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I miss London. How can you miss a place you've visited (really visited--I've been in and out of it before on flights) only once? Well when I went there in '09 I said it felt like coming home. I need to start planning another visit except that I have to go to Oslo first! My brother and his family are posted there--they moved last summer and will be there for three years. I have never been to any part of Scandinavia and we have Scandinavia ancestry so I'm excited. The Norwegians always seem so happy. Plus the land of Ibsen must have a great theater scene.

The Mardi Gras party went *very* well this year--we had quite a decent turnout, including a bunch of people who said things like "I've been hearing about this party for years, I have to come." It's definitely a handicap having a party on a Tuesday but after all it's Mardi Gras, not Samedi Gras :) I made a new item, a Cajun dip that FLEW off the shelves, as it were. I'd had the idea that I could make a Cajun version of a nine-layer dip--I could make it ahead of time and put it in the refrigerator (a lot of the stuff I make for the party has to be made then and there, like the red beans and rice). Mom went online and found a recipe for a hot Cajun dip you could make in the slow cooker. It's trayf as all hell, with shrimp and bacon and all sorts of things. I made it during the day on Tuesday (I realized I'd never cooked bacon before--I was going to go online to see how to do it, then I realized "maybe the directions are on the package" and they were! So now I know how to cook bacon :) As I was making it I had a feeling it would be a hit so I doubled the recipe--excellent idea! I barely got any at all, it was a such a hit. Next year I'll triple the recipe.

Had a lot of soccer teammates there--Zach and Lindsay's BF won the babies and posed adorably with them. LOT of former roommates there, including Lori, Anya and Mickey! (Missing just one HINT HINT ;) Mickey brought Kim, his new wife--she is a total sweetheart and was raving about "what a good idea this is for a party!" Hopefully they will be able to come next year. Lori was so cute and protective--I'd barely had anything to eat or drink so she made a plate for me.

Peter came and seemed to have a good time. Griffin was kind of...hostile about him. He was *really* drunk by the end of the night and drunkenly told me he thought Peter was sleazy or something. Ah, Griffin, ever the soul of tact! He always gets grumpy around any guy who has better game than he does. Peter is a little...forward but that's what I love about him :) He was talking to me and Lori and someone else about his daughters and how beautiful they were and he said "they look like these two" (meaning Lori and me)--isn't that sweet! He does give the nicest compliments. It was a little funny, I was agreeing with him about how beautiful they are (his daughters really are lovely, with huge Amanda-Seyfried eyes) and somehow the subject of his ex-wife came up. He said something to me about her, clearly soliciting my agreement and I said "I barely remember her, we met only once at the Annie Get Your Gun opening night party at Tavern on the Green." Peter, you really need to keep the women in your life straight! Anyway, he was proud of me for nabbing this beautiful apartment.

The party ended kind of early, around 12:30 (some years it goes to 2 or later). This was fine by me, as I was exhausted by that time. Jonny (Anya's roommate and a friend of mine), his BF and Anya left last. The apartment is still bedecked with balloons and garland, I am waiting to take them down until my friend Katie comes over. She didn't come to the party because she was feeling depressed that night so I want her to come visit for a mini-Mardi Gras (I still have hurricane mix left over). I was exhausted pretty much all of last week--after our soccer game Saturday morning I came back and took a FOUR HOUR nap. Sunday I slept most of the day. I actually feel okay today--fully rested for once. It's a Lenten miracle!
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Beautiful day out--it's in the 50s! Spring, I can't wait for you!

I was outside because I slipped out of work to go the church and get ashes. So medieval and Lenten!

Mardi Gras was lovely last night--and most of my soccer team stopped by! And hung out for quite awhile, huddled together and looking around my apartment and petting the bebbehs. (I had to drag Tibby in whining the whole time, naturally.) Trying to remember who was there--Tesse, Michael, Griffin, Tim and his friend Jason, Joy (I did Fare for All with her) and her BF, Ryan, Caley, Jenny Fersch and her BF, plus my team (5-6), plus Anya and me. I'm sure I'm forgetting someone. Joy's BF is kind of a jerk, sad to say--I remember two years ago when they left there was a thorough consensus that no one liked him. He has that "I'm socially awkward so I'm going to try to mask it by putting people at a disadvantage" thing going on. I can't remember exactly what he did two years ago (the party last year was at Charles's) but I do remember we ALL talked about it when he'd gone. And last night after he left Griffin told me that he'd said to G "you need to rethink that checkerboard thing with the shirt"--he was clowning Griffin's outfit! So, so rude. He did this weird thing--at one point Jenny, her BF and I (and I think Anya and Griffin) were in the kitchen talking and he came into the kitchen and stopped upon seeing us. Naturally we all noticed he'd come in and stopped in this kind of obvious way, and WE stopped talking, thinking he wanted to say something and of course he didn't--he just wanted us to notice him. Ugh.

