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Also, have been working like CRAZY the past two weeks--all my regular classes plus a bunch of the premier clinics on Randall's Island. The money is terrific--my paycheck next month (we get paid mid-month) is going to be monster but the pace is a little crazy. I get up before 7, walk over to the office on the Upper West Side to help load the bus and corral rugrats, ride with everybody over to Randall's Island, coach the little ones (5-6-7 yo) for 6 hours including a lunch break and a snack break), ride back and hurry home as quickly as possible because I have to clean up and change for my office job. Still though. MONEY.

But I'm actually adjusting to the pace rather well. My feet don't hurt so much at night and I've been sleeping almost enough. (ALMOST. Last night I fell asleep unexpectedly before 10:00 and then woke up at 3 am.) And I think I'm doing a decent job with the little ones. When I first started with the clinics I was assisting one of the other coaches but last week they just handed the little ones over to me. I was flailing a bit at first but started coming up with drills and exercises and fun games that also taught skills. The website for the coaches lists articles that teach coaching skills but when I checked them out, the links were expired so I mentioned it to the head of the premiere division. He said they were having a coaches' camp in late August and he'd make sure I'd get invited to that. I also asked them for a premiere tee-shirt so I didn't have to wear the regular one--I wanted this for several reasons. 1) I already stand out--I'm the smallest coach and the only female, and I don't want to wear what the kids might think of as the uniform for the "baby" classes. 2) The regular shirt is REALLY getting worn a lot, I've had to hand wash it several times already! Anyway, got my premiere tee-shirt and it's too big but still--I don't stand out, yay! I can shrink it anyway :)

Also when I was speaking to the head coach, I saw him typing up some kind of list of names of all the coaches in the premiere division and their responsibilities and I saw my name. Yay, I've proven myself! I really do love this job (exhausted as I frequently am!).
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I miss London. How can you miss a place you've visited (really visited--I've been in and out of it before on flights) only once? Well when I went there in '09 I said it felt like coming home. I need to start planning another visit except that I have to go to Oslo first! My brother and his family are posted there--they moved last summer and will be there for three years. I have never been to any part of Scandinavia and we have Scandinavia ancestry so I'm excited. The Norwegians always seem so happy. Plus the land of Ibsen must have a great theater scene.

The Mardi Gras party went *very* well this year--we had quite a decent turnout, including a bunch of people who said things like "I've been hearing about this party for years, I have to come." It's definitely a handicap having a party on a Tuesday but after all it's Mardi Gras, not Samedi Gras :) I made a new item, a Cajun dip that FLEW off the shelves, as it were. I'd had the idea that I could make a Cajun version of a nine-layer dip--I could make it ahead of time and put it in the refrigerator (a lot of the stuff I make for the party has to be made then and there, like the red beans and rice). Mom went online and found a recipe for a hot Cajun dip you could make in the slow cooker. It's trayf as all hell, with shrimp and bacon and all sorts of things. I made it during the day on Tuesday (I realized I'd never cooked bacon before--I was going to go online to see how to do it, then I realized "maybe the directions are on the package" and they were! So now I know how to cook bacon :) As I was making it I had a feeling it would be a hit so I doubled the recipe--excellent idea! I barely got any at all, it was a such a hit. Next year I'll triple the recipe.

Had a lot of soccer teammates there--Zach and Lindsay's BF won the babies and posed adorably with them. LOT of former roommates there, including Lori, Anya and Mickey! (Missing just one HINT HINT ;) Mickey brought Kim, his new wife--she is a total sweetheart and was raving about "what a good idea this is for a party!" Hopefully they will be able to come next year. Lori was so cute and protective--I'd barely had anything to eat or drink so she made a plate for me.

Peter came and seemed to have a good time. Griffin was kind of...hostile about him. He was *really* drunk by the end of the night and drunkenly told me he thought Peter was sleazy or something. Ah, Griffin, ever the soul of tact! He always gets grumpy around any guy who has better game than he does. Peter is a little...forward but that's what I love about him :) He was talking to me and Lori and someone else about his daughters and how beautiful they were and he said "they look like these two" (meaning Lori and me)--isn't that sweet! He does give the nicest compliments. It was a little funny, I was agreeing with him about how beautiful they are (his daughters really are lovely, with huge Amanda-Seyfried eyes) and somehow the subject of his ex-wife came up. He said something to me about her, clearly soliciting my agreement and I said "I barely remember her, we met only once at the Annie Get Your Gun opening night party at Tavern on the Green." Peter, you really need to keep the women in your life straight! Anyway, he was proud of me for nabbing this beautiful apartment.

