edna Mo wasn't visiting the apartment where she spent the last 6 years--I said that's because Stuart and his family are gone from Naples, there's no one there for her. And she did spend the last 5 months of her life with us. Precious lamb. I started calling out to her, telling her she was welcome to stay with us as long as she liked, and Tibby could use the schooling.
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The Trifecta--Tatiana, Tibby *and* Miss Ebony all flopped out on my bed. (And not fighting.) The Peaceable Kingdom! Seriously, is this not the cutest picture evuh?

Mickey posted yesterday about being awoken by Ebony crying--it's because she'd growled and hissed at Tibby a few too many times and I finally threw her out. So yesterday she was ANNOYED at me and kept her distance--she hung out in the music room behind the bed. She wanted to know what was going on in my two rooms but didn't want ME to know she was interested. However this morning I found an "offering"--a pair of Mickey's underpants that she'd dragged into my room. She does this from time to time. So all is well. Bless her fuzzy black heart.
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I'm taking Tibby in to the vet this Wednesday to get some tests done and possibly put him on a transdermal relaxant. He and Tatia have been mixing it up for a couple of years now and it's getting worse--she's constantly hissing at him and he simply cannot leave her alone. This morning he went flying at her and she was really growling--it sounded as though they were actually fighting. If he just left her alone it wouldn't be so bad but he doesn't seem to get the message. So I looked up veterinarians in the area and had a long conversation with one of the doctors. My cat TC went through an aggressive period at one point and the vet addressed that by expressing his testicles and putting him on cat Valium--I mentioned that, and she said they had something similar, a kind of Paxil for cats that you can administer either in a pill or as a cream onto the ear. We talked about which cat I should bring in, and decided, at least at first, they should see the younger, more aggressive one. It's not going to be cheap but going by the price of the initial visit (without the tests and the medication), they don't seem to be ripping off anyone, and they're in the neighborhood.

Whew. This is a horribly inconvenient time for me to have to deal with this but it must be done. When both my kitties are at peace, I'll be a lot happier.
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So they've figured out that there was rat poison in the tainted pet foods. I've checked out the list of tainted foods pretty thoroughly and I think the babies are safe. They certainly seem full of beans--not sick at all. I usually buy my cat food in bulk (I order many cases and have it delivered) and of course in cans--it seems most of the bad stuff was in puches. Thank goodness--I can't even imagine how upset I'd be if that happened to Tatiana and Tibby.


Here's the list for affected cat foods.
And here's the list for dog foods.

Hope everyone else is doing okay with their little ones...
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This power outage in Queens is insane. We had a regional blackout three years ago--not just the entire city, but many other states as well--and it was resolved quicker than this. I feel terrible for my buds--if anyone needs to sleep in the A/C, I got lots of room, as long as you don't mind kitties prancing over you.

On that subject--the Terrible Tabbies have become quite nocturnal lately. Tatia still hisses at Tibby from time to time, but they're--not playing, exactly, but certainly not fighting. They're interacting, chasing each other, and Tatia is roaming ALL OVER the apartment, and deliberately knocking stuff down. My cat TC (my childhood black tabby--I got him when I was 10, and he lived until I was 29) used to LOVE to knock stuff off my bureau, and then look over to see if I noticed. He especially loved knocking off the green turtle candle. It was a game with us. Like all my other cats he was vewwy vewwy bad. But I digress--Tatia and Tibby are romping around all night, which is great because it means Tatia isn't moping, she's getting exercise. But it also means I CAN'T SLEEP.

It's also hard sleeping because I still haven't found curtains that will block the light out completely. I need complete darkness when I sleep.
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Yes, it's getting hot out there. No, I will not take off all my clothes.

I had an audition today where I was called in to read for the part of a first-grader, so I was dressed in a short-ish black schoolgirl skirt, a white tee-shirt, white ankles socks, black Mary Janes and my hair in ponytails. I got there, did my thing, and as I was leaving, I took my hair out of the ponytails. I was in Chelsea, walking toward 6th Avenue to get to Bed, Bath & Beyond. I was getting a couple of sidelong looks, and then a guy on a bike passed me and said "soooo sexay!" to me. I'm not sure what that says, when someone who's deliberately trying to evoke "first grader" gets whistled at.