I was a little concerned with the King Cakes--I'm not sure they came out okay, they seemed a little dry. I think I might have overbaked them, and since our microwave is broken, I had some difficulty making them (couldn't melt the butter easily). Although I'm amazed I didn't have MORE problems with no microwave--it actually went pretty smoothly! I finally remembered to take lots of pictures, lots of BLURRY, impressionist pictures.

At one point I was talking to Caley and someone else about directing The Vagina Monologues--how I'd talked about the poetry to one actor and said think of these words as jewels, but they don't only look beautiful, they also taste wonderful and smell good. They satisfy every sense, because poetry is the densest, most intense, compressed form of the language--you need to hold these words in your hands and offer them to the audience. Caley liked this image and I said when I was on my cruise ship contract in Spain, I visited Sevilla and I saw the orange trees. They're everywhere in that city. And they're so vivid, so gorgeous--these beautiful green bushes filled with golden orbs, overflowing onto the sidewalks and the gutters and the courtywards. And I had this image in my head of a child's hands filled with these colorful candies, trying to offer them but they keep slipping out between the fingers. So I wrote Los Naranjas de Sevilla (one of my poems). I noticed a couple of my teammates were listening to me, and one of them, Zack, said "now I want to audition for you!"

Finally broke down and made an appointment with the bone doctor for my FUCKING KNEE. It seemed to be getting better until Sunday when I was decorating--I landed rather awkwardly on it and it's been hurting ever since. Last night the train ride home was literally torture--the stupid, incompetent MTA didn't send enough trains so when the A came it was super, SUPER crowded. Those are the worst for me--I'm too short to reach the bar easily, so I'm either barely hanging on, or trying to grab a side bar and swinging around. And psychologically I HATE crowds. Not fun!
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Adam, the SM for Sweeter Dreams, had a cast party last night. It was fun seeing all the other cast members and chatting with Jenna, but I have to say, I am really over parties that expect the guests to BYOB and which provide almost no food (he had a bag of cheese balls, a bag of pretzels and some uninspired hummus and crackers). What is the point of hosting a party if you don't provide anything? He's in his 30s, he's too old to be that slack of a host. Order a goddamn pizza, for the love of God. Break out $20 for a case. You're an adult, act like one. In addition to no liquor and almost no food, he had NO AC! I parked in front of the biggest fan he had pretty much all night.

Adam is an okay guy some of the time, and he was a great SM for the show. But he can act very strangely sometimes--he acts familiar with me, and I really don't know him that well. I get the feeling he's awkwardly trying to flirt with me--if that is the case, oh Adam. Just stop.
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Remember to keep free Mardi Gras, which is coming up (March 8, a week from Tuesday).

I may be co-hosting it with my friend Charles this year. Further details as we hammer them out. But try to keep it free--sorry for the lateness.
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Today is January 6, and y'all know what that means--Carnival Season has begun! Mark your calendars for March 8, Mardi Gras 2011! Laissez les bons temps roulez and see y'all here on the 8th!

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So it was a few days ago but I don't want to forget to post about St. Patrick's Day and Tim's annual party. The weather was absolutely GORGEOUS, with perfect sunny skies and no chill whatsoever. A glorious day! I got there around noon and everyone had a blast. I even got to sing a bit ("Danny Boy," "The Wearin' of the Green" and "How Are Things in Glocca Morra?"). In the evening, after I lfet work, I joined Tim and some of his friends and we went to a place on the way Upper east side. I had Guinness and fish and chips and was stuffted afterwards.

Love the colors in these banners. I got a lot of pictures of them, they're so pretty with the light coming through them.

How lucky are these people, to have an apartment that overlooks Fifth Avenue...