The party ended kind of early, around 12:30 (some years it goes to 2 or later). This was fine by me, as I was exhausted by that time. Jonny (Anya's roommate and a friend of mine), his BF and Anya left last. The apartment is still bedecked with balloons and garland, I am waiting to take them down until my friend Katie comes over. She didn't come to the party because she was feeling depressed that night so I want her to come visit for a mini-Mardi Gras (I still have hurricane mix left over). I was exhausted pretty much all of last week--after our soccer game Saturday morning I came back and took a FOUR HOUR nap. Sunday I slept most of the day. I actually feel okay today--fully rested for once. It's a Lenten miracle!


Jul. 21st, 2010 07:04 pm
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I've been suffering these bouts of dizziness during or after workouts--have no idea what the problem is.  I do have pretty low blood pressure so I try to compensate by adding salt to my diet but I know I also need to eat more red meat.  Longish week--between shows for Duncan, seeing other people's shows, and cat-sitting for Tesse (and also proctoring), I've been trying not to fall asleep in the middle of the day.  Yesterday killed me, way too much to do.

On a brighter note, more on Operation Dubh Linn (meaning black pool).  A friend of mine lives in Wales not too far from Holyhead so we are making plans to meet--my idea is that I take the ferry there so I can see Wales for a bit, and then maybe she can come back to Dublin with me so she can see Dublin.  There are a couple of ferry companies that ply this route--the regular crossing (on the MV Ulysses) is about 3.5 hours, but they have a faster one (the MV Jonathan Swift) that is under 2 hours!  I'm thinking at least one of those crossings will be on the faster vessel--don't want to give up two precious hours!  And it's not as expensive as I'd feared, only about 30€.

Oooh, I just love planning trips!

I've been reading some more books, including a biography of Alice Roosevelt Longworth, Theodore Roosevelt's oldest daughter.  It's been a little disappointing--it takes some doing to write a dull biography of Alice Roosevelt, a truly unique personality who grew from hoyden to protofeminist to Washington power player, but this is it.  For one thing all the pictures chosen for the book don't show off how how gorgeous she was--"Princess Alice" was a notorious beauty, the quintessential Gibson girl, and the pictures in the book all make her look colorless.  Also the section that deals with her teen years relies perhaps a little too much on quotations from Alice's diaries, with its typically post-Victorian over-effusive prose, the worst example of which is the diary of the Empress Alexandra.  Reading excerpts from Alexandra's diary is like swallowing sugar cubes straight.  At least Alice had a sense of humor about herself--the Tsaritsa was just so EARNEST.  Although I guess her pessimism was justified...

I'm also finishing up Silver's Mississippi: A Closed Society--I came across a gold mine of archival footage today, a web site that gathers togather all sorts of links to various archival sites, so I can watch actual news reels and so forth.  I get such a kick out of watching archival footage--it just seems so historical


Feb. 3rd, 2010 06:30 pm
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Oh GOD, so tired. Lots of running back and forth today. Rachel's lil' birthday gathering was at her place last night--so much fun and good food. It was especially lovely standing on the balcony watching the snow come down. I spent the night at Kelly's (THANK YOU!) and then took the PATH back into the city, went to my doctor's for my weekly Vitamin B-12 shot (I have a new PCP, my old one retired and she did bloodwork and apparently I'm deficient in all sorts of vitamins so weekly shots. Yay. The co-pays are killing me). After this, took the train back home, studied a little before my discussion section, then took the train back to Morningside Heights for class. I LOVE my discussion section--we actually get to talk! And discuss! And ask questions! In fact we're required to do all this! My TA asked us what we thought about the professor and it's awesome that we all have pretty much the same take--although his lectures are interesting, he jumps around WAY too much, and the handouts are spiraling out of control, like the brooms in The Sorcerer's Apprentice. Interestingly she asked if we'd been doing the readings--uh, I thought that was required! I've been obsessing about whether or not I'd mastered every nuance of the readings, so I guess I'm doing okay.

