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Did my first load of laundry in the new place Saturday night (don't *I* live an exciting life ;) Sooooooo nice to be able to do laundry that easily--no wrestling a huge bag down/up flights of stairs and across streets. No $15-20 a pop for every load, or else cram yourself into a tiny overheated room to watch your laundry while the Spanish TV blares. Nope, just grab your bin, step into the elevator, throw in your loads for pittance and walk away. SO EASY AND AWESOME.

One thing I am LOVING about the building and the neighborhood is how racially mixed it is. I have seen fellow residents of every color and race which is great, mainly in my building but also on the streets as well. I don't know if that's due to the building or if SpaHa is close enough to Midtown to be desirable. I don't think it's entirely due to the building--the other day I was walking to it behind a white couple who were looking into the doors and commenting on how nice it was (they eventually passed the building so it was clear they didn't live there). One thing I HATED about my old address was the racial dichotomy--I detested always being the only white person in our bulding/on our street (other than Anya, of course). I don't want to live in a ghetto--either black OR white. I want to live in a neighborhood that effing represents MANHATTAN. I want to have access to soul food, tacos and quesadillas (lot more Mexicans in SpaHa than Inwood which is primarily Dominican) AND awesome cocktails.

Tonight or tomorrow, I hope to finally use the gym. I am almost completely unpacked--I just have to put up a few more shelves (bookshelves plus I have to buy/hang some DVD shelves) and one more project--gotta replace my old computer hutch. I was considering putting up some glass shelves, attaching them to the wall, but I have to talk to someone at Home Depot or someplace like that. I'm a little worried glass shelves might be too heavy. But I don't really want to crowd what I think of as the "office"--there's a lot of stuff on the walls already there, I'm trying to keep the place as spare and cool as possible.

Oh, and I'm buying the painting of one of my soccer teammates. Isn't it gorgeous?

It's going to go in the "foyer." Very Manhattan!


Jul. 3rd, 2012 05:28 pm
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Why does everything have to turn to shit so quickly?

Within a week of the new McCarren pool opening, several incidents of violence, innluding robbery and beatings.

Just embarrassing. Trash (including the victim-blamers--no, the victims are not to blame for locking their stuff up, the trash who broke in and stole stuff that wasn't theirs are to blame) always has to rush in and ruin it for everyone. Can't have a lovely new pool, nope, gotta fuck it up as soon as possible!

Sometimes I think Robert Moses had the right idea.
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Episode was GREAT this past Sunday. I knew the case they were referring to, although I didn't know much about it other than he killed a bunch of nurses. Just another inadequate man who takes it out on women but let's not talk about the fact that serial and mass murders overwhelmingly target women--can't start a conversation, we might actually want to change the status quo! But what a way to tie in all that misogyny--especially creepy how it actually gets commercialized here (when Ginsberg sells the "Stalking Cinderella" ad campaign). Grandma is another victim-blamer--yes, Pauline, those nurses ASKED to be raped and murdered! Disgusting but her attitude is sadly all too prevalent. Some women refuse to confront the fact that they are just as vulnerable--in order to feel safer, they twist it so that the victim *must* have had some kind of agency. They said the same sort of things about poor Elizabeth Short (the Black Dahlia)--she "was seeking death" or she was a prostitute. All nonsense. Also disturbing and sad (and again, still prevalent) was the leering at the crime scene photos. Allow the murdered some dignity, for God's sake. I feel the same way about rubberneckers on the highway--someone's death is not your entertainment.

Peggy ruminating on her "masculine" tendencies was interesting in light of the (later debunked) speculation that Speck had an extra Y chromosome, and supposedly this was associated with extra-aggressive males. Is rape and murder of women part of what it means to be male? When Joan threw out Greg, she specifically referenced his lack of manhood *and* hearkened back to the rape in the office.