I have to agree. That goes for Scotland as well.

The Tricolour!

Tim, Chuck Sullivan and me atop the Peninsula. As I always say, Tim is one of those people who knows everyone, and Chuck is Someone to Know. He co-owns the Patriots and used to co-own the Celtics, or maybe the other way around. He used to double-date with Tim and me, really nice guy. Love the guy on the left, "Uh, Central Casting called, needed an Irishman in the background?" Except that he has a glass of wine and not a beer.

And finally, I shot some video with my little Canon and edited together a tiny film--pretty cheesy but I don't care! I wanted people who don't live in the city to be able to enjoy a little St. Patrick's Day fun. (I apologize for the wonky volume--I'm still no expert on Windows Movie Maker, although I've gotten better, and volume adjustment with different audio tracks is still confusing to me.)

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As Duncan mentioned, my alma mater Sweet Briar asked us to host a chat with current arts students. The students are all on Spring Break this week, and the woman in charge of this, Christian Carr, organized an arts-oriented trip to NYC for the week, for credit. They visited museums, saw shows, etc. Originally they were going to come to a Timon rehearsal but we had to change those plans when Timon was pushed back to the fall.

They're staying at the Gershwin Hotel--I've seen pictures of this place before but never visited there. It's gorgeous, very visually striking. We sat in the lobby and were served cheesecake and champagne, and talked to them about what producing actually entailed, the difference between producing outdoors and indoors, what difficulties came with the job, how my experience as a director/producer informed my acting, various playwriting questions for Duncan, all sorts of things. Most of the questions were more interesting and thoughtful than I expected--for example, I usually get asked how being an actor informs my experience as director, not the other way around. And Theatrical Girl asked me "if you had an unlimited budget, which two Shakespeare plays would you most like to do?" I thought about it and said "probably either The Tempest or the Scottish Play. You need something magical for Tempest, some kind of lovely special effects--you don't have to have them, but that's how I'd like it, it's a very spectacular show." And with the Scottish play--I said there are a lot of bad productions out there because 1) its nihilist message is difficult really to comprehend, it's an extremely dark play, and 2) everyone loves it so it gets done a lot. Hence, badly. But anyway, you need atmosphere to help with that nihilism. You need to do it in an enclosed space and take the audience on that journey.

I was talking to them about how Shakespeare straddled the medieval and Renaissance worlds like a Colossus--some of his themes emphasize the importance of social structure and how things go wrong when you challenge that (an essentially medieval value). But he was also the first humanist, the first writer to capture so much of humanity, of personality, in his writing. Every one of us knows someone like Mercutio, the too-smart-for-his-own-good mouthy teenager, or Othello, driven mad by jealousy. Everyone of us can identify to some extent with Macbeth, who starts the play as a good man and who is corrupted by his own ambition. Duncan and I also talked about The Thyme of the Season. Here's a thought, Duncan--maybe we could take that production down to SBC and perform it there. They do book-ins all the time at Babcock.

It was really a lot of fun. They were seated all around us, and at first they were a little shy--one girl, who had the most theatrical experience (albeit mostly technical), asked a lot of questions and then eventually the others started raising their hands as well. We talked for quite a while. Somebody said something about visiting campus and giving a talk there and I said that I'd thought about suggesting one, but wasn't sure if they'd want that. Theatrical Girl assured me, oh yes! They'd love it. The head of the department, Bill Kershner, had just started there when I was a junior--in fact he cast me as the Emcee in Cabaret. It'd be wild to go back with him still there! After the talk Christian was talking to us--Duncan and me--about both going down. Hey, as long as they're willing to pick up the tab for travel expenses (and of course they'd have to put us up but that's no biggie, they have an inn right on campus), I would LOVE to go back. I was talking it up to Duncan, saying what we could do, and I said "and we could hack! You ride, right? Bring your boots and your hardhat and we could go out for a hack!"