Anyway after class I went back to Inwood again--I was going to close my eyes for just a few minutes (Tibby climbed adorably onto my chest to suzz) and woke up awhile later. I was so tired, I literally staggered out of my room and almost fell over. Oy. I meant to pick up my laptop but that didn't happen.

My Nicolae Ceauşescu Austerity Program to Repay Romania's Foreign Clara's School Debt* is still going well. We have so many handouts for this class (well over 100 pages so far and this is only the third week of class), I had to get a folder just to keep up with them, and I ONLY bought a folder, the least expensive kind, didn't buy one other thing at the bookstore! Plus I went through Cafe East, a little coffee place on campus that serves bubble tea and various kinds of Asian food and I was very tempted to get some sushi but I didn't!

*I made reference to this last night and Alex didn't understand what I meant--during Ceauşescu's regime, he financed a lot of domestic programs by borrowing heavily from Western powers. The debt devastated Romania's finances so he instituted a very severe austerity program to pay off the debt--just about everything was exported, electricity and all sorts of other utilities and services were strictly rationed. The standard of living in Romania plummeted during all this. Romania's history fascinates me--Ceauşescu was a complete villain by the end of his regime (and life, they ended at basically the same time) but when he was younger, he was quite a maverick vis à vis the Warsaw Pact signatories, openly condemning the invasion of Czechoslovakia and participating in the '84 Olympics and all.


Jul. 17th, 2009 05:31 pm
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Ohhhh, so ti-ti today. I've been dying for a catnap at work but Fridays are usually pretty busy.

Sometimes I can actually feel myself losing braincells from viewing the Yahoo! home page. I don't know how they manage it, but they're actually increasing their inanity saturation point. Their "news" stories are so. stupid.

Is this actually considered news? Is there a burning NEED for this skill?

Hanging out with Susan tonight, and of course I forgot her birthday present. *smacks head* We're going to Arriba! Arriba! to slurp margaritas and sangria, and dish. Tomorrow rehearsal, then dinner with a friend, then fight class on Sunday.
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I left the theater at 1:30 last night--so I was there 13 1/2 hours.


Not gonna be worth much today at work...


Oct. 8th, 2007 06:30 pm
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Saturday was a nice mellow day. I was originally planning to go to Hoboken for callbacks for A Christmas Carol but we're having some difficulty getting men so we postponed the callbacks. Which worked for me, I could sleep in. I eventually arose and drank coffee and then finally pulled myself together enough to go over to the Time-Warner store location to return the equipment and close out my account.

I walked back through the neighborhood and checked out various stors--there's a well-stocked pet store right across the way from Isham Park. There is a teeny little black kitten with green eyes named Lucy who lives there--Lucy cuddled in my arms as I shopped. After that I explored PJ's, which has to be the best-stocked liquor store I've seen since I moved to NYC. It's absolutely huge, with every imaginable variety and brand.

After that I got a manicure and pedicure at a place on Broadway run by some Vietnamese women. I asked them if there were any Vietnamese restaurants in the neighborhood--sadly, no (I love Vietnamese food).

A so-relaxing fall Saturday afternoon.
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I was able to sleep some last night--the Terrible Tabbies were much quieter. But I did wake up around 5 am and couldn't get back to sleep. The apartment leaks a lot of light--the window is so big, it's difficult to mask the light completely. God, my ass is dragging today.

Mickey and Sami had their show at the Knitting Factory Friday which was pretty cool. I'd never been there before and I'd never heard Mickey's music outside of Apathy. Afterward some of us hung out and I got in a long, cool conversation with Silas, Sami's fiance and our Starveling. He asked me what Holla Holla was thinking about doing next--I said I had not thought that far ahead, and we kicked around some ideas. Of course I always like to do the comedies in summer, but Twelfth Night *is* done an awful lot. We talked about the Scottish Play, although my main objection to that is the same one I have to Lear--Holla Holla's mission is implicitly feminist (in part), and I don't particularly want to do a play that focuses so much on a guy, unless I cast that role as a woman. Silas and I talked about this--he said he'd seen a Lear where it was cast as a woman, which struck me as odd. I'm all about the recasting of men's roles with women, IF it works (heck, I'm playing Puck, and I'm dying to play Mercutio sometime) but Lear seems like a role that only a man could play. His ego seems very male (not to say women don't have egos--of course we do, it's just his seems particularly masculine); his testing of his daughters seems very male. OTOH, Lillian Hellman's The Little Foxes has Lear-ish echoes and has a woman in the Lear role.

