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I have a Coach gift certificate (I sent in a bag to them to be repaired and they deemed it unrepairable so they issued me a card for what they thought the bag was worth). As it turned out it was a little too cold to be browsing in the plaza, so I turned into J. Crew instead. Found a cute shirt:

The color is listed as "pack green" but it's almost a teal--which is a great color for me! As I tried it on I was remembering the old "Color Me Beautiful" paradigm. *grabbing cane* Back in the '80s a book came out called Color Me Beautiful that became a huge thing. The idea was that you sort yourself according to your coloring--hair and complexion--into a "season," and that indicates which colors flatter you best. For the longest time I thought I was a spring/summer and should wear pastels (light blue, light pink). But those colors look bland on me because *I* have light blue eyes, and pale pink skin! Jewel tones suit me much better. Besides, I enjoy the drama of jewel tones :) And I like to wear colors I should *never* be able to pull off, like yellow and orange and gold. As long as you accessorize and pair appropriately, in theory you can wear almost any color.

I also think that J. Crew is kind of overpriced. I love their stuff but it's not exactly fashion-forward--it's all preppy separates. (Similarly to Ralph Lauren which is WAY overpriced.) On the other hand it's a good value--relentlessly untrendy (er--classic, I mean ;) therefore you can wear the clothes forever! And maybe that's why they price it so high :) Anyway, I almost never buy J. Crew or Ralph Lauren unless it's on sale.
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Alert! Alert!

Betsey Johnson, which is going out of business (mostly), has SLASHED their prices--both in stores and online! I'm picking up an adorbs green snake print miniskirt and some cute lil' black hose.


Be ye warned, the website is really wonky. I had to call them directly to place the order, then their software at the customer call center is also wonky, and I ended up going online after all, It took me awhile finally to get the order through but it was worth it because it's BETSEY MOTHERFUCKING JOHNSON.

That is all.
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Just ordered some darling items from Plasticland, including this oh-so-seasonal plaid pencil skirt:

Can't wait to pair that up with cute shoes and a sweater! The Mad Men look is difficult for me to pull off--I'm not voluminously busty enough--but some stuff, like pencil skirts, I can handle.
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Today is a kind of preppy-boho look. I'm wearing my white eyelet lace dress with my distressed cowboy boots. Pondering what to wear on top of that this morning (much as I love the Betsy Johnson, I thought she was a little too-too for this), I spied my orange shell and grabbed it. Then inspiration--I accessorized it with the orange-slice pin I got at the Museum of American Folk Art. (Plus the bronze bracelet I picked up in Morocco.)

Makeup is all teals and browns, with pale lips. Jewelry is mostly gold (two gold necklaces, plus the bronze bracelet) and teal (my chandelier teal-stone earrings).

It's kind of hard to tell how the whole effect comes off, actually--I barely have mirror access at my apartment since my full-length mirror is in storage, so I just have to hope that the whole is equal or greater than the sum of the parts.
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Today is all about the green and yellow--what better color combo to usher in the summer? (I get a little obsessive with these two colors, especially yellow). I have on a sleeveless tight yellow shirt with a relaxed neck, and check-plaid cotton pants in lime green, plus new yellow canvas sandal espadrilles. To accessorize, I have on a beaded bracelet in tonal shades of jade green, my Swatch swimmer's watch (it has two swimmers doing the breastroke around the face of the watch for the minute and hour hands, and the strap is made of Astroturf) and green disc earrings. My makeup is in green and yellow as well--green eye-liner, and yellow pencil on my lips, with a clear gloss on top.

Summer is a-cumen in!...When days grow long and mild... The best time of the year!

Edited to add media!

The awkward pose is because I'm trying to get the earrings into the shot as well.

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God, what an unbelievably exhausting weekend. Friday evening, after spending an hour at the internet cafe (my laptop is still down), I hied me over to the Xth Avenue Lounge for drinks with Alex, Don et al. I didn't stay too long, as I was pretty tired already and wanted to get a decent amount of sleep before the wedding. Saturday, I kept hitting the snooze button so I had less time than I'd planned to get ready but it all turned out okay nonetheless. Shallow, clothes-oriented blather that's not important compared to a wedding )

The ceremony was at the Bethesda Terrace--a nice mixture of informal and formal. Informal--no seating, bubbles being blown during the recessional. Formal--Alex and Don's dress (Alex had a lovely cream satin dress and Don was in tails. I love seeing men in tails, it's so elegant), a processional and recessional. The minister had baptized Alex--she must have some kind of picture in the attic, or else she was ordained at the age of 8. She looked very young! Alex and Don were so adorable during their ceremony and I loved the vows they wrote.