GREAT episode. Kind of wish they had addressed the Kitty Genovese rape and murder last season--that had as much of an impact (especially locally) as did the nurses' murders (although the Genovese murder was in March of '64 and S4 started later than that). But the Genovese case was HUGE and better known than the nurses' murders. Can't wait to see how Weiner & Company play out the continuing devolution of NYC and the US (in terms of crime) in the late '60s. It's gonna be a long time before things get better. (I would LOVE for this show to address the blackout and the looting in Bushwick but the show isn't supposed to go that far into the future.)


Mar. 30th, 2012 06:11 pm
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This is just....the word is heartbreaking.

Another day, another rapist NYC cop, another fucking stupid jury who desperately wants to believe that all raped sluts bring it upon themselves, even teachers walking to work at 6:45 in the morning.

Loser fired cop's trial for rape declared a mistrial, despite eyewitness testimony and DNA. (The one bright note is that he was convicted of predatory sexual assault and will probably get the full sentence for that.)

the Daily News reports that at least one juror didn't believe the victim because she could not recall the color of a car parked by the courtyard where she was attacked: “If she doesn’t remember these details, how does she know she was penetrated,” one juror said.

I'm trying not to cry right now.

He pointed a GUN in her FACE.
He told her to shut her eyes, or he'd blow her head off.
And some fucking male juror uses that AGAINST her? Can't believe she had other things to worry about? How does she know she was PENETRATED?!

The jury refused to convict him of rape, even though there was semen on her. They refused to believe she'd been raped even though he was CAUGHT IN THE ACT.

God forbid we take a woman's cry of rape seriously. God fucking forbid we actually confront how fucked up our treatment of rape victims are, and how predatory this society is.

I hate this city. I hate the NYPD. I hate people. And juries--juries need to be abolished. Most of them are too stupid to operate. I say this as someone who was proud to be on a jury.

I really hope that male juror* who voted to acquit is raped some day, and his pain is dismissed, or rationalized, or laughed at by anonymous internet commenters. I really do.

People just don't get it. This is why they talk about "the rape culture." This is what we mean. People just will not accept how easy it is to rape someone--specifically how easy it is for a man to rape a woman. They will not--will not--believe it.

This happened in Inwood, BTW--right up on Park Terrace West & 217th Rd. At 6:45 in the fucking morning.

Who apparently lied during the voir dire process and knows the DA and not in a friendly way may be facing perjury charges. HA FUCKING HA. Put me on THAT jury--the one trial in which I served, was a perjury trial.

I'm still trying not to cry. I have to stop reading about this. I'm so angry.
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At least one rapist cop goin' to jail.

But Supreme Court Justice Gregory Carro told Moreno on Monday he considered his testimony at trial "incredible."

"By your own admission, while you were supposed to be performing your duty, you were in bed with an intoxicated and naked young female," he said.

"You wanted to get into that apartment so badly you committed a crime in order to do so."

And more:

Moreno still faces heroin possession charges for drugs that were allegedly found in his police locker following his arrest. Moreno is expected back in court Sept. 12 when a trial date for those charges could be set.

Class act, huh? Rape AND drug possession? New York's finest! Oh wait--not anymore, because the NYPD fired his sorry rapist ass and that of his shit partner (who faces sentencing later today).

And another article.

It's not enough. But it's something. I hope this guy gets everything he deserves in prison.

Edited to add:

Another update. What's fascinating is that the judge's words make it completely clear he strongly disagrees with the verdict--he's essentially calling the cop a rapist and a perjurer without coming right out and using the word.
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Last weekend I had my regular 1 pm Saturday game of softball, and then another at 6, way uptown (by 102nd Street). These are two different teams, both part of the alumni league, but there is some overlap. I started playing for the second team, affiliated with the Michigan School of Business, at the behest of someone on the first team, Cecil, who also went to the University of Chicago. (I personally went to neither Chicago NOR Michigan!) I started playing with the Chicago team last year, and they know me pretty well by now, but there is someone new on the team (at least he wasn't there last year) who is getting on my nerves. Despite having seen me in action, he treats me as though I don't know how to play, or am completely unathletic--in other words, he's either a male chauvinist or doing a good imitation of one. I will say, he is part of a cultural/ethnic group that has a reputation for being extremely chauvinistic. Two weeks ago he was playing at shortstop--every time there was a runner on first, he would explain to me how, if the ball was hit to him, he was going to throw it to me. After about the third iteration of this, I snapped at him "yes--I know how to play softball. I get it." Last week he did even worse--he was playing shortfield and came running in to field a looper. He got it and was about 20 feet away from me--instead of just throwing it, he gave me this exaggerated "baby" throw, very arched, as though I couldn't handle a real throw. Not only was this insulting, he arched it so high, it nearly went over my head! I leaped up to catch it, was barely able to do so but did, and made the catch (and the out). This being the third out, as we jogged off the field I said to him, my voice kind of shaking--I was caught between anger that he'd done such a stupid, insulting thing, and gladness that I made the out anyway--"Dude, just THROW it. I can handle it. You arched that way too high, I'm not that tall."