I got home and there were two little girls posted outside the door leading into my next-door neighbor's apartment. They were sitting there with the door open, and I said hello and asked if they lived there. They said yes and I said "Do you like cats?" They said yes, and I said "Well, I have two of them and if you want to visit them, just knock on the door." I went in and picked up Tibby and tried to take him into the doorway so they could pet him--they reached out and tried to pet him but he was having *none* of it and kicked and did StrugglePuss and finally I let him go. He really is much shyer than Tatia. Except when it COMES to Tatia!

I have a new air conditioner. AND a new mattress--a big beautiful new mattress, not a futon mattress, that feels fantastic. My apartment is soooooo pimped out.
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Packing is HELL. I don't think I have enough boxes. I've been sleeping on the floor for days now and have to coax Tatiana down just to see her, since she lurks in the loft all the time. And Friday is going to be interesting--I have a full 10 hours at work, and have to "nip" up to the new building (way up in Harlem) to pick up the keys and the lease at 8 am. This means I'm getting up at 7:00 or before.

On the bright side, although I'm not living in the most exciting part of it, it'll be ncie to live in Haaarlem again. I've been checking out the 'hood on citysearch and I can't wait to hit me some M&G's again. M&G's is the real version of what Sylvia's serves up to busloads of European tourists. Tracie took me there when we lived together. And I want to try Miss Mamie's Spoonbread Too--damn, Southern food is the best. Southern, soul--it's all the same thing. Heart attack on a plate--deep fry that baby. With a side of mayonnaise! Yee haw!
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I was so insanely hot last night that I woke up at 6:30 and couldn't get back to sleep. I got as close as I could to the fan but nothing helped, so I finally tossed a pillow and a sheet down to the floor of the bedroom and crawled down from the left, to sleep on the floor of the living room in the blessed COOL. Aaauugh...I will be doing that again tonight.

The bifurcated layout of my apartment, combined with the location of the loft, means that where I sleep is by design the warmest spot in the apartment. I can take or leave A/C a lot of the time (I get cold so easily) but I MUST have it at night during the summer--I cannot sleep in the heat.

Update on the Terrible Tabbies: Tatiana has been on the Zoloft-for-cats medication for almost a month. It's gotten MUCH easier administering it to her, thank God--no more epic struggles to get her to open her clenched and growly jaws to drop down the tiny tablet. She knows by now she'll get lots of headskritches afterward. And the medications seems to be working--she is less hissy, a little more mellow around her little brother, although she still does give him attitude. But thank goodness she's at least a little calmer! It was terrible before, very stressful.

I ventured into the wilds of Hoboken last night to have a drink with Mike and Holly. They are planning another sailing trip this winter, and invited me along--they're going to Belize this time, rather than the BVI. It sounds like a fantastic time--I can't imagine anything I'd rather do than lie on the deck of a boat, soaking up sun in a lil' bikini with a drink in my hand, hanging out with cool people. My grandmother had a yacht when we lived in Fort Lauderdale and I used to go out on that when I was a little kid--many pictures of me at that age on the yacht. I miss it--I love being on the water (heck, I was born on the water--Coronado, California!). I am seriously tempted.
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I am exhausted this morning, because I was jerked out of a dead sleep by the sound of a very angry Tatiana growling at her little brother. This has happened several times over the past couple of days (i.e., catfights in the middle of the night). I spoke sharply to them, Tibby ran off, then I coaxed Tatia over to me and stroked her and gave her lots of love until she was purring and happy. The incident ruined my sleep for the rest of the night; I kept waking up and stroking Tatia again, to make her purr so she wouldn't freak out if Tibby was near. My heart was racing, and still is, as though I'd taken too much NoDoz.

I've started Tatia on some behavioral medication to calm her down. It's supposed to have a similar effect as Paxil or Zoloft, but the vet said it takes a few weeks to really enter her system. I started it last Monday so I hope she'll start to be nicer soon. Just giving her the medication is a trial--I am not very good at giving pills to cats, especially cats who are already angry about their living situation.

I'm so tired. I just feel weird and woozy.
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I woke up this morning with Tatia firmly wedged against the side of my head, attention fixed on the top of the stairs into the loft. She was hissing at this...this interloper who had invaded her domain. How DARE he?? The loft is HERS, it has always been HERS, and she will BROOK NO DISSENT. As a Grand Duchess, Tatiana is unafraid to pull rank or stand on ceremony. However, Tiberius is a Roman Emperor and will never back down. He has applied feline ingenuity and cunning (and of course has been growing) and has managed to figure out a way to get up to the loft and was all bright and cheery this morning. "Hi, Mommy! I know you just woke up so I'll just nibble on some of Sis's food until you can feed me." Tatia decided there would be none of that. I had to wake up quickly in order to avert an international incident.