Silas also said he wanted to show us what he could really do--he indicated he hadn't really prepared for his audition for Midsummer. I can't remember what his prepared monologue was, but I *do* remember his reading of Bottom's stuff--he was fantastic. I told him he had NOTHING to apologize for--he blew Jason and me away. He was also talking up the histories but I gotta say, the histories are not that interesting to me, except maybe for Richard III, 'cause he's such a badass. I like my highs and lows. I would LOVE to do The Tempest but--see objection above re: Lear. Maybe Romeo and Juliet...I *love* that one. But there are so few women's roles in it...I could cast Mercutio as a female, and...I'd have to reread it to see who else I might cast as a woman.

Melissa (our First Fairy), Jason, Chris and Mickey all descended on my apartment on Saturday for a production meeting/rehearsal. Jason and Melissa went over her FF stuff, and Mickey and I discussed the music, and Mickey gave me shit for not casting any guys as the fairies! Although, since Mickey is our new composer/accompanist, he will be onstage with Titania's court, and all bedecked out as a fairy. Heh heh heh...After Melissa left, I popped in my DVD of The Brady Bunch Variety Hour. Their reactions were gratifying--it's impossible to describe how truly wretched that show was. When it got to the part where Greg and Mrs. Brady sing "All by Myself" as a duet, all three of them visibly recoiled and cried out. The '70s were the high-water mark for bad variety show TV.
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It's been an exhausting, busybusybusy week, and a little depressing. But I had a lovely awakening this morning when I realized Tibby was perched on my chest, purring up a storm, and then gently kissed me with his sweet kitten mouth when I opened my eyes.

My heart burst with the cuteness.
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So we had our farewell dinner for Marshall last night at the aforementioned One CPS Brasserie, and it was lots of fun. For my appetizer I had scrambled eggs with lobster and caviar. As delicious as it was, it was also incredibly rich--so much so that my stomach couldn't handle it and started to revolt about halfway through. I literally thought I was going to puke, so I stopped and let it settle for a bit. I had pepper tuna steak for my entree--it was pretty good but I was still full from the app. Dessert was so-so--sacher torte, and I've had the real thing, from the Hotel Sacher in Vienna, so I didn't think it was that great. Being on antibiotics, I couldn't drink but everyone else was throwing back glasses of wine and martinis.

The restaurant was beautiful--very clean, modern, open-feeling. One of our walls was a window into the kitchen, which was also very clean and white, and didn't look frantic at all. The restaurant is right on the corner of 59th and Central Park South, so there are views of both the Park and the plaza in front of the Plaza. It feels very different from Sparks Steakhouse, where we have gone for the holiday dinner for the last four years. Sparks is very heavy and masculine, with dark wood everywhere and lots of meaty meals.

People peeled off one by one, until there was a group of about 7 of us left. Adam was asking me about a song in Les Miz and I sang a few bars of this and that, until we figured out we was talking about "Do You Hear the People Sing?" Then he wanted to know about another song that Valjean sings, and he meant "God on High." He was trying to sing it with me, but he's tonedeaf so it weren't pretty. Adam has a recording of this song in Hebrew that he's going to bring in. Katie (another assistant who's an opera singer) and I started singing bits of various duets together--we think we should sing "I Know Him So Well" to Matt at the holiday party.

It was a lot of fun. I'm tired today but it was worth it.
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Feel MUCH better today. Last night I was so tired it took me forever to get to bed. I was up for a bit fiddling with my new laptop and playing with this and that. Tonight after rehearsal I'm going to download desktop themes and then listen to CDs. Maybe I'll even...burn...some. I'm so daring!

Busy, busy next week and a half. Rehearsals all this week for A Hillside in Hell, continuing through the weekend and into next week, when we open. Sunday I have this dinner to which a friend invited me. And next week I have a shoot and a medical appointment.