So this has definitely been getting on my nerves. After this game, I took a walk through the park on my way to the new Sprinkles which has just opened on the Upper East Side by Bloomingdale's. I had an adorable encounter on my way there--at the southeast corner of the park, I stopped at a hotdog stand that featured all organic meats. I ordered a turkey hotdog and the guy, who from his accent was from another country, asked me what condiments I'd like. He listed all of them and my eyes lit up when he said raw onions--I said raw onions, brown mustard and mayonnaise. He said "are you from New York City?" I said originally I'm from Virginia. He said "it is unusual for Americans to have mayonnaise on their hotdogs, very unusual." I said well, Southerners love their mayonnaise--we put it on everything. Fries, grilled cheese sandwiches, everything. (Side note--my mother puts it on SALAD. And cottage cheese. Mmm. I grew up eating cottage cheese for lunch with a dab of mayo on top.) I asked him where he was from, he said Egypt, and I said I was dying to visit there sometime. (Gotta see the only still-extant Seven Wonders of the World.) Then I mentioned that I'd spent time in Spain, including the place where mayonnaise was invented--the town of Mahon, on the island of Menorca, in the Balearic Islands. He was fascinated, and asked me exactly where so I sketched out a little map of the Iberian archipelago with my hands for him. He said he'd have to remember, so he could tell his customers. It was just such a charming New York City moment.

After THAT I went to Sprinkles (mmm, dark chocolate cupcakes...), then to church. I am pretty much incapable of getting up for the morning service, not to mention I'd have to dress up a lot more. The weekend early evening services are much better for me, and lower key--no one seems to mind that I'm in softball gear! They have a 5:20 mass on Saturdays, and an Evensong service at 5:00 on Sundays--I prefer the Saturday because Evensong is a longer, bigger deal. Also, I sang in my church choir for like thirty years, starting from the age of seven, and to me the term "Evensong" means "another precious weekend day spent all day at church!" (We had Evensong one Sunday every month, and on those days we had an 11 am service and then one later on at 5, so I spent all day in a dress. I hated this.) This week the service was in the St. Joseph Chapel, which I love--it's one of St. Mary's little side chapels, and it's so pretty and small and personal. St. Mary's really has THE most gorgeous physical facility of any non-cathedral I've ever seen.

High Altar

After church I went back uptown for Game 2. When I got there, as it turned out there weren't too many Michigan players there--we were playing against Fordham, who had plenty of players, so some of them played for us. My Chicago team also plays against Fordham and they remembered me (I typically do pushups when my team is at bat--mainly to keep my blood moving and my energy up, but also to psych 'em out ;) So we get out there, and the shortstop on my team is very good--and I can just *tell* from the way he's playing, he just assumes I'm not that good. (Example--instead of throwing the ball to me, he's running the ball over to make the play himself.) I don't take this too personally--he doesn't know me, hasn't seen me play--but it gets to me nonetheless. I'm brooding over this a bit when an awesome, once-in-a-season play happens.

