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So I've been reading about how badly Irene hit upstate New York, so I definitely want to plan an apple-picking/pumpkin-patching trip sometime soon, so we can give them our money! Gotta look after our agrarian brothers and sisters...

Rocky Horror Show auditions--as I mentioned, I heard a couple of weeks ago that they'd be bringing it back, minus a few cast members. I told Dave I would be very interested in auditioning for Columbia--I said I could tap some, but my weakness was picking up choreography quickly. This is because of my training--I'm hyperliterate (started reading at a very young age and read voraciously), and as an actor and as a classically trained singer, I've been taught to look at the page first. But dancers don't learn this way--they learn with their feet. Even with my athletic background, it's not as easy for me--there's a whole extra step in the learning process for me that trained dancers don't have, which really slows me down at auditions. When I was in rehearsal for my ship contract, we ran up against this with our choreographer when Aly and I were taught the Land of a Thousand Dances combination. One of the easiest combinations ever--just the dance steps that are outlined in the song (Pony, Chicken, Mashed Potato, etc.)--but we didn't know some of those steps and after an already exhausting day, not much was sinking in and it took us forever to learn the sequence. I was begging the choreography (Stacy?) to just STOP and let me write down the steps--I kept trying to explain to her that singers learn differently. But she didn't understand and just kept drilling us.

I make up for this lack by working my ASS off in rehearsal. No one who sees me dance in a show will ever see anything less than the most polished performance I can give. Susan can tell you, when she and I did shows together, I was constantly pulling her aside and making her breakdown sequences for me. Since I'm not nearly as strong a dancer as I am a singer, I can't get away with anything--I have to work TWICE as hard. At any rate, Dave seemed interested...then the following week I saw the audition notice go up on Facebook. Columbia was not listed, so I thought gee, I guess the other girl is coming back, and I emailed Dave. He said no, I was still in the running and Robert needed to see me tap.

So I did my homework. I hadn't tapped in over ten years, so I took a couple of classes at Steps on Broadway. They have Basic Tap on Saturday and Sunday mornings. (I cannot get over how inexpensive dance classes are--$17 a class! Susan thinks it's a ripoff but I'm comparing it to voice lessons which are easily $80 and up in NYC.) The one on Saturday was with an older black woman and there was just me and on other dancer in the class, so it was almost like a private session. She certainly knew her stuff but it was very, very detailed, small, micro-teaching, focused on technique. We didn't learn any combinations. The class the next day was more like a traditional tap class, with a lot more people (at least 25) and a guy at the front showing us the steps, breaking them down, and then combining them together. He went kind of fast but I'm proud to say I was able to keep up, although I was fudging some of those steps at the end! (Although it helped that I already knew how to do a time-step.) I really enjoyed the Sunday class and found it more helpful--what I need most is to build my tap repertoire and learn steps like back essences and the waltz clog.

The next day I called Susan and asked if she could help me--originally I asked her to make up a tap combination and teach it to me quickly, under audition conditions, so I could get back into that mode. This evolved into my learning Columbia's combination from the movie. I found a breakdown of the steps online and then we compared it with the few clips of the combo that are on YouTube. (Richard O'Brien obviously polices his show quite thoroughly! Clips of RHPS are not easy to find online.) I learned it and was even able to do it a tempo after a couple of days--it wasn't pretty but I did learn it! Most of it looked fine but the chaine turns--turns are NOT my forte! I don't spot very well...