After the ceremony, Mickey and I were hanging out under the arch and Don and Duncan's father came by and I reintroduced myself (I'd met him the night before and I figured he probably didn't remember my name). Then I said "And this is Mickey--Mickey, Don, Duncan and I have all done shows together." Bob (D&D's dad) said "and you two are an item." We both said "oh no" and I said "no, we're just friends." Then I realized that sounded weird, so I added "Actually, Mickey has a fiancee in San Francisco, but she's in the process of moving here." Chris joined us and we thought the heat was getting to us, so we decided to go to the reception early and get a drink somewhere in the vicinity. Apparently we completely missed the excitement--poor Jason had had to call an ambulence after the heat got to him. (He'd run all the way up those steps to take a picture of the wedding gathering from Bethesda Terrace.)

Anyway, on 44th Street across the street from the reception venue, we saw a St. Andrew's Bar/Restaurant that looke promising. We went in and sat at the bar--they had a menu with at least 100 different kind of Scotch. Scotch from the Highlands, from Skye, from Perth, Spey, Arran, Orkney, the Lowlands. It was...dizzying. I ordered a "taster" (about an ounce?) of some arcane, peaty kind that was delicious. We also ordered fried oysters since I'd had no breakfast. During all of this I got a text from Elizabeth Boskey assuring me "Jason is ok. I'm texting you so you can tell everyone else." I had no idea what this meant and called her and she told me what had happened.

Eventually we joined the reception which was at this very authentic, dark, Roman-looking Italian restaurant. Lots of food, LOTS of dancing, two kinds of cake (Randy made red velvet cake which was pretty damn delicious--trust a Southerner to bring the red velvet goods!)--lots of fun. I made the mistake of dancing in my sexy lil' brown strappy shoes, for which the balls of my feet paid the price later on.

I got home and crashed for an hour, and then roused myself to go to the after-party on the East Side. Much the same people, all now dressed casually. We were ALL dragging by this time, and eventually Duncan and I left with Tony who had very kindly offered to let us sleep at his place because Thyme rehearsal was so early the next morning, and so close by. We got one of the new cabs with GPS but the device seemed to be malfunctioning, as it was playing the same new story over and over again. Tony's apartment is beautiful, with an incredible view and a balcony. I'm terribly envious.

Thyme rehearsal the next morning, which went well. I'm *loving* Patricia as Titania--she's really good. Everyone is. After rehearsal I went to the internet cafe again, went home and then slept for four hours.
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Today my outfit is all about the lime green and white--sooooo summery! I have on a lime-green linen pencil skirt paired with a crisp white fitted, 3/4 sleeve shirt--it kind of looks like one of those "hot waiter" shirts. My earrings are lime-green graduated discs and my shoes are my lil' white sandals. My eyes are lined in black and green paired with a brush of yellow lip gloss.

I've been wearing and then removing one of my headbands--this one has accents of yellow and lime green, with some purple thrown in. Very cute but it makes my head ache.

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In honor of the opening of Admit Impediments tonight, and to look properly directorial, I eyeballed my closet for some time this morning, and finally pulled together a fetching spring outfit. My yummy orange skirt--two layers of cotton, in tonal shades of orange, red and pink with matching orange satin trim. (This skirt is beyond girly--the inner layer is pure orange with a lace trim that peeks out from the bottom of the skirt.) I typically wear this skirt in the summer but it's just fine for spring as well.

On top, my sleeveless pale lavender silk shantung mandarin collar top. I left the top buttons open, because I'm wearing my lil' denim jacket over it--tailored, structured meshes contrast nicely with more fashion-foward pieces. If I'd had a more conservative, structured top it would've been too matchy-matchy.