We're in the field, and there are runners at first and third. The ball is hit to the third baseman, who checks the runner at third, then throws it to me at second. I make the out, see the runner at third going for home, and NAIL the ball to the catcher. Like, that ball was on a CLOTHESLINE. The catcher makes the tag. Not only is this a double-play but we saved a run! Our team goes bananas--EVERYONE, my team and theirs, was congratulating me, "oh my God, did you see that?!" Hullaballoo ad infinitum. It. Was. Awesome. The reaction went on quite a while, and of course I knew part of the reason people were so impressed was because I'm a girl. No guy who made a double-play would've gotten such a reaction--certainly the catcher and the third-baseman, who were part of it, weren't patted on the back liike this. You know what? That's the flip side of the crap I get most of the time, one small reward. Right now, I'll take the adulation, thanks ;)


The only thing that could've improved it if it had happened in front of the obnoxious guy on the Chicago team.
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This explains the weird train ride back to my apartment last night. The A/C/E platform at 34th Street was very full, and people were LOUD. I moved several times because it was just so weird--people holding their kids and yelling--playfully--at each other, at their kids, whatever, just STOP SPEAKING SO LOUDLY. Lower your voice. I finally found a quiet section of the platform and after a longish wait, the train came--which was also full of the Loud. I sat down with my luggage (I went home this weekend) and two thugs near me starting squaring off, doing the whole wavy hand, shoulder, pounding the chest, National Geographic nonsense. I immediately got out of my seat and moved as far away as I could--everyone was extremely tense, thinking they were going to 1) fight, or 2) do something worse, like pull a weapon. They got off at the next stop and everyone in the car was craning to watch them, to see if they were actually going to fight. Really kind of scary. Now that I think about it, the walk through Penn Station was also weird, I definitely sensed something, there seemed to be a lot of guys acting aggressively.
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Commute was apocalyptically bad this morning. I entered the station and saw lots and lots of people--I'd guess the A was at least 15 minutes late, I've never seen that many people, at least 5 deep. Luckily it wasn't that much longer, maybe 4 minutes, and even more luckily I got a seat. Then the good times began. We lurched from station to station--every "dwell" took forever because people were fighting to get on. Around 175 there was literally no more room at the inn. At 168th Street the conductor announced we would be going local--people broke out into this disgusted babble, because, obviously, the train was so full as it was, it needed to skip stations, not add more! There was an awkward pause and then the conductor said "this train will now be making express stops." Everyone relaxed.

Somewhere between 168 & 145th, we heard someone crying out and a flurry of concern toward the back of the car, and then someone else called for water and we heard "when the train stops at the next station, can you tell the conductor to hold for a bit?" (Needless to say, this didn't go over well.) Some kind soul handed a bottle over, but nobody knew what was happening. Then we heard an older guy growl "if you're claustrophobic you probably shouldn't be on the train." There was a murmur of agreement.

Not sure exactly what happened--I know at one point the claustrophobe was on the floor (eww....) but s/he got off at 145th and there was no delay. There was a visible sigh of relief when we left the 125th Street station.

With all that, I actually wasn't late for work--I'd left a little bit early and luckily my connecting train arrived right away.
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Well, the good news is they caught the vile piece of filth who beat that poor woman at Social. He's a Moroccan construction worker who lives in Pennsylvania who's working here on a job. They also caught him on camera later that night shoplifting a beer. He's being charged with 1st- and 2nd degree assault, attempted rape, and attempted murder, because her injuries are so severe.

The bad (well, more insult-to-injury) news is that, if you can believe it, he's actually trying to claim self-defense. He also grinned at the cameras during the perp walk, because hey! What a great story to tell all of your construction buddies back home, how that bitch turned you down but you sure showed her!

Let's go over this:

*He asked her to dance, she turned him down
*He followed her into the ladies' room
*He attacked her in the stall
*and fractured her skull and broke her eye socket, leaving her unconscious on the bathroom floor with her pants pulled down.

The good news is, 98% of the comments are overwhelmingly supportive of the victim, and harshly critical of the piece of filth who attacked her.

The bad news is, there is the occasional dickless loser who says things like "well, why did she have to turn him down so harshly? If she hadn't been such a bitch..."