*Sigh.* I wish it were next weekend already. And I really wish it would STOP RAINING.
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Uh. Man, am I tired. I didn't get to sleep much this weekend except for Saturday, and now I look like crap. I went home for Easter--had a good time but still. Tired. Saturday night I met Allyson (friend from college) at Chevy's Fresh Mexican (or whatever it's called). I have to say, I really don't care for that restaurant. Duncan, Jason and I have gone there from time to time and I just find it loud and expensive. (Although I will say the guac is good.) We had a couple of drinks there, then went to her place. We just had a nice long conversation about our friends, currents events, religion. Just nice. I'm glad I have friends like Allyson.
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I don't really want to work today. I'd rather be at home, sleeping.

I cast the role of the Rock in A Hillside in Hell last night. Chris Griffiths (my Client #2 in Vampires on Disability) recommended him--his name is Matt Walsh and he met me last night at my apartment. He's pretty tall, which I need for that role, and he's got excellent credits. He was in the company at the Shakespeare Theater in DC--he did a whole season with them and so he's earned enough points to join Equity. We bonded over our love of classical theater. He had Googled me, so he knew what stuff I'd done and knew who Duncan was. I've ego-searched myself many times, so I know what's out there. It's all pretty good.

Tatia woke me up a couple of times last night to suzz. She demanded (in her sweet, purring, I-will-not-be-denied way) head skritches. So I'm a bit sleepy.

The Party

Mar. 2nd, 2004 12:48 pm
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Mike had a Caribbean-themed bathing-suit-mandatory party last Saturday. Three words--A Fucking Blast. I wore my yellow Esprit bandeau bathing suit with my tangerine CFMs, plus sparkly gold sunscreen (the ducklings know how much I love thparkles) and a yellow-orange hair clip. Funfunun. I was chagrined to see how little skin was actually showing, and at one point I was flashing Paula to make that point--every time I did this Jason would avert his eyes in a fit of pre-nuptial bashfulness. "What are you doing?" "I...I'm averting my eyes, O Lord." "Well, don't!."

Mike made a really yummy drink with freshly grated nutmeg--so delicious. Paula was fiddling around with drink ingredients as well, and kept offering me tastes. She ended up winning for Best Island Drink--I won for Sexiest Female Suit and Heidi won for Best Winter Tan (Female). We all got half-liters of Captain Morgan's spiced Rum as prizes. More yum. Someone from Company, a guy named Rob whom I'd met before, was also there--dude has quite a tendresse. It's very flattering but in a that's-nice-pat-him-on-the-head way. He actually cracks me up though--he was actually whining for me at the end to give him my phone number. I will say, though, the guy makes a hell of a drink. He whipped up something in the blender that tasted incredible.

I slept on Mike's couch and tiptoed out around 11:30. The funny thing was, I felt fine in his apartment that morning, but as I waited (endlessly) for the bus in the sun, and rode on the bus, and staggered home, I started developing a bad hangover. As in, I actually yakked when I got into my apartment. Ew. Not good. I was able to doze for awhile and felt a little better, and eventually made myself get up and walk downtown, just to enjoy the day.

By the Way

Feb. 10th, 2004 10:43 pm
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Sex and the City was fun. The breakfast was pretty good--sausake, scrambled eggs, pancakes and coffee--although the lunch was a bit of a bust. The scene involved Kim Cattrall (I would've loved to have seen SJP) addressing us guests at a charity function for breast cancer. This was definitely the last episode, BTW; in fact, it was the penultimate day of shooting. I have to say, I was one of the best-dressed people there. There were people in some right tacky outfits--one girl was really out of place; she looked about 14 and had a short, Madonna-esque blue dress with crimped red hair.

I will also say, my determination never to get a tattoo is renewed. They look incredibly tacky when wearing an elegant dress.