To go with the orange-purple theme, I'm wearing my dark purple pumps, with orange lip gloss and purple-teal eye makeup.

I enjoy...being a girl!
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I'm going to the Met tonight--Bart called me with an extra ticket to La Boheme. I've never seen an actual Met opera, although I've seen ballet at that space (and of course I've seen lots of stuff at City Opera). I kind of wish it were something besides Boheme which I've seen many times, but I certainly can't turn down a free ticket! [shallow,clothes-oriented post]Since I couldn't dress up properly for the performance, I put together a lovely, stylish outfit pairing a black leather skirt, patterned black stocking, black slingbacks with a light yellow cardigan and a purple scarf. Of course as soon as I put on the sweater I felt overheated because of this crazy weather! Can you believe in another six weeks or less it's going to be 15 degrees out?? So I switched out the yellow sweater for a very lightweight lavender one, and am wearing my black velvet sleeveless top underneath. Hair is piled into a chignon--right now I have the hot librarian look going on, with the demure sweater and hair, plus the black leather skirt![/shallow,clothes-oriented post]

In other opera news, my friend Katie, who does a lot of G&S, has a friend who's singing Gretel in a smaller-scale production of Hansel and Gretel next weekend. I've never seen H&G but love the music. What can I say?--it's like The Nutcracker--a little too sweet but childishly satisfying. Brother, come and dance with me/Both my hands I offer thee... and the haunting When at night I go to sleep/14 angels watch my keep...

This month is going to be soooo busy...I have H&G on the 8th, Mike's goosefest on the 9th, my birthday, Spring Awakening, the Lazard RE holiday party, and the DeBaun party the following week...help! Plus next week I have the meeting with the Hudson River Park Trust...

I auditioned for DeBaun's Into the Woods Tuesday. Typically I was very nervous and stressing out--I did pretty good but not great on the singing (I sang "Gooch's Song"--I was distracted and placed my voice too low on the lower stuff although I did wail on the B-flat at the end) and I NAILED the monologue ("These are the forgeries of jealousy..."). I've never done that monologue as well, not even in performances. I put down that I wanted the Witch or Little Red but might accept other roles. The director called me yesterday and said some very sweet things about what a great character actress I was. He called me back for Cinderella's mother/Granny/the Giant. A little disappointed but I am one of those types that's hard to fit in places, I know. As small as I am, they might well think I'm too old for Little Red (or, conversely, too small for the Witch), so what are you gonna do? Anyway, the callbacks are tomorrow--we'll see what happens. I'm just glad I did a decent audition.

After the auditions, I met my friend Ashley (she was in Xmas Carol) at Court Street, and later Alex, Don and Kelly joined us. We had a lovely time--lots of networking, exchanging of plays that have good monologues, tax advice, etc. I have such nice friends.

I'm supposed to be shooting a student film this weekend but the director has been very slackjaw about 1) sending me a script, 2) finalizing a schedule, and 3) contacting me! I really want to help Duncan move--I just wish I knew what I'm doing on Sunday.
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Today I'm looking a little Steve Nicks, minus the curly hair. I have on bottle-green leather pants with suede patchwork ankle boots in tonal shades of brown. My shirt is one of those thin linen Indian shirt with lots of cutouts--I've accessorized it with a thin silver choker necklace, a long silver chain with amethyst pendants, and a thin purple silk belt with silver sequins that I'm wearing as a scarf. I have simple silver earrings on, and a thin tortoise-shell barrette pulling my hair half back.


Aug. 14th, 2006 10:38 am
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God, do I need coffee.

It was a loooong weekend, but tons of fun. My cousin and I hung out Friday night--I met her and her friend at the Blue Point on the corner of 46th & 9th (a cute new place in HK, with lots of color accents and recessed lighting--one of those More New York Than Thou places). Then we headed for the secret bar--Roslyn has been there before but her friend, who is this adorable half-Puerto Rican, half-Jewish/Polish girl who is just all kinds of 19 years old awkward and sweet, was in awe of the place. She was especially thrilled when I got beers for them, and didn't even pay (some very nice guy at the bar with whom I chatted for a little bit paid for my order).