On another note--this is a tiny annoyance, but it is one nonetheless. When I sent out the Mardi Gras invitation, one person emailed me that she couldn't go but could she send me a check for Tipitina's? I said sure, thank you, gave her my address. After the party, I sent out a "thank you, we raised $X" message and she replied with another request for my address and a promise to contribute. Again, I gave her my address. Two weeks go by, still haven't heard. I email her again, asking if she'd gotten the emails since she hadn't responded either time (i.e., with a quick "got it, will send it out soon"). She said she was sorry, "life got in the way," but she'd send me a check. Two weeks later--still nothing. I give up. I'm sending the money in to Tipitina's.
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Mardi Gras KICKED ASS last night. SO much damn fun. I met Anya at work and ran home, hitting the Mexican grocery store for ice and powdered sugar--I only had a half cup for the frosting on the king cake, and I needed a cup. Weirdly, they did not have the sugar--I'm surprised a Mexican grocery store (a big one) doesn't have that staple. Anyway, so we ran home and I got dressed and hurried around, setting everything up. I'd made the cake and all the non-sweet food the night before since I worked yesterday, so I pulled all that out of the fridge and set it up on the table or the stove--luckily it all seemed to taste fine. I actually did not have that much to drink or eat since I was busy being a busybee hostess.

People started arriving around 8:20 and then it just never stopped. I think in the end we had around 25 people--let's see Duncan, Chris, Tesse, Jason (Specland), my friend Joy and two friends of hers, Katie Stodd, my friend Katie Hall from work, Paul Martinkovic, Ryan, my friend Jennifer, Tim and a friend of his, my friend Jim Denny, Calvin--I know I'm forgetting a few because I counted up to like 22 today. There were fewer than last year because of the weather, and also Lori didn't invite people. I'd set up a table in the living room--not against the wall (like last year) but sticking out for easier access. This was decorated with party favors (geaux cups + beads), food and glittuh, all atop an improvised purple table cloth. The Big Easy was playing on my TV, and my laptop was spewing zydeco, dixieland and blues. Some rowdy times. Lots of little groups here and there, on the lips couch, by the TV, in the kitchen, in the hallway. Yay! Everybody nomnomnomming on red beans and rice, shrimp jumbalaya, crawfish dip, king cake. And washing it all down with disgustingly sweet hurricanes, of course!

The great thing is this--even with fewer people, Tipitina's MADE OUT. We surpassed last year's take (which had many more people). We almost cleared $100--$96! I'm so proud! Thanks so much, guys--can't wait to mail this off to them!
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So Lori and I had our inaugural party on Mardi Gras and it turned out very well. People started arriving right at 8 when I was, naturally, running behind and trying to get dressed. I put on a lil' black dress with purple, green and gold eyes and lips, and a similarly-colored mask. Lori spent a lot of time in the kitchen cooking and I was parked at the bar making hurricanes. We had a very well-stocked bar this year, thanks to the lovely Susan who contributed no fewer than 5 bottles of high-end rum, including two Mount Gay flavored (vanilla and mango). Mostly I dished out hurricanes--such a simple, albeit delicious, pleasure. Nothing like a hit of dark rum floated along the sweetness of pure corn syrup and red dye no. 5! I did end up making some mixed drinks later on.

Lots and lots of food for lots of people. Guests included Ryan, Kelly, Chris, Rachel, Michael, Tesse, Duncan, Jason, Michael Clay, Griffin, Molly, Adam and a friend of his, Brett, Stefania, my friend Joy, Tim and his friend Matt, Ashley and a friend of hers, my friend Katie from work, two on-floor neighbors, a neighbor who lives above us, our landlord and a friend of his, two Swedish friends of Lori, a couple of Lori's friends who went to Tulane, and many other friends of Lori's whose names I didn't catch. This is the biggest party I've had since I moved to NYC (not the biggest overall though, that would have to have been when I lived with Ryan and Cami--our insane housearming!). Lori and I were estimating how many guests overall--she guessed 50, I think it was fewer than that (maybe closer to 40). We didn't run out of anything--we served King Cake, red beans and rice, crawfish dip, chicken gumbo, and on and on. And nonstop HURRICANES. All backed up by my Mardi Gras playlist of zydeco, blues, Dixieland jazz, with The Big Easy playing in the background. Woo hoo! Laissez les bons temps roulez! Hail Rex!

I had a great time socializing when I could, talking with Tim and his friend (who generally stood in one corner, looking mysterious and talking on their cells--they are G-men after all), chatting with Joy, pulling out my Romeo and Juliet scrapbook and showing it off. It was awesome to see Michael Clay, BTW, haven't seen him since the summer. He's also so good-natured. I got a chance to talk with Molly a bit as well--she wants to do Othello and I was telling her, she could cast herself as Iago.