I was exhausted and kept taking catnaps whenever I could. When I could stay awake, I read Triangle, David von Drehle's book about the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire. Really good book. There was a woman sitting nearby in the holding room who noticed me and commented on the book. I overheard a lot of nervous actor talk, which irritated me. I honestly have a difficult time around many actors--so many of them are so insecure and nervous and anxious and constantly talkingtalkingtalking about their career. I'd rather hear about their craft or their art.
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Unh. Very tired. I crashed at Duncan's & Chris's after Mike's party and woke up this morning, without having slept enough. Took the bus home, got all dolled up for the audition, took the bus back to Hoboken, did the audition, took the bus back again to the city, and went to rehearsal. Exhausted. After rehearsal, staggered back home and slept for two hours. Then woke up, staggered down the street and got stuff to make nachos. Feel better.

Mike's party was lots of fun. I mostly talked to people I already knew--Chris massaged my back and head for a long time (((Chris))), and Paula and I talked with Rachel about shows, Debaun, a bunch of things. I was a little giddy, perhaps as a reaction to the intense cold, a sort of whistling in the dark thing, and also because of my appearance in Photographic magazine (see below). I didn't get a chance to talk much to Mike or Heidi until the end. Heidi was saying some very nice things about my Shakespeare showcase and other stuff I've done. I lovelovelove knowing I've reached someone--art is about communication, and making that connection sends me through the roof.

I'm nakedly abstract in the current issue of Photographic magazine! They have a photo contest every month with different themes, and Jordan sent in a photo of me which was one of the winners! I'm in a magazine, I am so cooool...

The audition went pretty well. Not perfectly but I felt pretty good about it. I sang "Waiting for Life" (which, it occurred to me just then, was also written by Flaherty and Ahrens--duh, Clara!) and "My White Knight." I probably could've focused a bit more but...it went pretty well. Dave complimented me on my work with Jason--he said Jason had never been so confident at an audition. Yay! Lisa Pierce was there and we joked about Lisa singing "Caught with a Dildo" as her uptempo. But yeah, I have hella conflicts. I can't make it to callbacks, I can't be there weekdays until 9:00 pm. *Shrug* What are ya gonna do? There'll be other productions of Ragtime.

Peter is coming to the show Sunday.

I want--I need to have an underwear party next month. Lots of skimpily dressed bodies frolicking about with drinks. Yum.
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Ex. Haust. Ed.

But I got a lot done today.

I finished a book called The Probable Future by someone named Hoffman (Susanna Hoffman?). Too cutesy which was at odds with its premise of 13-year-olds having sex (naturally in the most romantic way imaginable). Just...didn't quite work. I don't like fiction nowadays--I paid off my library fines (I'd checked out a book that a friend of mine threw out and I haven't gotten around to paying for it) and finally, for the first time in almost two years, could check out books. Being in a library is like sex to me. Such a great feeling. I want to check out every book they have and just readreadread. I started slow--got a couple of knitting books, Legally Blonde (the book upon which the movie is based, not the novelization), and a massive book about Russian history. Yum. Books.

Tonight we had a line-through at Ripley-Grier. I was so tired, I was a bit punchy--during the Twelfth Night runthrough, instead of saying "Good madam, let me see your face," I said "let me see your breasts." Tracy went along with it, and I started laughing so hard I was crying at my next line, which was "Excellently done--if God did all." Of course, her next line was "'Tis ingrained, sir, 'twill endure wind and weather." I had this image of these Pamela Anderson-esque fake breasts.

Peter Pan

Dec. 26th, 2003 03:02 pm
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Complete exhaustion. I slept a good eight hours last night and nothing is helping.

Yesterday was nice. Mom and I stayed in our pajamas and watched the Yule Log on TV, then two different versions of A Christmas Carol. Stocking, presents, etc. then we saw Peter Pan. It's FANTASTIC. I must reiterate--FANTASTIC. If you have any love for this story, RUN OUT AND SEE IT. The cinematography was literally breathtaking, and the chemistry between Peter and Wendy is electric. I've never seen two child actors with that kind of chemistry before--they were incredible. There's a lot of subtext in this version; as one review said, with this version, it's there, whereas other versions (notably the disappointing Disney cartoon) ignored it. I was especially impressed with the kid (Jeremy ?) playing Peter--he was word-perfect. Even his American accent didn't bother me, because everything else was so good. That's such a difficult role to cast, and they hit the jackpot with him--he's obnoxious, charming, cocky, remote, self-centered, cute, a show-off, mysterious. He was simply perfect. Wendy was great too; the actress was good and they emphasized her more tomboyish elements. And the whole story is so much more complex and interesting--both Peter and Wendy are approaching adolescence and that brings so much more to the story, because Peter is shown not just rejecting adulthood but seeing it as a possibility, fearing it. "Come with me and you will never, never have to think about grown-up things again." "Never is a long time."