Saturday, I got to rehearsal early, so Mickey could play for me the music he'd composed for the Bergomask, and I could put some blocking/'ography together for it. Something occurred to me pretty quickly, some very basic 'ography with the R&J kind of courtly dance with the palm to palm stuff, and some bowing. This is actually right on target, since the definition is "a clumsy rustic dance (cf. Shakespeare, Midsummer Night's Dream, v. 360) copied from the natives of Bergamo, reputed to be very awkward in their manners." Mickey said that he'd been thinking along the same lines. Good that the team is all on the same page.

The cast and Jason arrived at 12, and I taught the Mechanicals the dance. The other cast members were sitting and watching, and some would make comments or jokes which is fine but after awhile it got to be a little disorganized and social. I had to lay down the smackdown so the Mechanicals could concentrate. I'd brought Duncan his Bottom ears and nose--the nose looks HILARIOUS. Ears are a little slidy though. Gotta anchor them babies.

The runthrough went fine. We are in excellent shape.

After rehearsal I went home and changed for drinks at the Yale Club, one of the events on the agenda for Lisa Pierce's wedding. I was all kinds of prepped out, in a periwinkle blue eyelet cut dress with a pink, bejeweled belt, pink pumps, coral lipstick and my coral Kate Spade bag. And pearls, of course. Preps represent! I hung out with Lisa's parents and friends for a bit, then left for another wedding event, a walking tour of Grand Central Station that my parents and my brother, his wife and their baby son also attended. The tour was fascinating, combining two interests of mine, history and architecture. I learned about Beaux Arts architecture, and the Campbell apartment (an apartment that was hidden in GCS for many years--it's now a cocktail lounge) and the whispering gallery and that the clock faces in the middle of the main terminal is made entirely of opal. Also, GCS (or, as it's correctly termed, Grand Central Terminal) is a celebration of rail travel, and right near by is the Chrysler Building (travel by auto) and the MetLife building which used to be the PanAm Building (travel by air--and it's designed in the shape of a propeller, with the tapered edges). So cool! There seemed to be such a spirit of optimism in design back then--a lot of the design of GCT was intended to exalt Man, to make us like Gods. It's interesting that this spirit lasted even through the '30s (you can see it in the friezes of Prometheus in Rockefeller Center), when the Depression was in full swing.

After that I headed out to Queens for Sami and Silas's doodad. Since I didn't think I'd be able to go until that morning, I didn't have anything prepared but I earned my keep by whipping up some margs when I got there. Attend-the-tale-of-Katie-Stodd (our Peter Quince) was there, as was Paul (Flute), Dana (Helena), Mickey and Jason. Had so much fun! I slurped margs and had remember-when conversations with Paul (we go waaaaay back) and talked with Mickey about my planned cabaret this winter and which potential hotties in the Midsummer cast. I would make a good pimp. I just want to see people happy!

I left around midnight (I think?) to meet with Roslyn and her friend again. We wanted to go to Vnyl but the kitchen was closed (the girls were hungry) so we went to Galaxy (which has reopened!). The funny thing was, when we entered Vnyl I got some rather snarky looks based on my preppy look--I wanted to say "Guys, I don't normally dress like this! I had to revert to my roots for the day, but I'm much hipper than this, I promise!"
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Today I am wearing a cute flirty lil' floral skirt that Sami gave me yesterday. The great thing about this skirt is how many colors it has in it, which means you can pair it with almost anything. It has fuschia, red, orange, yellow and blue. I topped it with one of my favorite summer tops, my sleeveless yellow cowl-neck, and a fuschia beaded belt. I decided to wear neutral shoes, so as not to compete with the riot of colors elsewhere, and am wearing my tan high-heeled sandals.

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It's SUCH a lovely warm day today--I had to wear appropriate delicately sexy skimpy clothes. So I pulled out my slip skirt--this skirt is an actual slip from the '50s (when they were SERIOUS about undergarments!) and I wear it as a skirt in the summer. (Ooooh, I'm so NAUGHTY!) The great thing about this skirt is that it has so many colors to accent, all these different-colored flowers--yellow, pink, purple, plus green leaves and a blue background. It is pretty see-through so I have to wear a slip under the slip. I topped it with my yellow cowl neck sleeveless top and my pink high-heeled sandals, and my pink bejeweled canvas belt. Makeup is pink and purple--pale pink lips and eyes lined in purple.

