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The Public is doing The Merchant of Venice and The Winter's Tale in rep this summer! I don't think I've ever seen Merchant on stage--yay! So excited to see me some free quality Shakespeare! I love summer in the city! As a follow up to the Lovestreet/Julie drammer--apparently Lori had also heard from Catherine a while ago that Julie wanted to fire me. She, like me, wasn't sure if Catherine had mixed me up with someone else but if that someone else wasn't Lori (who also had long blonde hair--she's the only person with whom Catherine might've confused me, there weren't that many women in the cast), I don't know who it could've been. Lori said she didn't tell me because she thought it was ludicrous but after I'd emailed her she began thinking of it again, saying "I think Julie was completely and utterly intimidated by you...While she was mucking up the role of Lady M, she was likely aware that you were aware of how badly she was mucking it up in rehearsals." Hmmm. The whole thing is literally inexplicable barring a conversation with Julie and frankly, I don't care that much. I certainly do feel as though I've dodged a bullet though! I can safely say that a good part of the cast would've walked if she'd tried to fire me for no reason. I mean--no reason! I still can't figure it out, I'd saved her ass so many times. Really, she's that insecure? What a weirdo!
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So the Friday morning commute from hell? Was apparently planned. Part of a planned, calculated middle finger to commuters, to punish us for what their crappy management is doing. If their aim is to underscore how worthless and without honor most TWU members are, and to get NYC commuters to side with MAT management, well then excellent job, me hearties!

Fire them all. Every last worthless one of them.

Went to the TRU auditions Saturday and saw Catherine Lamm and had a nice long chat with her about the court case and Macbeth. We enjoyed chewing over every juicy bit of the case, and of course talked about Julie quite a bit. First of all, get this--Catherine is some kind of bigwig with TRU, I believe her official title for the auditions was "Casting Coordinator" or something like that. In the past Julie has attended TRU auditions to cast for Lovestreet--in fact one year I sat in for her. This year I wanted to go but I also didn't want to run into Julie, have her come up to me and fake like we're still cool. Julie, we're not. She's trapped other Macbeth actors before--Lori was cornered in the Drama Desk Bookstore once--and I just didn't want to deal with it.

When I got to the auditions, I had to wait a bit for a break before I could go into the room, so Emileena and I chatted a bit. I asked to see the list of auditors and noticed Julie was not on it--I was all YES! Then when I finally entered and sat down, Duncan told me the dish--apparently Catherine got Julie barred from the auditions. Catherine confirmed it, she said she told TRU "I won't be here if she's here" so they asked Julie to leave. Duh-ra-ma! I love it.

Catherine was talking about what a great job we'd all done, especially the Witches--"I loved you Witches"--then she dropped a bombshell that really took me aback. In fact I'm not at all sure how to take this. She said that during the rehearsal process, Julie had been trying to get Catherine to fire ME. This--seems off. For one thing, Julie had absolutely no grounds for that--Catherine said she refused, saying "you'll have to give me a reason, she's doing great work." (When I asked Catherine what reason Julie had given, Catherine shrugged and said "Because you're good and she's not?" Well, thank you, that is a nice compliment but did Julie really say that? And God knows, Michelle and Lori were also fantastic. At any rate, Julie never came off as the jealous type to me. Insecure as hell, sure, but not jealous.) For another, I've helped Julie on many, many occasions--I convinced her not to cancel the show when PsychoSusan melted down, I've done benefits for her, as I mentioned I've sat in for her, I've even taken her out for her birthday. Julie's weird but would she really 1) dick over someone who'd helped her out that much--attack me that personally?, and 2) risk a complete mutiny in the cast, since she'd already fired the first director, Lew? Also, Julie came after me several months later, asking me to come back to Lovestreet. Of course she could've done a turnaround but still, I just don't know if I buy this. Another thing that strikes me as off is that--well, if Julie wanted to, she could fire anyone she wanted herself--she doesn't have to go through the director, she's the producer. Very odd. Part of me wonders if Catherine weren't mixing me up with someone else in the cast. She knew the Witches as a unit, she never really got to know us individually.

At any rate, I'm much less upset about it than I thought I'd be--partly because it just seems so off, and partly because it was awhile ago.