Robert has been sick at last week but was finally better for the weekend and we set up an audition appointment at his place, for Sunday evening. Saturday was my first volunteer shift for RightRides which was fun but EXHAUSTING. I did not get into bed until 5:30 am! So rehearsal for the reading of The Empress of Sex was not easy, because I was trying VERY hard not to fall asleep. After rehearsal I went over to Susan's apartment and tarted myself up good with fishnets, dance shorts and lots of glittuh eye makeup. And I did my hair in messy ponytails--I was going for the "kid who's stayed a little too long at the rave" look for my Columbia. I warmed up at Susan's place and on the train (which naturally took forever). When I got to Robert's place (his apartment is adorable, nice little restored ground floor place in the Heights), he got right to work and tested me on a battery of steps, including double-time steps, back flaps, and various shuffle and ball-change mini-combinations. At one point he asked me "can you do [ describes lunge-shuffle step]" I said "do you mean maxies? Sure." *execute right and left maxies* He asked if I could do wings--I said No! He asked if I could fake them--I hesitated and then, figuring the fake would be most convincing the closer my feet were to the ground, relaxed my legs from the knees down and then whipped out a fake wing. He said, good! Can you do two in a row? Sure. *does so, then does 3 in a row* He said to me in amazement, who knew you could tap?! I said well, I haven't done it in a while but yes, I have tapped in several shows. I was trying to remember them all--I started with Me and My Girl, then The Boyfriend ("Perfect Young Ladies" which technically was not tap as I did not have on tap shoes for that number since I was in the preceding scene but the technique was all tap and the other dancers, when they entered, all had on tap shoes. I *still* remember that combination!), Lucky Stiff ("Welcome back, Mr. Witherspoon!" *stomp, STOMP* "MIS-ter WITH-er-spoon...we always knew you'd be...BACK..." *stomp, shuffle, shuffle, shuffle, stomp, ball-CHANGE*). I know I did another tap show as well but it's escaping me right now. ANYWAY, Robert said you've got the part. YAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!

So so excited!!! I love it that this is a DANCE role, my very first one! (That is, my very first dance principal.) I mean, it's not Anita or anything but it's a by-God DANCE role. And I wanted it and I worked for it and I got it!

Robert told me where to find a rehearsal video of the combination so I looked it up--other than the wings, it'll be easy!
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So the Friday morning commute from hell? Was apparently planned. Part of a planned, calculated middle finger to commuters, to punish us for what their crappy management is doing. If their aim is to underscore how worthless and without honor most TWU members are, and to get NYC commuters to side with MAT management, well then excellent job, me hearties!

Fire them all. Every last worthless one of them.

Went to the TRU auditions Saturday and saw Catherine Lamm and had a nice long chat with her about the court case and Macbeth. We enjoyed chewing over every juicy bit of the case, and of course talked about Julie quite a bit. First of all, get this--Catherine is some kind of bigwig with TRU, I believe her official title for the auditions was "Casting Coordinator" or something like that. In the past Julie has attended TRU auditions to cast for Lovestreet--in fact one year I sat in for her. This year I wanted to go but I also didn't want to run into Julie, have her come up to me and fake like we're still cool. Julie, we're not. She's trapped other Macbeth actors before--Lori was cornered in the Drama Desk Bookstore once--and I just didn't want to deal with it.

When I got to the auditions, I had to wait a bit for a break before I could go into the room, so Emileena and I chatted a bit. I asked to see the list of auditors and noticed Julie was not on it--I was all YES! Then when I finally entered and sat down, Duncan told me the dish--apparently Catherine got Julie barred from the auditions. Catherine confirmed it, she said she told TRU "I won't be here if she's here" so they asked Julie to leave. Duh-ra-ma! I love it.

Catherine was talking about what a great job we'd all done, especially the Witches--"I loved you Witches"--then she dropped a bombshell that really took me aback. In fact I'm not at all sure how to take this. She said that during the rehearsal process, Julie had been trying to get Catherine to fire ME. This--seems off. For one thing, Julie had absolutely no grounds for that--Catherine said she refused, saying "you'll have to give me a reason, she's doing great work." (When I asked Catherine what reason Julie had given, Catherine shrugged and said "Because you're good and she's not?" Well, thank you, that is a nice compliment but did Julie really say that? And God knows, Michelle and Lori were also fantastic. At any rate, Julie never came off as the jealous type to me. Insecure as hell, sure, but not jealous.) For another, I've helped Julie on many, many occasions--I convinced her not to cancel the show when PsychoSusan melted down, I've done benefits for her, as I mentioned I've sat in for her, I've even taken her out for her birthday. Julie's weird but would she really 1) dick over someone who'd helped her out that much--attack me that personally?, and 2) risk a complete mutiny in the cast, since she'd already fired the first director, Lew? Also, Julie came after me several months later, asking me to come back to Lovestreet. Of course she could've done a turnaround but still, I just don't know if I buy this. Another thing that strikes me as off is that--well, if Julie wanted to, she could fire anyone she wanted herself--she doesn't have to go through the director, she's the producer. Very odd. Part of me wonders if Catherine weren't mixing me up with someone else in the cast. She knew the Witches as a unit, she never really got to know us individually.