I brought out the King Cake (which I'd baked that day) and explained the whole custom to everyone and how this was a big thing in New Orleans, and then sliced it up. Michael got the baby. (Sadly, I think Rachel and Kelly had left before King Cake deliciousness. If it makes you feel better, neither Lori nor I got slices either! In general I didn't have that much to drink--I did not have TIME, I was parked at the bar for quite a while.) I actually had several people ask me about the customs of the holiday--the colors, the King Cake, hurricanes (which is a NO thing, not specific to MG) and so of course I took such opportunities to pimp out my beautiful city and mentioned the collection for Tipitina's. Maybe next year I could hang something from the fire escape...I'm also thinking next year a raffle for the Foundation, and maybe adding po'boys to the menu.

At some point (after Kelly had left, unfortunately, 'cause she had on a great outfit), I eyeballed what people were wearing and handed out a couple of little prizes for especially festive outfits. Michael Clay has a purple sweater with a gold hat and something else green, so he won, but our neighbor James had a festive purple argyle sweater. Adam and his friend and Stefania came fairly late, after midnight and stayed QUITE late. After they left (they were the last) Lori and I collapsed and watched a little more of The Big Easy. I finally rolled into bed around 5:00.

We collected $65 for Tipitina's Foundation.
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Happy Mardi Gras!

Everybody say a little prayer for that beautiful city on the river with its unique, crumbling beauty and charm and culture. And I expect to see y'all at Chez Green/Garrabrant tonight for hurricanes, beads and King Cake!

"...It's that time again: that wonderful, crazy, colorful, crowded, happy, mixed-up but glorious time when all New Orleans forgets itself for a day, lets its hair down, puts on a rubber nose, a funny hat, and walks around laughing at the silly people in their crazy costumes...

Mardi Gras is fun and laughter, vulgarity and coarseness, color and light, and at the end, quiet.

Mardi Gras is a state of mind, an attitude, a pose, an opinion. But at its most basic…and perhaps satisfying of all, Mardi Gras is the one day in the entire year when New Orleans can tell the world:

"We're going to have fun!" And we do."

Throw me somethin', mister!

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So I had a Mardi Gras party last week that went well--we had real hurricanes with Pat O'Brien's mix (they do not taste the same if you make them from scratch--you need that Red Dye No. 7 chemical high), shrimp gumbo, two kinds of red beans and rice (spicy vegetarian and with sausage), Cajun dip and homemade King Cake. This year for the King Cake I used Pillsbury crescent rolls which didn't work quite as well as the pizza dough I used last year--the cake was splitting apart a little bit. But I added extra butter in the filling, plus some strawberry jam, and that made it very rich.

I was a little flustered because about 5 people came right at 8:00 (when the invitation said the party started)--I'm used to people being as slackjaw late as I usually am! I really apologize for seeming overwhelmed and not being better prepared--next year I'm just going to take off my evening assignment so I can be ready and IN costume when the guests arrive! Elizabeth helped out enormously by making hurricanes and putting out crackers and whatnot. I was still stuck in the kitchen heating up gumbo and red beans and rice--I'd made most of the food the night before but then I had to pop it back into the microwave. And bake the King Cake--again, I'd put everything together that afternoon, but it tastes best if it's fresh as possible. Otherwise I could just order it from Gambino's!

My Mardi Gras playlist playing on my laptop (Elizabeth lent me her speakers) and I put on The Big Easy at some point. *Love* that movie--it's hard to believe the original script was actually supposed to take place in Chicago, because the movie feels inextricably grounded in New Orleans. I mean, everything--the music, the accents (most of them), the theme of charming corruption...One of my favorite characters is Remy's defense lawyer, with his charmingly opaque remarks: "New Orleans is a marvelous environment for coincidence." His accent sounds so authentic, I was shocked to find out it was actually Charles Ludlum--born and raised in New York--who plays him.