On another note, I'm really glad I went to the TRU auditions. Duncan is not so enthralled with them as I, but there's something inspirational in a grassroots organization that tries to empower each other. (And besides, they catered the auditions with Amy's Bread.) I got all excited about maybe doing something this summer--I think I'm going to talk to someone at Columbia to inquire about the possibility of doing an outdoor show there this summer, maybe a very-staged reading. Maybe even Julius Caesar or Antony and Cleopatra, since I've been studying them! Plus you get awesome fights with that. Melissa (R&J baby) wants fights.
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Anya and I went over to Tesse's last night to watch the People's Court. Oh. Mah. Lord. Julie does NOT come off particularly well in this and actually a part of me (a small part) felt kind of bad for her, she seemed...vulnerable. She walked in, smiled (!) at the court spectators as though it were an audition or something and then as Rachel said seemed very confused about where to stand. Catherine and Michael, our stage manager, came in and Catherine just seemed more believable and authoritative from the start. Julie blamed the lack of cohesiveness in the show on Catherine, laid it all at her feet, was saying the show wasn't ready to go up, and she didn't want to be associated with a bad show. (Julie has always been very concerned about that sort of thing--you'd think someone who is so self-conscious would avoid casting themselves in roles for which they're way too old, like Hermione and Andromache.) Here's the deal--right before the plug was pulled, the show was very underblocked, and I was a little worried, I couldn't understand why we were still going so slowly. Catherine seemed to like readthroughs a lot--that's all fine and good, but when we're two weeks from opening, we need some blocking. And readthroughs are just a first step, we had done no text analysis, VERY important with the witches. (Especially since they'd cut the crap out of it--I started calling it Macb--. Why do people always want to cut Macbeth? It's the shortest of the tragedies as it is, guys! Why would you want to cut any of that spooky shit? The only thing you should cut is that stupid Hecate scene which Will didn't even write, and which adds nothing.)

However, the things that were good, were really good. David, our Macbeth, was terrific--God, was he good. During the readthroughs I would just watch him, and when he killed young Siward and sneered "Thou wast of woman born"....brrr! So good. He was so good, he made her better, and as I've said, Lady Macbeth is a character who is fundamentally, in every way, Julie's complete opposite, and she's not a good enough actress to play someone so different. But still David was pulling her along. The fights were good. Most of the rest of the cast was good (there was one weird dude who played the Porter who I couldn't stand, kept making these weird familiar remarks to me and Lori and Michelle. Naturally he's the one person who sided with Julie). As underblocked as the show was, we still had TEN DAYS left, plenty of time for a well-cast show to fall into place. So maybe Catherine wasn't quite as on top of things as she could've been--but ultimately that is Julie's responsibility as Producer. She should've kept a firm hand at the reins, especially after she'd fired the first director, her weird friend Lew. Listening to her blame Catherine for everything was frustrating--Julie, I've produced. I know what it's like. The buck stops with you. The director is there to direct, but ultimately you're what holds the show together.

So the judge ruled for Catherine--the amount was a little odd, I guess at first Catherine had filed for a smaller amount (like $150 or so), then the judge let her adjust it to a larger amount (the full amount of her negotiated director's fee, $450 or something). Catherine also sought reimbursement for the money she'd paid out for rehearsal space--you could tell the judge wanted to give her that but she didn't have any paperwork or emails to back it up, so she just got the $450.

What the hell was Julie thinking? I mean, it was tacky enough to yank the production but to stiff everyone? She claimed that everyone else had been paid, including the actors--uh, no we didn't! I just don't get why she went through all of this. Just pay the money. What you did was really, really poor form--you're just compounding it by being so cheap. Just pay the money. Afterward when they interviewed her, she said she thought it "wasn't right" that Michael, who is suing her separately, should be allowed to testify. What? Just stop it, Julie. The interviewer tried to get her to declaim some Lady Macbeth but she wouldn't. (GOD, would that have been comedy gold!) When Michael and Catherine came out, Michael made a point of saying the production had been remounted a few months later with "a lot of the same cast" (the production at the Workshop Theatre) and it was very good.
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Catherine Lamm, the director of the aborted 2006 production of Macbeth, sued Julie and THE CASE ENDED UP ON THE PEOPLE'S COURT.

Click here for preview.

If any of you love me, YOU WILL TAPE THIS SHIT! I beg of you, for the love of all that is theatrical. This must be recorded for posterity!