At any rate, I'm much less upset about it than I thought I'd be--partly because it just seems so off, and partly because it was awhile ago.

On another note, I'm really glad I went to the TRU auditions. Duncan is not so enthralled with them as I, but there's something inspirational in a grassroots organization that tries to empower each other. (And besides, they catered the auditions with Amy's Bread.) I got all excited about maybe doing something this summer--I think I'm going to talk to someone at Columbia to inquire about the possibility of doing an outdoor show there this summer, maybe a very-staged reading. Maybe even Julius Caesar or Antony and Cleopatra, since I've been studying them! Plus you get awesome fights with that. Melissa (R&J baby) wants fights.
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I've been at DeBaun the past couple of nights, busy with Christmas Carol auditions. There were many people who signed up for appointments and didn't bother to cancel which irritates me VERY MUCH. Extremely unprofessional, people. What was even weirder, our monitor came in last night toward the end and asked if we could see a couple of walk-ins who'd "been waiting for a couple of hours." Why the hell didn't you just send them in, in place of those who didn't show up? That seems common sense to me. Anyway, we had some terrific talent including some awesome men, and more kids than last year. Yay! I cast most of the show last night, although there's one person I still have to audition (she couldn't make it to the regular call, so we're setting up a special appointment--she's good, so I definitely want her to read). We won't start calling until Monday or Tuesday though. Bob (Reed, the producer) was impressed that I didn't need to have callbacks--when people came in, I listened to their monologue and sent them out with a side or two. Then last night I went through all the H/Rs and pretty much cast most of it. German efficiency. I'm gonna sit on my decisions for a few days though, just to be sure about it.

We had quite a few people who did classical monologues, which I loved--that's probably the best kind of monologue for this version of Christmas Carol, with all the rich language. One woman did Henry IV, Part II, another did Emilia from Othello, all three guys yesterday did Shakespeare (Claudio and the Friar from Much Ado and I can't remember what Mark Dunn did), plus some Chekov and Ibsen. Love it! Most of the singers were pretty decent.
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Dave Zimmerman recommended me for a staged-reading directing gig at _gaia, that women's center/studio thing (not exactly sure what it is) in Hoboken near Doug's old apartment--Stacy did a lot of stuff there. The woman who's running it is going to call me on Saturday to discuss details--I'll be at the RenFaire all that day so thank God for cell phones! Seriously, whatever did we do without them? She emailed me to say "feel free to pick a play"--except that I don't know the parameters. Any play? Does it have to be all female? How long? Are actors auditioning or can I use my own actors? I wouldn't mind doing a reading of Agnes of God--I've directed it already but it's such a rich play, I could certainly mine that vein again. The reading goes up in mid-October.

Also tonight I'm auditioning for a reading--Jason Kendall, the husband of Donna, for whom I did the Shakespearean cabaret in May, produces "Shakespeare Saturdays," a series of readings of Shakespeare plays up at the Inwood branch of the library. I think the deal is, two rehearsals and then the reading, so the time commitment is minimal. They're doing The Merchant of Venice and The Winter's Tale this time--the thing is, they're really trying to target minority actors. I got an email about it and then Jason emailed me personally, saying "Did you get the audition notice?" I said yes--I'd like to audition but I'm not exactly a minority. He said "In my mind you are--a woman with talent, humor and intelligence." So I'm going to that tonight--trying to figure out if I should do "These are the forgeries of jealousy..." or "Gallop apace..." from Romeo and Juliet. I would do one of Puck's monologues but there are no roles in either of those two plays that are Puck-ish--I'm shooting for Portia or Hermione/Perdita.