Beads and geaux cups were also handed out--I meant for people to take them home as souvenirs but completely forgot as people were leaving, probably because I had several hurricanes in me at that point. Um, if anyone wants some Mardi Gras souvenirs, let me know...And a contest for the best costume--a lot of people dressed up a little with some makeup or a mask, but Elana and Tesse actually had ensembles. Tesse ended up winning the prize, special flashing baby pacifier beads. I also put out an envelope for contributions to Tipitina's Foundation--Tipitina's is a New Orleans institution, a restaurant/club on Tchoupitoulas (hey, my mama and daddy used to live on that street!). It's also where Anne and Remy eat the first time they go out in The Big Easy. The envelope was in the bathroom so no one would feel pressured to give. At the end of the night we had $25 in loose cash at the end of the evening, and then the next day several people said they'd forgotten to give. Ultimately we ended up with $95! I sent the check off to Tipitina's today. So happy! Anything that helps my beloved city get back on its feet.
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Paula and I went downtown to Marie's Crisis and the Duplex on Friday. We got there around 11:30 and hung out at Marie's for a bit. We were at the table at the right (in the corner) and lustily singing along--one older guy who looked just like an older Boyd Gaines kept looking back at us and started chatting with me. He was dressed in a suit and I thought maybe he was straight, as he really did seem to be checking me out, but when we started to leave, he asked us where we were going. I said "the Duplex, it's a place similar to this--" and he said "Oh, I know what the Duplex is--hello, I'm a gay man" impatiently which made me laugh all night. So Paula and I met Tesse there and hung out for awhile--some great singing but then they took waaaaaay too long to set up an only mildly funny skit so I started getting impatient, and eventually Paula, Tesse and I left and went back to Marie's. I had fun--I saw Mr. NotBoydGaines again and chatted, and I got a seat at the piano fairly quickly, but rather soon Tesse and Paula had to leave, and I was alone. I stayed for a little while longer, and then left around 2:30.

I slept waaaaay too late--woke up at 2. Oy. Scrubbed clean the apartment (which I usually do on Saturdays) and puttered around getting ready for Duncan's pajama party. I went over to Hoboken around 8:00, and Doug and I rode in with Seth and Rachel, who very kindly gave us a lift. The party was fun. Duncan (and Mickey, whom I met for the first time) live in a shotgun apartment, which I always think have so much character. It was a little hot in the living room from time to time, so I would periodically go into Duncan's room and flop down on the bed in front of Duncan's AC. I wore my peach-colored baby doll nightie, and Doug wore pajama bottoms with nooo top to show off his awesome body. Rowr! Tracy came and was the belle of the ball with her adorable big-eyed self. Yay! So good to see her. Besides Mickey I met Matt who's a playwright, and re-met a friend of Tracy's who saw Trojan Women.

Yesterday Doug and I did very little except sleep, eat and watch TV. We did see most of Norma Rae, which I really liked, not least because of its perfect late-'70s-ness. Sally Rae is sportin' the relaxed bun in back (or else long, loose and hot roller bouncin'--you see this look on early Dallas a lot), and the tight cap sleeves, and most of the older men have absolutely atrocious hair. Men's hair went down the tubes starting around the early '70s and didn't really recover until the late '80s.

After I worked out, Doug and I ate at the Farside. Hoboken does summer really well. I really love sitting at a sidewalk table, enjoying the warm evening air, sipping a beer and just feeling good. God love the summer.
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...especially in light of Duncan's and my news.

Almost nakedness everywhere!
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I think I'm going to have the indie/undie party May 1. Any objections?
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Jason and Paula's wedding was yesterday. I got there a bit late--my cab driver seemed a bit lost after trying to go via Broadway and I irritatedly told him the West Side Highway would be better--and I ended up running four blocks, the length of Wall Street, in 2.5 inch CFMs. Anyway, the ceremony was very nice--I was taking mental directorial notes which I will give to Paula and Jason later. ("Jason, good motivation on 'I will!' Paula, need more projection on your vows--good with the tears but it got a little interior there. This isn't film.") Paula looked magnificent in her dress, and it really showcased her bazooms nicely. I metmet Duncan and Jason's friend Chandra (I'd sort of met her once before)--she has a very interesting face, strong and lovely at the same time. Unusual combination. The DJ was beyond irritating--he was bad enough in the beginning (talkedtalkedtalked way too much) but when the dance floor finally started filling up, he would interrupt the flow and say "Okay, now everyone from Florida on the dance floor!...Now everyone do this!..." He did it several times, and I just started leaving every time he started talking. Man, it's hard enough getting people loosened up. Why make people stop what they're doing? Just let 'em dance. We had this awesome groove going with "Billie Jean," everyone was moving and enjoying themselves, and he had to stop it. It was the only disappointing thing about the reception.