Who knew 2010 would bring such court-related drama!
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At our chocolate-infused convo on Saturday, Michelle and Lori also mentioned something I hadn't known before--Julie's cancellation of Macbeth had nothing to do with money, or any sort of health or family emergency or anything like that. Are you ready for this?

She said she wasn't going to put on a show where she looked bad, where she gave a bad performance.

Yep, you heard it here, folks. It was All. About. Julie. Juliejuliejulie. She spit on the hard work, love and dedication of some 20+ performers, techs, a director, etc. All because she was going to look bad,* in the part she cast herself in (and hadn't learned the lines for yet).

And by the way, this was all confirmed by Michael, our SM. I had a long, illuminating convo with him last night. He also said that the theater is FULLY PAID FOR--so she didn't save any money by cancelling the show. She paid thousands of dollars for an empty theater, plus she still has to pay the director, the fight choreographer, the photographer, etc. She is committed to ALL of that expense. And she still cancelled the show. My mind was reeling--in fact, I was literally reeling when Michelle and Lori repeated what Julie had given as her reason. I stood up in my chair and said "Wait, wait--you're telling me this whole mess was about her performance?" I was jumpstumbling backward, waving my hands, so angry I couldn't speak for a few seconds. After Wednesday, I didn't think I could get any angrier--I was wrong.

*Michael said they'd had a photo shoot Tuesday, the night before the boom fell, and it was weird. Julie, in the photos as Lady Macbeth, insisted on looking "pretty." Insisted on it, got very upset when Catherine said that wasn't as important as, you know, communicating the essence of the play. Julie is really messed up about looks--Tracy and I also joke about how Julie would fawn on me and talk about my looks in this weird, you-look-like-the-classic-shiksa-so-by-definition-you-MUST-be-beautiful way. I don't mean *I* think that--I think *Julie* thinks that, I think she has the classic self-hating Jewish stereotype going on. Last fall she talked about wanting to convert to Episcopalianism. Not because she has any particular pull towards it--I don't think she has the slightest clue of what our belief system entails. She wanted to convert because Episcopalianism treats women well. She thought Judaism devalues Jewish women and seems to exalt shiksa women (HER words, NOT mine)--she gave as an example the fact that at her temple, she keeps seeing Jewish men with non-Jewish wives. I didn't even know how to respond to this, especially because I get this sense she thinks of my denomination as one big country club where the Beautiful People all sit around and sip martinis and eating pate. Julie, there are actually some beliefs involved, and it would be nice if you wanted to join us because you too believe in them. It sucks if you feel devalued where you worship, but I don't necessarily think that has anything to do with Judaism per se. Tracy hit it on the head when she said mockingly "Oh Clara, if I convert to Episcopalianism, will I look just like you?"

And of course, Julie still hasn't contacted any of us individually since that glib email she sent out Wednesday. Hasn't apologized, hasn't tried to explain (not as though she could), hasn't sent us checks to cover our expenses (although she will have to do that for the Equity actors, at least). Michael said when he called Clare Patterson (our sweet little Baby Macduff/Fleance), she was completely crushed; she said "this was my first New York show..."

I can't say I hate Julie. I will say, I have nothing but contempt for her now, and I have no sympathy for her writhing mass of insecurities and weakness and...garbage.

But--this too shall pass. I have other plans; Macbeth will go on.

The weekend

Apr. 3rd, 2006 05:30 pm
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Saturday was busy--I had rehearsal for much of the day for both of my shows (Macbeth and my cabaret, about which more later) and then got a pedicure. Both rehearsals went well--for the cabaret I was sight-singing a lot of new music, and Donna was revising her score on the spot so I got to exercise my notation skills, which have lain fallow for lo these many years. For one song she extrapolated one cadence (used previously in the piece) to four measures instead of two. Since it was the final cadence, I suggested the sopranos go up to the C, instead of down to the G. "I'm feelin' it that way." She perked up, played it on the piano and said "That sounds great!" Bow down before my mad arranging skillz!

After that, Macbeth which went swimmingly. The three beyotches (Michelle, Laura and I) are going to ROCK--we blocked the later scenes when McB visits us and we show him the three Apparitions ("No man of woman born..." and the line of kings stretching out from Banquo). I was really into it, and our Macbeth, David, is very strong. I have been analyzing the text very closely and today I did a lot of research about the play and this history. God, I love this play. Soooooo moody and bloody and Celtic.