Such a lovely day! New York is the best in the fall.
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Yes, it's getting hot out there. No, I will not take off all my clothes.

I had an audition today where I was called in to read for the part of a first-grader, so I was dressed in a short-ish black schoolgirl skirt, a white tee-shirt, white ankles socks, black Mary Janes and my hair in ponytails. I got there, did my thing, and as I was leaving, I took my hair out of the ponytails. I was in Chelsea, walking toward 6th Avenue to get to Bed, Bath & Beyond. I was getting a couple of sidelong looks, and then a guy on a bike passed me and said "soooo sexay!" to me. I'm not sure what that says, when someone who's deliberately trying to evoke "first grader" gets whistled at.

I got home and there were two little girls posted outside the door leading into my next-door neighbor's apartment. They were sitting there with the door open, and I said hello and asked if they lived there. They said yes and I said "Do you like cats?" They said yes, and I said "Well, I have two of them and if you want to visit them, just knock on the door." I went in and picked up Tibby and tried to take him into the doorway so they could pet him--they reached out and tried to pet him but he was having *none* of it and kicked and did StrugglePuss and finally I let him go. He really is much shyer than Tatia. Except when it COMES to Tatia!

I have a new air conditioner. AND a new mattress--a big beautiful new mattress, not a futon mattress, that feels fantastic. My apartment is soooooo pimped out.
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I also had an audition today for a film--Electric Talent, the agency with whom I've been freelancing, called me in for it. I read for the role of the European au pair--they said I could use any European accent, although I think they wanted her to be Scandinavian. I did a Russian accent. After that I went down to the Lower East Side to meet with Amerifilm, the casting agency who got me the Sex and the City gig. They were considering sending me in for a Clairol web gig. I met with the CD there, and she also mentioned an upcoming Will Smith movie for whom they need background for a club scene. She asked if I was interested. I said, I don't list background on my resume but if the project's fun, I'll do it.

A very productive afternoon. And it's GOR-GEOUS outside.


Apr. 30th, 2004 03:13 pm
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Okay, long story:

A while ago, around mid-February, I got a call from Epstein-Wyckoff, asking me to come in for an interview. I called Peter for advice on what to do for an interview, and he gave me the low down--they're well-know, bi-coastal, well-respected. They handle film and Broadway, although no commercials. Went in for the interview beginning of March, the owner, Gary, liked what he saw, and asked me to audition. Gave me extensive notes on what he wanted. Two songs, two monologues--the best bit of advice was "Don't audition. Perform." Mid-March, I went in and did two monologues: Titania, "These are the forgeries of jealousy..." and from Say Goodnight, Gracie, the one about the Cuban missile crisis. I also sang "Waiting for Life" and "Embraceable You." He told me to call him the next day, "after I've had a chance to digest this." He's a difficult man to reach--I had to call several times over the next few days to reach him. Finally, he says he liked the audition, and liked me, but he's having a hard time typing me--can I come in again? So, after another couple of weeks, I do. This time I do Abigail's forest monologue from The Crucible, "Why, you taught me goodness, John..." (chewing up plenty o' scenery--"And by God, I will scrub the world clean for the love of Him!") and sang "My White Night" (thank you, Duncan) and "Gooch's Song." Immediately afterward he said he liked this audition much better--"I saw what I needed to see as an actress, and I heard what I needed to hear." Now he wants to know which CDs in the city have seen me. I emailed him the information the next day, and have been waiting to call him, to give him a chance to talk to those CDs to see if they remember me, and what they think.

I finally spoke with him today. He told me to send in some pictures and resumes! He wants to represent me! Yay!
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I got a call yesterday from an agency with whom I freelance, and they'd scheduled an audition for me that day, yesterday. By the time I got the message, the scheduled time had passed--I called them and they said to show up anyway and blame them (the agency). I've never done an audition on such short notice and I almost said no, but went anyway, for karma (putting signals out to the universe and all). It was at Ripley-Grier for an educational video. I went in, did my thing, but didn't feel good about it. I could feel my lack of film technique (I HAVE to start improving that--I am simply too theatrical for film). But today the agency called and told me I was called back, and the guy made a point of thanking me for showing up on such short notice. The callback is tomorrow.