But I did love the one commenter who said "you guys are f-ing garbage. you never get laid for obvious reasons; you are scum. Death to scum." That is definitely hitting them where it hurts--obviously they don't believe that woman are worthy of respect, you're never going to raise their consciousness, but if you say "WOMEN HAVE AGENCY. THEY WON'T SLEEP WITH YOU IF YOU'RE A DICKLESS LOSER" that might actually sink in.

Some guys are predators. Nothing will sink in--there's a Nietschean abyss where a normal person's soul would be. For whatever reason--circumstances, upbringing, culture, religion (but ALWAYS by choice, no criminal ever pulls that "I couldn't help myself" crap around me, you always choose to commit a crime)--they are soulless, they exist to prey, to hurt, to defecate on, to kill women. Read about exactly what Ted Bundy did to Lisa Levy and Margaret Bowman at the Chi O house in Florida--he's the perfect example (I won't go into details, it's pretty horrific). He literally chewed them up and spit them out. The evidence tied him to them through the bite marks. Read about Winston Moseley, the "man" who murdered Kitty Genovese and then raped her as she lay dying, who woke up that night and literally said "I want to kill a woman." (He'd already killed two other women.) It's always women. These guys always turn to women--women are weaker, less able to fight of, and for some reason, we're always to blame for--something. Not dancing with the guy, we're stand-ins for the mother, we're...I don't know. But somehow we're always to blame for some loser's problems.

I hope this guy never gets out of jail. And I hope this poor woman is able to heal.

Holy Shit

Mar. 11th, 2010 03:31 pm
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Woman Brutally Attacked in Hell's Kitchen

SOCIAL--Duncan and I have been there. Abby Katz had a birthday celebration there a few years ago. Jesus.

This dickless piece of shit loser asked her to dance, she said no, so he followed her into the women's bathroom and:

*fractured her skull
*broke her nose and eye socket
*and possibly raped her.

This is why I'm so cold to strange men who approach me in nearly any situation. Any one of you could be this monster. Get the fuck away. Unsolicited attention is not a compliment, stop seeing women as public property for you to mark, and get the hell over your threatened male psyche--learn to take no for an answer.

God, I effing hate people sometimes. And by people I mean strange men who cannot--will not--be ignored.

(And what the hell is going on in Midtown? A few days ago a guy was stabbed on the 53rd St./7th Avenue BDE stop, yesterday two teens were stabbed at the Columbus Circle stop, and Tuesday a gang fight broke out in hell's Kitchen, at 49th & 8th.)
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...vomiting (the scene is Super-Size Me when he yaks on the second day right out the van window, all the while cataloguing his symptoms ("I got the McGurgles in my stomach now...") KILLS me). In real life vomiting really grosses me out, I sympathy-gag. But at a distance, there's something hilarious about it.

...stampeding (there's something hilarious about a situation so awful that everyone comes together as one entity, focused on ESCAPE--I'm thinking about the scene in the novel The Great Santini when Karen accidentally lobs the medicine ball onto her dad's foot and instantly all four Meecham kids, who normally fight a lot, are out the door).

...really egregious breaches of behavior.

This has all three. I cannot stop giggling.

[Although I have to object to the title of the original site that Gothamist cites. I'm really tired of douche being used as an insult. It's implicitly misogynistic. It's like when you want to insult a man by calling him a vagina--the insult is in the comparison to the female side, like hysteria (from the Greek root word for womb, hustera). Douches are disgusting because ohhh, they touched someone's girly bits, gross! They're like tampons! Anything that touches girly bits will make your wee wee shrivel up and fall off. Just call these things obnoxious, or assholery. Everyone's got an asshole.]

And this site is also hilarious: Nic Cage as Everyone. I especially like Nic Cage as Pennywise:

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There seems to be a lot of second-guessing about Bloomberg's smaller-than-expected margin of victory over Thompson--apparently it was only 5 points instead a projected 12 or so. Second-guessing and what seems to me to be an attempt to force this into a narrative, that being Bloomberg's supposed erosion of influence. Frankly I think all it means is that not many people here in the city voted on Tuesday because they all knew that Bloomberg would win. Thompson was nothing, a cipher. All he had going for him was that he wasn't Bloomberg, but he stood for nothing and he made a lot of basic, amateurish errors in his campaign (misspellings on campaign materials and in commercials, poor coordination with staff, etc.). A hapless effort overall.