Saturday night, Michael, Holly and I hung out at Dalton's, half-watching the later NCAA game (*after* Mason got tromped by Florida :( . Mmmm, apple martinis.

I finally had a chance to sleep in on Sunday, but eventually roused myself to walk over to the Scottish Village in Grand Central Station. I was hoping they would have a sort of marketplace, where I could buy haggis and other kinds of food and goods (like at the Highland Games) but it was mostly booths promoting travel to Scotland and stuff. Still interesting but not what I expected. I did get a cute lil' pin with a Scottish flag crossed with an American one.

After that I went to church, and then over to Hoboken for an Actor Prepares meeting with Kelly, Jason, Alex and Don. That was very helpful.
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I had an old pumpkin in my freezer from last fall that I froze, planning eventually to process it into puree. I meant to do it earlier this winter, but finally got around to it tonight! I defrosted, chopped, blended and poured, and now I have 5 neat little 1.25 cups of puree suitable for making pumpkin bread or pie. (Or pumpkins Alexander!) Yes, it's out of season but who doesn't love pumpkin pie any time of year?

Now I have to look over my Macbeth scenes for tomorrow (first working rehearsal). No rest for the weary...jumping from New York in 1830 to murderous murderous Scotland...(or Alba--I wonder if the characters in Macbeth spoke any Gaelic?)
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I ushered for Julie's play, The Winter's Tale, last night and saw it. I must say (and I told her) this is the best Lovestreet production I've seen. The cast is really strong--Leontes was fantastic as were Perdita and Camillo. Julie played Hermione which was, uh, not particularly convincing, for the same reason as when she played Andromache, but whaddya gonna do. Nora was Paulina--now, personal feelings aside, I have to say I don't think Nora has a ton of range or expressivity. A lot of her performance was just Hecuba up there. She's fine, she fits the bill but she doesn't bring much genius to the role. But--she had one great scene, when she brings Perdita to Leontes. She was quite good in parts of that scene. The costumes were SO MUCH BETTER than typical Lovestreet stuff--it looked as though Julie had actually spent money with sumptous robes and bright colorful materials. The set looked great too.

I haven't ever seen TWT performed and I haven't read it since college, when I did my junior honors project on the "problem comedies" (a term for Shakespeare's last four comedies, TWT, Cymbeline, Pericles and The Tempest, so-called because they are all technically comedies (i.e., they end in marriages) but are not always happy or light-hearted--the first half of TWT is not too different from Othello). I loved all the thematic development of seasons, and seasonal imagery, although I was thinking--first half, the "wintr'y half" when Leontes gets murderously jealous, takes place in Sicilia where it's warm and dry, and the second half when things are a lot happier, takes place mostly in Bohemia (which is in mittel Europa and much colder). There's also an incredible amount of snobbery in the play! There's a lot of talk about how unusual Perdita is, how her "bearing" and way of speech is so different from the typical shepherd's daughter--since she was raised almost from birth by the shepherd, the assumption is that her noble birth shines through. As they say, blood will out (a very Southern way of thinking).
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Julie sent me an email--her production of The Trojan Women has been accepted by the Hudson Valley Fringe Festival, and she wants me to be in it. The problem is the schedule: performances are weekends beginning July 9, running for 4-6 weeks. Plus she wants to do a venue in the city. This means, of course, I would not be able to direct/produce Midsummer this summer--I simply couldn't handle that kind of work load, and I think the scheduling difficulties would be too difficult.

She wants me to play Helen. I'm going to do it, because it's another classical credit and because, well, I'll be playing Helen of Troy. But I hate putting off Midsummer AGAIN.

On the other hand, with Artemis's competing production, maybe it's for the best.

And I would like to have SOME fun this summer. Last summer was a LOT of work, between the move and AYLI.
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The Shakespeare showcase is tonight. Duncan, Jason and Paula will be there--yay! There's a champagne reception afterward and then I'm sure we'll get something to eat nearby. I love performing in the Village; I feel very close to the spirit of my grandmother.

Julie said last night that she wants to do The Last Night of Ballyhoo, which is fantastic. I'll be playing Sunny and I think Julie wants to play Boo. I really like this play. I seem to be drawn to what are generally regarded lesser plays by great playwrights--for example, I passionately love The Crucible, which is not considered the great work that Death of a Salesman. Uhry's work is so interesting--who would've thought a whole body of work (Ballyhoo, Driving Miss Daisy, Parade) could be written about Jews in the South? Who even knew they existed? I love Judaism and have Jewish relatives, and even I didn't know there were so many Southern Jews.