Captain Hook was excellent as well, not as foppish as in the musical but playing both sides of ridiculous and deadly. The crocodile was terrifying--he was huge, a primordial reptile! Tinker Bell was very well-done, and the scene where she almost dies was very clever. I won't tell you how they handled it but it was clever and moving at the same time. Never Never Land was--oh God, it was perfect, a child's dream. Pink fluffy cotton candy clouds, rich dank greenery everywhere, beautiful and deadly mermaids right out of Homer. The weather scenes are especially gorgeous.

There's one especially breath-taking scene when, on Never Never Land, he beckons Wendy over to watch pixies wooing each other under a hollow tree. Pleased with her delight, he steps back, looks at her and bows. She curtsies and steps into his arms and they dance together--flying together throughout the treetops, against the stars. It was so beautiful I almost cried. It was lovely. I can't describe how this movie made me feel--it was everything I'd hoped for. Mom felt the same way--we both thought it was fantastic. We love the story of Peter Pan--I always loved the musical, and I've read the original play and books. Thank God they did it justice this time.

I do believe in fairies.
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Yesterday, I planned to enjoy my longish train ride home by sleeping for a couple of hours on the train, and then getting a beer and a hotdog from the cafe car and enjoying them at the seat. Unfortunately my plans were ruined by the ignorant crack whore mother across the aisle from me, who allowed her hyped-on-sugar shit children to scream, jump up and down on the seats and run up and down the aisles. The only thing I could hear were these shitty kids. God, I hate negligent parents. And after this I feel like I hate kids. Oh, except wait--I saw two other kids, who I didn't even realize were there until they came to their mother (who sat immediately next to me) and quietly asked her a question form time to time. They were reading. See, that's what normal, well-brought up kids do on long train rides. They occupy themselves by reading, or playing video games, or cards. Fucking trash parents. I hate people who can't behave.

The worst was when the mother ordered her shit kids to change the toddlers diaper--on the seat. Staph infections, anyone?

So, I came into town thoroughly exhausted and frustrated, and ended up sleeping way too late today. I woke up at three in the afternoon.

But. That's all behind me, and now I feel better. Mom and I are having a reveillon tonight after Midnight Mass--this is a French custom wherein you fast all day on Christmas Eve and then eat all sorts of delicacies after church. We have red champagne, pastries, Mom's yummy spice cake that she makes every Christmas [it's so good--it's so rich it doesn't need any frosting or anything, it uses like a dozen eggs, and lots of bubbon (Bourbon, for those non-Southerners)]. Lots and lots of yummy stuff.

I checked out tomorrow's TV schedule, and they're showing the Yule Log from 9-11. I'd never heard of this until last Christmas, but apparently on Christmas morning some TV stations in some areas (it's a New York tradition originally, I think) air footage of a log burning with Christmas music. How cute is that? And then at 11:00 they're showing my favorite version of A Christmas Carol, the one with George C. Scott. God, he's good in that role. He doesn't overmotivate any of it--he's just so damn grounded in his disgust with Christmas. I saw the Patrick Stewart version last weekend and didn't really like it for that reason.

And then I think I want to go see Peter Pan.
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Tired. I actually went to bed at a reasonable hour but after falling asleep for 20 minutes, I jerked awake and then had a difficult time getting back to sleep (not least because Tatia draped herself across my back and neck, purring madly, and then kneaded my hair with her kitten-claws. Then she played steppy cat for awhile and eventually flopped against my face, still purring wildly. Yeah. It's hard to sleep through that).

I don't think I'll go to trivia tonight--I hate slogging through the rain and I'm going out for the next three nights. I need to go to bed early tonight. I'll hang out at my cozy apartment and watch Holiday Inn or White Christmas.

Rehearsal last night went well. I am pretty much completely off-book which is helping the second Juliet scene ("The clock struck nine when I did send the nurse..."). I can immerse myself into what I'm saying so much better. The last scene feels great.


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