I said something about this on Alex's FB page but to expand on it--I have a problem with the Democratic party in New York State. They're this well-entrenched party machine, like Tammany Hall, especially here in the city, so the only way to break through is to put in your time and eventually you'll get rewarded with a slot on the ticket. And so we, the voters, are presented with a bunch of talentless party hacks for our Democratic choices--I mean, Bill Thompson? Ferrer? Paterson? The ONLY way Paterson got on the Spitzer ticket for Lt. Governor was because he'd put in the time--he has zero leadership qualities and is unelectable. And with anemic choices like Ferrer and Thompson, we get trounced by more charismatic mavericks like Bloomberg and Guiliani--guys who actually have a chance at breaking through the pack because the pack is so much thinner in the NYC Republican party. Bloomberg was a Democrat originally--he had to switch parties to have a shot at the nomination. (And then switched again to become an Independent.) And look who he ran against in 2001? Mark Green, whom I actually don't mind personally or as Public Advocate, but is a bland, by-the-numbers leader. I think he does better snarking on the side, because he diesn't really impress me as a leader--I reacted quite badly to his negative campaigning in 2001.

The exception to this is Anthony Weiner, who is a NYC Democrat and I love him. He's like a charismatic geek--kind of like Bloomberg, now that I think of it. Very intelligent and a hard worker. I'd like to see him run again in four years.
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Have to say, my nerves are being stretched verrrry thin nowadays by crazy subway people. I've found ever since this summer, I have MUCH less tolerance for The Crazy, even less than I did before. The Fungus was obviously fucking batshit, but she knew exactly what she was doing and was therefore fully responsible, notwithstanding her "Iiiiii'm the victum heah" whining. The Crazies (and their partners, the Loud Ones) seem to be multiplying like tribbles, although tribbles are much cuter and make a nice sound, UNLIKE The Crazies. As much as I love that 59th Street to 125th Street is express, it also puts us as the mercy of these freaks. Last week, I get on at Columbus Circle and there's a preacher. Now most of these guys are hideously annoying, but some at least can speak--they modulate their voices a little, have a preacher cadence. This one had no public speaking skills whatsoever--his voice went UP and DOWN and UP and DOWN, with a heavy accent. I wanted to scream. I glared at him, put on my iPod and turned the sound up--it was pretty high before he was drowned out.

This seems to be happening more and more. The next day, after UP and DOWN preacher guy, came aboard a singer. And yep, it was at Columbus Circle. This guy announced he was there to sing for us, he wasn't going to charge us (gee, thanks) but we could "show him a little love." He plants himself two feet away and starts to sing a capella, quite loudly. The leg from 59th to 125th is a little under 10 minutes, so he gets through several songs--eventually he's walking through the car, sticking his hat into people's faces and rattling it. HATE. Seriously, I just want to smack that thing out of his hand. It's JUST SO RUDE, it really is a form of extortion. Let us ride in peace.

Saturday night, one annoying guitar player (I will say, his playing and singing were pretty good and at least he didn't demand money, it was just too LOUD and more to the point, it was forced on us) and this morning, two annoying Mexican salsa players--again with the LOUD and the hat in the face. The worst was when Mom and I were coming back from JFK airport after our London trip. Something like 5-6 preachers, panhandlers, musicians, one right after the other. And the shtick is so rehearsed and lame.

Thank goodness for iPods. I don't know why but it's really getting to me lately. Personal space and the right to ignore someone--the right to be in my own thoughts and not be forced to interact--is a huge deal with me.
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Pedicab driver shows his ass, caught on film by Fox news.

In addition to slowing down traffic for a useless function (pedicabs are strictly for tourists, they should stick to Central Park), this guy is apparently ridiculously thin-skinned. Getting honked at is part of the fabric of Manhattan traffic. If you don't like it, get off the streets or flip him off--you don't throw shit. You don't go ballistic, throw a hot drink through someone's window, then after getting the beat down you deserve, throw a garbage can at the other guy (missing wildly) and then try to make a getaway by pedaling against traffic and then on the sidwalk to avoid the cops.