My brave, clever little boy. My sweet defensive darling little girl.
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So I got to spend lots of quality time with my new little one (and my horrible big kitty, Tatiana, who is also still my baby, as she reminds me firmly). Tiberius is getting very comfortable in the apartment, and REALLY loves the bedroom. He adores hiding under the bureau and behind the door, notwithstanding Tatiana's hisses when she sees him. The absolute cutest thing is when he spies that other strange cat in the mirror, that one that has stripes and big agate-colored eyes--he attacks it (bumping his little furry head against the glass) or does Halloween Kitty, all hump-backed and fluffed-up fur and that sideways hopping walk toward the mirror. I just cannot BEAR it, I will die from terminal cuteness. They're going to find me stretched out on my floor, and New York 1 will do a public health alert about the importance of getting your cuteness immunity shots updated.

Picture! )

He is bonding nicely with me, and does making-bread on my tummy in the mornings and when I get home (all drunk on purring). You don't know cute until a kitten makes bread on your tummy, purringpurringpurring the whole time. Rrrrrrrrr........ He was also waiting for me on my bedroom floor this morning when I got up, all bright eyed ("Good morning, Mommy! Can I make you some coffee?"), even though he KNOWS that's Tatia's turf. He doesn't seem to fear her--he respects her hissing and doesn't come closer, but he doesn't get defensive or upset. But he's all boy and just as often he gets all fewocious and wants to attack my hand, which is a very boy-cat thing to do (T.C. did this all the time, whereas Tatia never does). I'll try to give him kisses and he's all "Ma! I don't want yucky kisses, I wanna play guns!" Then he'll wrap his widdle kitten paws around my wrist and kickkickkick with his bunny feet and be all Alligator Mouth. Because he is Fewocious.

Picture! )

Tatiana, of course, is unhappy, and spends most of her time in the loft. It hurts me to see her so upset. I've been giving her extra head skritches and tummy rubs (when she'll let me--she hisses at me when she smells Tibby on my hands). I adore her and really want her to feel happier soon; soon she'll realize she's the alpha cat in the apartment and she needs to teach his little brother what's up.

*Hail Emperor Tiberius! We who are about to die from cuteness salute you!
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From a faraway land, the savage beast walks among us, menacing us with her cold ferocity, her mighty huntress instincts honed to an edge:

Click for the horribleness... )
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HIH Tatiana was horrible last night. She woke me up with all sorts of nocturnal badnessness. Knocking things over, and running up and down the stairs going into the loft (trilling the whole time--Tatia rarely meows, she prefers to trill--'Cause this is Trillerrrrr/Tril-ler Cat...), running across me. I woke up around 5 am and thought maybe someone was in the apartment--eventually I roused myself and crawled over to the top of the stairs, just sitting there and listening. I decided it was nothing and turned back to my bed--guess who was smack in the middle of the mattress, calmly cleaning her paws? Yes. I think the whole thing was a ruse, so she could take over prime mattress real estate.

She's just horrible. What's a mommy to do with such a bad little girl? Just kiss her sweet paws, I guess.
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I don't really want to work today. I'd rather be at home, sleeping.

I cast the role of the Rock in A Hillside in Hell last night. Chris Griffiths (my Client #2 in Vampires on Disability) recommended him--his name is Matt Walsh and he met me last night at my apartment. He's pretty tall, which I need for that role, and he's got excellent credits. He was in the company at the Shakespeare Theater in DC--he did a whole season with them and so he's earned enough points to join Equity. We bonded over our love of classical theater. He had Googled me, so he knew what stuff I'd done and knew who Duncan was. I've ego-searched myself many times, so I know what's out there. It's all pretty good.

Tatia woke me up a couple of times last night to suzz. She demanded (in her sweet, purring, I-will-not-be-denied way) head skritches. So I'm a bit sleepy.
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I love my horrible feline creature, HIH Tatiana Clarovna Greenskaia, but I have a complaint: she is such a bed hog. I woke up this morning kind of twisted around, and realized she was sprawled in the middle of the space I usually occupy, taking up absolutely as much space as possible, dead to the world. Sometimes she'll sleep above my head on a pillow but usually it's manifest destiny for cats.

I just pay the rent--this is her apartment.
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No rehearsal tonight, thank God. Last night after work I met the rest of them at Ripley-Grier and we went over scenes. I'd bought roses and a card for Julie's birthday, and surreptitiously got the others to sign the card.