I was talking with someone at work today who's Jewish about how very assimilated the family is in Ballyhoo. I couldn't understand how people who self-identify as Jewish could not know what Pesach is, or its attendant traditions. Sunny has a line, talking about the big party--"Ballyhoo is asinine. It's a bunch of dressed-up Jews sitting around, wishing they could kiss their elbows and turn into Episcopalians." And I wonder, why can't they? It's your belief system that makes you an Episcopalian (not a WASP--that's a certain kind of Episcopalian), not your ethnicity. But Katie said being Jewish is more than a belief system, it's a culture which I get but isn't all the cultural baggage attached to the religion? If these people don't really know what Pesach is, they probably don't cook much kugel or gefilte fish. Or maybe they do--the whole mindset is just amazing to me. I think a lot of it can be explained by the time and the place. Even now the South is very conformist, and the '30s were so much more so, even in a sinister way. Even other Christians such as Roman Catholics stick out in the South (read Pat Conroy for more on this) and Episcopalians--well, they don't exactly stick out but they're not the mainstream the way hardcore Protestants are. (Virginia and New Orleans are the exceptions to this--RCs are very prevalent in NO, and Virginia is Hunt Country USA.)

Such a cool play. I'm really happy we're doing it.
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No rehearsal tonight, thank God. Last night after work I met the rest of them at Ripley-Grier and we went over scenes. I'd bought roses and a card for Julie's birthday, and surreptitiously got the others to sign the card.

Afterward Julie, Tracy and I went to a place near my apartment called Zuni's for a drink. It has a nice warm brightly colored interior and there was a jazz band playing. We took a booth near the back and chatted--I had two margaritas and, shamefully (in light of my need to stay skinny this week), a plate of quesadillas. I hadn't had dinner, though, and I worked out a bit after I got home.

Tonight, just restfulness. TV, knitting, quiet time with HIH Tatiana (who woke me up again, sprawled on my chest as I gasped for breath. Doodness, the Kitties of Life are just bad).
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Julie told me yesterday that Psycho Susan (Ms. Hyde) called her on Christmas to beg to be let back into the show. But she just wanted to do the Richard III scene. Julie said no, of course, and Susan asked why. I think Susan may be some kind of textbook narcissist--she honestly didn't think she'd done anything wrong, or worth staying fired for. It was all about her, what had been done to her. Julie reminded her of what she'd said and done and she launched into another diatribe about Tracy and how inexperienced she was and she wasn't ready to perform professionally yet (a complete crock of shit, may I add--I would cast Tracy in a heartbeat, she's talented and has a great attitude) and how "disrespectful and arrogant" she and I were. It's interesting which terms Susan picked to criticize us--she seems to be emphasizing things like rank and experience and respect, and it sounds as though she thinks, or wants us to think, that these are more important than actually learning your lines, and being talented (again, I will say I think Susan is talented, but her issues were really getting in the way of it). It's basically an argument against meritocracy.

Ugh. Glad we're rid of her.
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A very interesting rehearsal today. As in the Chinese curse "May you live in interesting times." Susan McCallum, the actress who's been playing the Nurse in R&J, Emilia in Othello, the Countess in All's Well That Ends Well, and a couple of other roles....flipped out. Completely lost it, as in she is fired, she will not be back, and she vomited her magazine rack of issues onto all of us in the process. We had a runthrough for time starting at the top of rehearsal, which naturally was slowed down because instead of holding her script in her hand, which was allowed and which would've facilitated Julie's estimation of the show for time, she sweated every line out and every scene of hers took forever. Then she made a big fuss of pulling Julie aside and asking her to ask us not to knit or go over our lines or basically do anything other than sit there blankly. It was just all too distracting. (And all this while the studio above us was apparently sponsoring a WWF match with elephants, because the banging and the noise above us was unbelievable. Yes, really. It even distracted me, and I have the concentration of a diamond cutter. Well, except during sex. But I digress...)