What a complete fucking loser. Generally speaking I loathe manufactured class warfare (hipster vs. ethnic cabbie) but in this case, I side completely with the cabbie, although he should not have attacked the guy.

Duck Soup

Jun. 2nd, 2008 02:26 pm
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Saturday I met Alex, Don, Mickey and Dani down in SoHo to eat for free at Bun Restaurant--they were promoting their upcoming switch to around-the-clock operations by having 24 hours of free food. We had a reservation for 11 but when we got there, things had gotten badly behind. We waited about 20 minutes and were finally seated, where we found out there was ONE front-of-house guy. As in, one guy to wait on all those tables and host/seat people. He was not just in the weeds, he was one with the weeds. Kind of a Zen thing. We felt really bad for him and just sat there, waiting until he had time to see to us. He brought us water and we could see him trying to deal with other irate patrons, including the table next to us who virtually stuffed him ($2 tip--on a FREE meal, bastards). We were going to order off the special menu they had for this promotion, but the guy just started bringing over platters of nummy nummy food. MAN. I have to go back to this place, the food was amazing. I looooove Vietnamese food already (it's like a lighter, fresher version of Chinese, and it has some similarities to Thai food, with the different flavors) and this stuff was amazing. They gave us a bowl of mini-egg rolls, then we all got these duck concoctions with egg on top, then some duck shish-ke-bab things. SO GOOD. I LOVE duck, it's about the only poultry I really like, it's so fatty and rich and YUMMY. Alex, Don and I ordered beers to go with all this heavy food. Asian beers are the best--they're nice and light to balance off the food, but they still have flavor. (Unlike American light beer which, as they say, is like sex in a canoe--"it's fucking close to water!") Mmmm, duck and egg rolls and Asian beer...My one regret was that I didn't see the actual menu--I was craving some Vietnamese coffee. We didn't get to try any pho either--pho is a Vietnamese specialty, it's a beef boullion noodle soup with strips of beef in it, plus a lot of other ingredients to perk it up, like basil leaves, limes and sauces.

Dan and Mickey took off, and then Alex, Don and I eventually followed (after leaving a monster tip). We tried to wait out the rain, then decided to hit a nearby bar. After sucking down a few more drinks, the rain petered out and it was almost sunny. So we walked around Chinatown for a little bit. Chinatown is one of those really neat things that makes you glad you live in NYC. It's just fascinating--I need to get down there more, I love seeing all their weird foods in the grocery store. And their shops! So many interesting things among the tourist junk. Alex mentioned the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory--I didn't even realize there was such a thing, so we went over there and got cones. Don took off to walk the Bridge and Alex had to go to rehearsal, so I walked through Little Italy (sad, barely-holding-on, irrelevant Little Italy) to go home.
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A friend of mine from college is coming into town at the end of the month--she's attending a conference in the SoHo area and wants to know if there's a reasonably (!) priced hotel in that area or convenient to it. Any suggestions?
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What is in my iTunes shopping cart, downloading as we speak? Five History Channel eps: 1968 with Tom Brokaw, Greece: Engineering a Culture, Russia: Engineering a Culture, Henry VIII's Mega-Structures and The Seven Wonders of the World. Can't wait!

In less rarified pursuits, going to see the Knicks again tomorrow night. I saw them play last night and was absolutely shocked when they actually won! Oh my gosh, that never happens! It was close though--they had a decent lead (10-15 points) for most of the game and then lost steam. VERY lazy on the rebounds--don't they know rebounds are key?? You can't neglect the rebounds!!
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...Spa Week is coming up, Apr. 14-20.

Start planning how to spend your (anticipated) refund! And for the Astorians among us, there are several spas located RIGHT HERE.

Woo hoo!

Jan. 7th, 2008 03:05 pm
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Not only didn't I get called, I don't have to come back tomorrow! That means I can be at the theater!


I would've loved to have served, but this was just a baaad time.


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