There was an open bar--always a good thing, Duncan and I did lemon drops--and lots of yummy hors d'oevres. The buffet was good too, sesame salmon and ravioli and some kind of ribs.

Afterward we trooped up to Jason and Paula's hotel room (I love NYC hotel rooms, they always look like some cool apartment you'd want to live in) and then rode the train up to W. 57th St. to the Holiday Inn where Chandra was staying. Unexpectedly I was exhausted after that. Drinking doesn't get me drunk, it just tires me out. A bunch of us were there--Alex, Donald, Mike, Heidi, Duncan, Jason, Paula, Chandra, Sara, Irving (whose real name I don't recall).

The cake was good.

The Party

Mar. 2nd, 2004 12:48 pm
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Mike had a Caribbean-themed bathing-suit-mandatory party last Saturday. Three words--A Fucking Blast. I wore my yellow Esprit bandeau bathing suit with my tangerine CFMs, plus sparkly gold sunscreen (the ducklings know how much I love thparkles) and a yellow-orange hair clip. Funfunun. I was chagrined to see how little skin was actually showing, and at one point I was flashing Paula to make that point--every time I did this Jason would avert his eyes in a fit of pre-nuptial bashfulness. "What are you doing?" "I...I'm averting my eyes, O Lord." "Well, don't!."

Mike made a really yummy drink with freshly grated nutmeg--so delicious. Paula was fiddling around with drink ingredients as well, and kept offering me tastes. She ended up winning for Best Island Drink--I won for Sexiest Female Suit and Heidi won for Best Winter Tan (Female). We all got half-liters of Captain Morgan's spiced Rum as prizes. More yum. Someone from Company, a guy named Rob whom I'd met before, was also there--dude has quite a tendresse. It's very flattering but in a that's-nice-pat-him-on-the-head way. He actually cracks me up though--he was actually whining for me at the end to give him my phone number. I will say, though, the guy makes a hell of a drink. He whipped up something in the blender that tasted incredible.

I slept on Mike's couch and tiptoed out around 11:30. The funny thing was, I felt fine in his apartment that morning, but as I waited (endlessly) for the bus in the sun, and rode on the bus, and staggered home, I started developing a bad hangover. As in, I actually yakked when I got into my apartment. Ew. Not good. I was able to doze for awhile and felt a little better, and eventually made myself get up and walk downtown, just to enjoy the day.
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Preview for next week:

Yellow bandeau-top bikini
Tan (and getting more so--I plan to hit the salon at least two more times before the party--you have competition, Heidi my friend!)
Orange witchy CFMs

Yep, I'm ready.


Feb. 17th, 2004 11:08 pm
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I called Larry (the director of the short film from last spring) and asked about the copies we were promised. He was all, "Yeah, sorry about that, I've been behind on that..." Me (brightly): "Hey! I could come over and pick it up, that way you wouldn't have to mail it!" Him: "Oh, yeah, that'd be great." So I should have it by Saturday--yay!

So now I have to pick a date for the underwear party--I dn't think I can do it this weekend, and next weekend is Mike's Carribean party. So I'm thinking about the following weekend.
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I sent an email to the guy and girl that did the movie with me last spring, and got this reply from the girl:

Hi Clara -

Good to hear from you! No, I am very frustrated with Larry [director]. I have called him 3 or 4 times since December, and he has yet to return my calls... Marc [male lead] actually spoke to him and he told Marc that it would be ready in the next couple of weeks -- this was in December.

So, I don't know what to tell you. I would really like to have a copy as well. I will give you Larry's # just in case you don't have it, and we will all of us bug him a little until he budges. I know for a fact that it is pretty much finished -- I saw a rough draft in October -- so I don't know what the problem is.

*Sigh.* So, no underwear party until this is resolved.

I want my goddamn video, dammit!
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The editing of The Promise the indie film I did last spring, wherein I played Heather the Callgirl, is nearly complete, and I expect to get it in the mail soon. Can't wait. I want to have a screening party for it (after of course I screen it myself to make sure I look good in every scene--well, I was only in two)--this may coincide with my planned underwear party.

That was a fun shoot. I love film work.


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