So--happy. I guess I did better than I thought.
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Can anyone recommend a place that sells karaoke tapes/CDs--i.e., recorded accompaniment, without vocals--besides Colony Records which is hideously expensive? I have an audition upcoming for which I must bring my own accompaniment. In Manhattan would be ideal.
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My late afternoon audition Saturday was fun. It's for a student film (I think) about a guy who's a total horn dog, who literally ends up sprouting a horn on his forehead and acting like a sex-crazed zombie. I was auditioning for the role of one of his victims. I read two scenes, and had a blast with the second one. In it, I was supposed to have been "changed"--turned into a female sex-crazed zombie, and I made this face which kept cracking up the actor playing the original SCZ (with the horn). We reshot it and at the end of the scene, I was supposed to take the initiative and act all female goth sexy vampirish (how's that for precise?). I led the guy over to the chair, pushed him down, drew him to my bosom...and then pretended to rub his face in my breasts while making bbbbbb sounds. The AD lost it. I usually don't have such strong comic instincts in an audition. Don't know if I'll get cast but it was fun.

Soooo busy

Mar. 26th, 2004 11:28 am
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Tired. It's been one of those weeks where every minute was booked, and for most of this week's assignment I was sitting in a conference room at Lazard, eyeballing people doing due diligence, with no access to a computer or a phone. I am really whipped. Yesterday was the busiest: I had to leave early for an audition, then run over to FIT and model, then run up to MSG for the hockey game. Tomorrow looks like this: 10 am doctor appointment, audition at NYU at 11:45, return library book and pick up my mail (my idiot mail carrier somehow lost his keys--*sarcastic applause,* this guy is terrible--and now everyone in our building has to go to the PO), rehearsal at 2 pm, then another audition at Brooklyn College at 5:15. I get tense when I have weeks like this.
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It takes such an effort just to function when you're outside in this kind of cold. I think this is why as soon as I get home I want to stuff my face with fattening, yummy foods--I feel I deserve a reward or something. It's exhausting.

I was very stressed about making it to my show tonight (I was coming from Hoboken, starting around 7:00) to the extent I had a nightmare last night about missing my show. But it went well, and I pulled into Port Authority at 7:28, 8 minutes late but still, I made it to the show.

Callbacks--I arrived at callbacks around 6:10 and went into the bathroom which was warm. Very, very warm. There was another woman in there with whom I chatted for a bit--she was called back for Mother and Emma Goldman (and looked very Emma-ish, albeit a bit young). I went into the auditorium and chatted a bit with Dave while she read with Peggy, and she also learned "He Wanted to Say," "Back to Before" and (I think) "Goodbye, My Love." Lovely voice--nice belt and interprets the songs beautifully. I see her more as an Emma because she's more of a belter than a legit soprano but she did a decent job with both. I really liked her musicality, though.

The other Evelyn (at least for that time period) arrived; she seemed very sweet and friendly. I asked if I could go first, as I had a bus to catch, and she was very nice about it. We learned "Atlantic City" which has the same tune as "Crime of the Century" but different lyrics, and of course takes place during a different time in the show. She was quite good, and I think it's 6 of one, 1/2 dozen of the other. I will say, I think I have a slight edge on looks, but she was pretty, nice figure and a lovely voice. I think I was a little more cartoonish than she--I think she was playing it straighter. *Shrug* It's in the air, now.

Ran to the bus-stop and then shivered for ten minutes before a 126 bus arrived. When I got to the show, the theater was quite cold--we had to change in the bathroom on the 12th floor. Backstage was absolutely miserable, except right around the radiator. Absolutely fucking miserable. It was brutal. The first scene is my first scene, as Titania, where I'm dressed skimpily--I was pleasantly reminded of how warm lights can be. So it wasn't so bad out there, just backstage. I draped my costume pieces across the radiator so I'd have some warmth when I put them on.