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Today I'm working the Desperate Housewives (The Early Years) look. I have on a cornflower blue vintage dress. It has short almost-cap sleeves and the hem hits about mid-calf. I bought it on eBay (click on the link for a picture--I can't take a picture today)--the listing said it was "'50s/'60s" which seems about right--it has some of the structured quality of 50s fashion (well-defined bosom and waistline) but isn't quite so maniacally tailored (no collar, no cuffs). With such a specifically vintage look like this, you have to be careful not to accessorize in the same vein too much, because you don't want it to look like a costume of a '50s housewife. So you wear modern accessories--then it becomes "ironic"! So, although I did indulge in a string of pearls and some silver knots in my ears, I wore my hair pulled back in a sleek ponytail, and belted it (although the dress has an accent at the waist, I had to belt it as it's a bit big for me*) with a pink canvas belt with an adorable bejeweled pink-and-purple stone buckle. Pink shoes, of course (really, this dress should have white shoes, something fresh to set off the cornflower color, but white shoes are a no-no before Memorial Day. You can break that rule nowadays, but not with a dress like this). Nude stockings, naturally--I thought about wearing nude fishnets (that would've been an AWESOME modern accessory for such a preppy little dress) but regretfully decided against it, as the pattern would've been too busy against the design on the dress.

*Another thing about '50s fashion--it MUST fit. I need to take this baby to the tailor--anything structured must fit or it looks like crap.
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Today I have on a delightul sherbet-y outfit in honor of the lovely warmth outside. I was standing in front of my closet and decided to wear my pistachio cropped pants, and then paired them with my yellow sandals (my toenails are painted lime-green so they matched my pants). Looking at that I thought "This outfit NEEEDS a yellow top!" so I put on my yellow boatneck 3/4 sleeve top. THEN, in a BOLD move, I matched it with this belt I don't wear too much--it's braided with bright jewel-toned, gold-laced cords, with this huge gold-tone centerpiece. Plus my Moroccan brass bracelet and my ruby heart earrings. Makeup is subtle with rose-pink lips and blue/black eye makeup (mostly liner).

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Today I pulled out my purple tweed Kenneth Cole skirt--it has a delicious dark purple velvet ribbon at the waist. I paired it with my lilac tight turtleneck and and rhodanite-and-amethyst pendant on the long silver chain. Then, thinking I needed to relieve all of that purple, I decided to add some orange accents--orange hair clip, orange lip gloss, sunflower-face watch with orange polka-dot fabric wrist band and my witchy-toed orange suede CFMs with awesomely spiky heels.

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Today I'm wearing a rather demure, Sweet-Briar-y outfit. I have on a light green tank-top in two layers--the top layer is lace, and the bottom is satin adn the whole thing is trimmed in ribbons. This goes under an ivory shrug. I'm also wearing chocolate-brown suede pants with chocolate brown suede mid-length heels, plus sheer green pantyhose. My hair is long and curled slightly and held back with a gold hairband, with green/teal bead drop earrings and a silver chain.
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Today I am wearing a nubby wool, cream-colored skirt, topped with a tight, stretchy black turtleneck. I have on my knee-length black kitten-heeled boots, with my black Coach belt and...black stockings and black fishnets, with the black leather garter belt to hold up the fishnets. For color I have my long-ish gold-and-red hearts chain, with matching ruby heart earrings, plus a lttle color on the face. Hair is long and loose.
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I am wearing black fishnet stockings. With a leather garter belt.

That is all.
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Today I'm wearing an outfit with soft neutral earth colors--creams, greens, browns. The skirt is an almost-khaki green corduroy ruffled miniskirt, with sequins and embroidery. Up top I have on a cream, 3/4 sleeve, cropped waist, cable stitch cardigan that my Great Aunt Dottie knitted for my mother way back in the '50s (the label inside reads "From the needles of Dorothy Hix"). For accessories I am wearing my brown leather big-buckled belt that I snitched from my Mom, plus brown opaque stockings with chocolate brown heels. Hair is pulled back into a ponytail, makeup is soft greens and pinks.



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