Anyway, after the runthrough Julie was saying she needed to schedule a Monday night rehearsal and Useless Actress flipped out. "I have an acting class!" Julie asked if she could change it or whatever, and Useless goes off on this unbelievable tangent about how she hasn't gotten what she's needed and the rest of us were ignorant and unprofessional and how Julie was a terrible director and...the level of anger was insane. I honestly thought she needed medication of some kind. I started smiling at one point and she started screaming at me and I said "I've never worked with anyone who needs the kind of hand-holding you do. And that's really your problem--you need to improve your concentration." Oh my God. Screaming. "You think I'm not good enough!!" "No--I think you need to improve your concentration. It's a skill, like any other." Screaming, insults, nasty remarks. She started going off on one of our younger actress who has a tendency to pull upstage, with which I deal very directly and immediately by literally yanking her downstage in our Twelfth Night scene. But see, that's too direct and proactive for Susan. She lets it build and then exploded at poor Tracy, saying she will NOT be upstaged and how DARE someone try to upstage her by forcing her to say her lines to upstage. Apparently Tracy committed to mortal sin of doing her warmups in the rehearsal space!!!! In front of Susan!! I know, the hubris! Apparently this offended Susan somehow, and threw her off, and God knows we can't have THAT happen. Because you know, she's so rock-bottom solid otherwise.

(Just to give y'all some context, Susan has consistently sucked on her lines for awhile now. She is a decent actress, and I'm sorry she flipped out and therefore got fired, but her work as the Nurse pretty much sucked. The Nurse's whole monologue just stymied her--honey, it's just not that difficult. The Nurse is a flake and is rambling about a minor incident in Juliet's infancy. Stop over-motivating shit. Maybe she was learning disabled or something--she didn't get very basic, simple things about Shakespeare, and human nature. Maybe you DO need that acting class.)

Drinks. Several drinks afterward. She's fired, and will not be rehired, and I felt terrible for Julie. This person's anger was just so out of proportion--she kept screaming--I think there was a lot going on there, like pathologically low self-esteem and possibly substance abuse. Julie's taking over most of her stuff, including the Nurse scenes (although we're cutting one). Julie pointed out after how flushed I was--I looked in the mirror and my chest and neck were bright red. Julie said she thought I was having a heart attack. It's funny, because as angry as I was, I dealt with this psycho c---'s yelling at us fairly calmly. I didn't even get mad until after she'd left. Huh. Flushed red chest while maintaining a level voice--my WASP heritage. Ve vill stay calm!!

Fucking loser actors. So many of us are so pathetic. Leave your issues at home--learn your lines and hit your marks, or don't take the job. Fucking losers.
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Tired. I actually went to bed at a reasonable hour but after falling asleep for 20 minutes, I jerked awake and then had a difficult time getting back to sleep (not least because Tatia draped herself across my back and neck, purring madly, and then kneaded my hair with her kitten-claws. Then she played steppy cat for awhile and eventually flopped against my face, still purring wildly. Yeah. It's hard to sleep through that).

I don't think I'll go to trivia tonight--I hate slogging through the rain and I'm going out for the next three nights. I need to go to bed early tonight. I'll hang out at my cozy apartment and watch Holiday Inn or White Christmas.

Rehearsal last night went well. I am pretty much completely off-book which is helping the second Juliet scene ("The clock struck nine when I did send the nurse..."). I can immerse myself into what I'm saying so much better. The last scene feels great.
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My knee looks bad--it's considerably swollen. I have no idea what happened but I'm putting ice on it for awhile. Julie let me go early from rehearsal, as I was gimping around the studio feeling like Tiny Tim, so I can kick back and rest for a little while.

They caught Saddam Hussein! I wanted to post this earlier today (news junkie that I am, I'd turned on CNN when I first got up) but again, my internet access didn't work. But only this morning--I was able to get on just now. Weird.

Duncan's party was lots of fun. I really wish I'd gotten there earlier--I'd intended to leave my apartment by 9:00 at the latest but Susan called and delayed me for a bit. I got there around 11:00 and then left around 2:00 which wasn't enough fun. But Susan was going back on the PATH and I wanted to go with her.

God, my knee is hurting.
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I do not want to do rehearsal tonight.