Brrrr... I'm so glad I'm home, here in my warm apartment.


Jan. 13th, 2004 06:19 pm
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Dave Zimmerman just emailed me. They're having me come to callbacks on Thursday at 6:30 instead of 7:30, to accomodate my schedule. I told them I have to be out by 7:00--and hit the ground running. Heigh diddly dee, the actor's life for me.
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Unh. Very tired. I crashed at Duncan's & Chris's after Mike's party and woke up this morning, without having slept enough. Took the bus home, got all dolled up for the audition, took the bus back to Hoboken, did the audition, took the bus back again to the city, and went to rehearsal. Exhausted. After rehearsal, staggered back home and slept for two hours. Then woke up, staggered down the street and got stuff to make nachos. Feel better.

Mike's party was lots of fun. I mostly talked to people I already knew--Chris massaged my back and head for a long time (((Chris))), and Paula and I talked with Rachel about shows, Debaun, a bunch of things. I was a little giddy, perhaps as a reaction to the intense cold, a sort of whistling in the dark thing, and also because of my appearance in Photographic magazine (see below). I didn't get a chance to talk much to Mike or Heidi until the end. Heidi was saying some very nice things about my Shakespeare showcase and other stuff I've done. I lovelovelove knowing I've reached someone--art is about communication, and making that connection sends me through the roof.

I'm nakedly abstract in the current issue of Photographic magazine! They have a photo contest every month with different themes, and Jordan sent in a photo of me which was one of the winners! I'm in a magazine, I am so cooool...

The audition went pretty well. Not perfectly but I felt pretty good about it. I sang "Waiting for Life" (which, it occurred to me just then, was also written by Flaherty and Ahrens--duh, Clara!) and "My White Knight." I probably could've focused a bit more but...it went pretty well. Dave complimented me on my work with Jason--he said Jason had never been so confident at an audition. Yay! Lisa Pierce was there and we joked about Lisa singing "Caught with a Dildo" as her uptempo. But yeah, I have hella conflicts. I can't make it to callbacks, I can't be there weekdays until 9:00 pm. *Shrug* What are ya gonna do? There'll be other productions of Ragtime.

Peter is coming to the show Sunday.

I want--I need to have an underwear party next month. Lots of skimpily dressed bodies frolicking about with drinks. Yum.


Nov. 5th, 2003 12:07 pm
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Just got called in to audition for a student project at NYU. Friday night. No biggie, just nice to get started again.
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Out of something like 15 people called in, easily half have had to change their audition slot, or cancel at the last minute, or never bothered to confirm the audition slot for which they submitted. Idiots.

And in other news--few things in the world are quite so cringe-inducing as a bunch of bankers desperately trying to boost their sagging sense of masculinity by blustering about how they're going duck-hunting. Jesus Christ in a motorcycle. You know, you can take a pill for that now--you don't have to kill an innocent animal.
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Jason L. can't do Sleeping in Tomorrow--he's committed to another film project that just moved up its schedule. *Sigh. I was looking forward to having the opportunity to be Mistress Helga, Madame Directrix with him. Anyway, we're asking someone else now.

Casting really is like an aglebraic equation. I would link you to Duncan's journal where he first made that observation, but my LJ is all kerfluffled and confusing today for some reason and I can't pull up just Duncan's entries.

I feel much more awake now, BTW. A double-espresso caffe mocha for lunch will do that to you.
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Spoke to Meg Sallay today and offered her Hymen et al. She said she'd think about it. Left a message for Jack McGowan offering him William and Jacques de Boys--he called back and left a message saying it sounds good and he just wants to talk rehearsal schedule. Yay!


In awful news, some loser fuck with a gun walked right into City Hall and murdered a City Councilman. Fucking loser. I hope he gets shot "resisting arrest." FUCK.
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This sucks. Hell hath no punishment like calling auditionees to tell them they're not cast. I feel like throwing up.

Mostly answering machines, thank goodness--I've only gotten two live calls so far. One went really well but I think the other one hung up on me.
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79 auditions slotted so far. 8 men.


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