Afterward Julie, Tracy and I went to a place near my apartment called Zuni's for a drink. It has a nice warm brightly colored interior and there was a jazz band playing. We took a booth near the back and chatted--I had two margaritas and, shamefully (in light of my need to stay skinny this week), a plate of quesadillas. I hadn't had dinner, though, and I worked out a bit after I got home.

Tonight, just restfulness. TV, knitting, quiet time with HIH Tatiana (who woke me up again, sprawled on my chest as I gasped for breath. Doodness, the Kitties of Life are just bad).
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Tired. I actually went to bed at a reasonable hour but after falling asleep for 20 minutes, I jerked awake and then had a difficult time getting back to sleep (not least because Tatia draped herself across my back and neck, purring madly, and then kneaded my hair with her kitten-claws. Then she played steppy cat for awhile and eventually flopped against my face, still purring wildly. Yeah. It's hard to sleep through that).

I don't think I'll go to trivia tonight--I hate slogging through the rain and I'm going out for the next three nights. I need to go to bed early tonight. I'll hang out at my cozy apartment and watch Holiday Inn or White Christmas.

Rehearsal last night went well. I am pretty much completely off-book which is helping the second Juliet scene ("The clock struck nine when I did send the nurse..."). I can immerse myself into what I'm saying so much better. The last scene feels great.
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Maybe I'll get a real tree this year. My new apartment is big enough. Tatia's never experienced the special joy of knocking over a full-size tree--that should be part of every cat's Christmas. I'd have to buy or make some more ornaments though.


Oct. 31st, 2003 12:54 pm
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I will:

Scrub the apartment down
Get a manicure and pedicure, and possibly go to the tanning salon
Make pumpkin pie ice cream
Go over my Shakespeare scenes
Watch TV with a large, loudly purring kitty on my shoulders
Possibly bake a pecan pie
Pick up freshly-cleaned As You Like It costumes
Possibly update my theater resume

I love weekends.
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Sleeping in Tomorrow opened yesterday. We had a final runthrough on Saturday and then a line-through yesterday afternoon before the performance. It went...okay. People got way too flustered because of stupid stuff--people were dropping lines, jumping them, Wael entered from the wrong doorway (on the other side of the stage, even). It's frustrating. And the fifteen minutes in, fifteen minutes out thing is a huge logistical PITA for such a prop-heavy show as ours. And I cannot stress enough how enormously frustrating it is for me to say certain notes 4, 5, 6 times. Wael, AGAIN, anticipate the gnocchi bowl so you're not scrambling to get in place for that pose. Lauren, AGAIN, build "I am a Jewess...I am a Jewess!" and stop smiling so much through "I am a married-to-a-lawyer Jewess"--it interferes with your diction on that line. I really get tired of repeating these notes. *Sigh* I'm so tired. I'm glad the show's up but I'm very tired and looking forward to having some evenings back.

After the show Paul, Jason, Duncan, Heidi, Paula, Dawn, Chris and Wael came over to my apartment for drinks and Jewish food (whitefish salad, tidbits in cream, smoked salmon). Lots of drinks. I was making drinks for a good 15 minutes when everyone first arrived. No one wanted beer, it seemed; everyone wanted margaritas or martinis. My drink maker got a workout. (Props to Jason for helping me out by getting crackers when we ran out.) Tatia didn't really hang out too much with us--I think she was a bit spooked because there were so many people in the apartment.

It was a lot of fun. We had the now-obligatory Ehud-bashing moments, Tatia embarrassed me by drinking out of the toilet bowl (she has plenty of fresh water, she was just misbehaving), I whipped around a picture of me that Peter Gorman shot. At one point we were listening to the BCR of Chess and I said how much I'd love to do that role. Yet another thing I need to produce. You know there's nothing I've done that he'd be ashamed of, in my whole life/Why'd you have to do this to me?...Well, at least she's a good-looking spy... Dawn brought a bottle of flavored gin, flavored with hot peppers or something. It was pretty good. I generally don't care for gin but this had quite a bite to it. Eventually everyone except Paul took off and the two of us hung out and talked about Hair. Paul would like to be seen for Berger, although I see him more as Claude. My apartment is a bit messy this morning, though, and the bottom of one of my martini glasses was broken off somehow (no biggie, I can glue it). Hosting is a lot of work, but I think I'd like to cram in a pumpkin-carving party--this weekend, I guess. *Sigh*

Jordan is coming over tonight with my nude silhouettes.


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