I'm so tired, I can barely think. And I'd like nothing more than to get a massage--my back is tight as a drum. Also tonight is at my apartment and it drives me nuts when everyone knows it starts at 8:30, and I approach my building at 8:20 and see two people sitting there, waiting for me. Can I have some fucking down time before rehearsal starts? You know, the rehearsal that doesn't start for 10 more minutes? And I'm not going to hurry home so they're not waiting. They shouldn't be that early in the first place. It just drives me nuts. I can't eat or just have some private time--it's straight from work to rehearsal.
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Just saw Shattered Glass with Dawn. I liked it. I thought its portrayal of The New Republic workplace seemed dead-on (and found out later Chuck Lane, portrayed in the movie, was a consultant). Larry is a contributing writer for TNR so I will HAVE to talk to him about this, since he knew Michael Kelly, who was killed in Iraq this spring--I remember the news stories when that happened. Hayden Christenson's performance seemed a little too smarmy for me but I have a pretty sensitive bullshit detector and someone like Glass would've tripped it immediately. And of course I know the ending. But yay him for escaping the Star Wars curse and getting cast in a movie like this. Peter Sarsgaard was excellent as Chuck Lane--he has such a no-bullshit kind of face. I couldn't tell where it was actually filmed but it takes place in DC and looked it, I was happy to see. Even the interiors (DC townhouses have a very specific feel to them) looked authentic. What a piece of shit Glass was. Him and Jayson Blair--bragging, loud, smarmy bullshit peddlers now trying to profit off their misdeeds. "It's not my fault...I didn't do anything wrong...I'm more sinned against than sinning." Loser assholes, the both of them.

We practiced the Twelfth Night scene last night. I'm having a lot of fun with that--Tracie and I have a good rapport.
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As I mentioned awhile ago, we're remounting it again. Three actresses have left and we have two new ones. We're performing mostly the same scenes but have deleted and added some. Our performance schedule is as follows: Jan. 2 & 3 at some location in the Village (on MacDougall Street?) and then several more at the Midtown Theater Festival, second week in January. I'll be reprising Ophelia, Titania and Rosalind (because performing as Rosalind twice in five months just isn't enough for me!) and we've added the Alice-Princess Katherine scene from Henry V in which I'll be playing Katherine. Most exciting is that Jane will be gone for the Jan. 2 & 3 nights--Julie split up her scenes between Tracie (new girl) and me, so I'll be doing Viola (letter scene with Olivia) and several scenes of Juliet! Julie wanted me to do Viola--she wanted me to do another britches role--but she left it up to us to decide who does Juliet. I went straight to Tracie and said "Listen, I've ALWAYS wanted to do this role. Are you really attached to it or do you mind if I take it?" She had no problem so I get to do Juliet! It's three scenes: the first is the meeting with J., the Nurse and Lady C. ("How now! Who calls?"), the second is the scene after the Nurse comes back from meeting with Romeo. The THIRD is my favorite, that beautiful monologue of hers ("Gallop apace, you fiery-footed steeds...I have bought the mansion of love..."). It's giving me chills right now to think of it. I cannot WAIT. I am going to knock that monologue right. Out of. The. PARK.
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Julie sent out emails to everyone in the showcase, saying it was going up again in January for the Winter Midtown Theater Festival. I said yes. So I have work through January.

Peter is coming to the matinee (?) on Saturday.

Duncan posted about some guy at our matinee on Saturday who apparently went into a diatribe about how bad our space was, and how we should've chosen some other space. Whatever. Opinions = assholes, everyone's got one. Put on your own goddamn show then, no one forced you to see this one. There's only so fucking much I can anticipate and nail down ahead of time and there's a fine line between offering helpful feedback and just being shitty and/or negative. Appropos of that, apparently Letty will be in the showcase again, about which I'm happy. She had a great attitude--I'd love to direct her in something. Maybe in Midsummer--I'd like to read her as Titania.
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I emailed Janna this morning--she thinks she wants to look around for a bigger apartment so she won't be able to assume the lease. Ah well. If I can't move until August, c'est la vie. I'll call them today and explain the situation and ask if they still want me to come see the apartment. I'd still rather continue to rent from Milt because he's such a good landlord.

Walked up to Riverside Park last night after work. I am feeling ten times more relaxed this week after the constant stress of the last two, and the low-level stress of the last four months. I cannot believe Julie had auditions for the showcase in January. January! Why did we rehearse for so long? My schedule has been cluttered for four months. No wonder I feel so much better. Anyway I need to go back to Riverside Park in the daytime--I saw some promising locations but it was difficult to tell much without more light. There's a big rock in the middle of the park that I climbed, and then lay down on top of, and stared up at the cloudy Manhattan sky. The buildings on the Upper West Side are so beautiful.


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